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Altair Club Cars Is The Bentley Flying Spur Worth E220K? 4K

Is The Bentley Flying Spur Worth E220K? 4K

Rory takes a detailed look at his new Bentley Flying Spur long term test car, to see if it’s worth the £220K price tag.

This is my new bentley flying spur i say it’s my bentley it’s not my bentley at all it’s been lent to me by the people at bentley motors to do a long term test we’ve already done a full review of this exact car on the channel over a million of you have watched that already so thank you if you haven’t then click up there somewhere to watch the video but

I thought i’d get this car back for a long time test to answer a few burning questions that i have about the car the first question i want to ask is probably the most important one and that is is the flying spur worth 220 000 pounds yes okay so you can buy a w12 flying spur for 153 000 pounds but if you start to splash out on a few options that price

Will creep up substantially with this particular test car costing as much as the average uk house and that might come as a bit of a surprise because the flying spurs shares a platform with the far cheaper yet still very impressive porsche panamera so why is it so much more expensive well typically most cars and this includes the panamera are finished on

A production line they move from point a to point b and they take around 48 hours to create the flying spur also is built on a production line but it takes a lot longer because it’s largely hand finished it takes a team of experts 130 hours almost five days to build one of these it’s quite an inefficient and long-winded process but it’s one that results in

What is ultimately a better car the size of the engine contributes to that price tag as well this is a six liter w12 bentley also do a version of the flying spur with the v8 engine but this is the big daddy it’s around four times the size of a normal engine it produces 635 horsepower with 900 newton meters of torque and allows this car to do naught to 62 in

3.6 seconds with a top speed of 207 miles an hour the spur is the fastest production car with four doors if you want to travel at ridiculous speeds in extreme comfort with yourself and three other friends there is no better car back in the day when bentleys were first made the manufacturer built the platform and the oily bits underneath and then a customer

Would have to ask a coach builder to make the body so you had companies like mulliner vandenplace and corinthian crafting the bodywork and that was always a source of pride for a bentley owner things have changed a lot in modern times but the in-house bodywork on this flying spur is still hugely distinctive it’s a big car the flying spur but it carries its

Size quite well it looks regal and stately and attracts a lot of attention whenever you drive it but it’s when you get close that you start to appreciate the little details that make the car so special details like these led crystal cut headlights which look absolutely spectacular they could have got that completely wrong it could have ended up looking like

An old 80s chandelier but instead it looks like a piece of jewelry a piece of art i especially love these triangular leds all around the edge which just make it look that a little bit more special i also love the front grille now i know a lot of people find this quite contentious because the grill isn’t made from solid metal it’s actually made from plastic

But that isn’t bentley cheaping out that’s because of pedestrian safety requirements if a two and a half ton flying spur makes contact with something made from flesh then things could end quite badly however by having these plastic front grill strikes which break apart on impact and a front section that deforms upon impact then whenever you make contact

With a person at 30 40 miles an hour they stand a much better chance of at least being able to realize that they’ve been hit by something as nice as a flying spur unless of course you land on the flying bee this thing looks as if it could be quite painful but it’s so beautiful that it’s not something you really want to get rid of i want to talk a little bit

More about this centenary edition flying because i’ve just noticed something today that has annoyed me quite a lot somebody at some point has made off with a piece of it normally this car comes with an illuminated section of the flying bee that allows it to be backlit so at night the whole thing glows and looks absolutely spectacular but somebody somehow has

Actually removed this little glowing section and made off with it i i have no idea what you’re going to do with it but if you’re watching this and you have stolen a piece of my bentley then rest assured i’m going to come and find you i’m really surprised that they actually managed to nick this because it’s got an anti-theft feature look you do that and it

Literally hides away from anyone trying to steal it but somehow someway someone has managed to steal the illuminated feature which is annoying anyway i should point out that you can actually reveal or conceal the flying bee using a wi-fi tablet located in the back of the car i’ll show you that in just a second more details now on the side 22 inch 10 spoke

Wheels in a grey painted and bright machined finish there is no spare tire so if you’re wondering what happens when you get a flat which is a fair question you just call bentley and they’ll send someone out to fix it ask me how i know this is my new long-term i’ve been running this for a little while bad news is it’s got a flat tire talk about first war

Problems yeah there’s a b shaped vent just ahead of the a-pillar and the model designation badge just below it as for length this car is nearly 5.5 meters which is absurd really that makes it difficult to drive around town but people do eventually move ask me how i know around the back the flying spur looks brilliant i again love the rear lights which have

Lots of intricate detail inside and look it looks like a bee to remind you that it is actually the bentley of course i also love the exhausts which have a rifled finish they look spectacular and of course this winged b emblem across the back you push that and it opens to reveal all the junk that i’ve been carrying around for the past week or so and if

You look closely there’s also a lump right there towards the back of the car that lump is very important that’s one of this car’s best features let me show you what it is this is probably my favorite feature you might know about it if you watched our full review it’s not an armrest no it’s actually a fridge although they don’t call it a fridge they call

It the refrigerated bottle cooler it’s got enough space in there for eight 330 milliliter cans or two bottles of the finest sainsbury’s carver and it works a treat i was in london recently and i acquired a bottle of champagne put it in the back of the car drove home and an hour and a half later it was ice cold absolutely brilliant feature although quite

Expensive a normal fridge costs what 300 pounds that 1 800. remember that tablet that i showed you earlier which revealed the flying bee well normally it lives back here and it’s almost seamlessly integrated into this rear center console not only does it allow you to control the flying bee but it allows you to control other features in this car including

Media playback and also your climate control your heated seats and your blinds so you can actually raise or close all of the blinds in this car including one above your head one just behind you and also in the rear doors i’ll open them again as for rear seat entertainment well the flying spur comes with a pair of tablets which live right here just behind

The front headrest now these allow you to do pretty much anything that you can on a normal tablet because they are normal android tablets you can surf the internet the car has a built-in wi-fi network you can download games the only problem with these is that they run a very very old version of the android software version five we’re on version 12 right

Now the os in this particular tablet came out in 2014. most people won’t know or care but i’m a geek so i know and i care bentley you should be installing more up-to-date software in your tablets apart from that the car comes with two sets of wireless bentley headphones and these uh not only look cool but they allow you to connect to each of the tablets

To listen to your own individual audio tracks so you don’t have to subject yourself to the music being played by the driver or the front passenger back here it’s just a nice place to spend time it’s really cool up front it’s the same story it’s super impressive in the cockpit of the flying spur if you don’t sit in a bentley like this and be impressed and i

Think there’s probably something wrong with you the first thing you notice when you get in here is the wood bentley use what they call the most highly figured wood now being highly figured means having the best patterns and they have a team of experts that travel the world looking for the most highly figured wood and allowing their customers to install it in

Their bentley of course you don’t have to have wood you can have carbon fiber you can have stone you can have metal whatever it is that fits your particular tastes bentley will install it in your car i also love the metal finish in this car it’s knurling around this kind of lowercase b around the vents the knurling around the mode selector switch around the

Engine start button around the heating ventilation and climate control buttons all of it just looks and feels and sounds spectacular including these look you push and pull the ventilation stalks to open and close and allow air into the cabin it looks sensational i’ve got a little press pack here on the center console which shows me the exact options in this

Car the exterior paintwork is called white sand and inside you get a dual tone cabin in portland and cumbrian green leather with fascias and center console in dark fiddleback eucalyptus over grand black veneer and finish with contrasting stitching speaking of leather this car has 14 cowhides 14 cows gave their lives to finish a bentley flying spur which is

Um maybe a bit distasteful if you’re a vegan but there you go some people like that kind of thing you also get three kilometers of thread in this car five meters of which is in the steering wheel alone and it takes 140 highly skilled craftsmen and cross women to finish the interior of a flying spur it really is spectacular one of the coolest bits about this

Car though is the screen you might be thinking where is the screen but there’s a button called screen and you push it and it reveals your infotainment system which is actually quite simple to use it’s a joy to get on with but if you want to be a bit more minimal you push screen again and the whole thing rotates to reveal another set of dials in this case your

Outside air temperature your compass and a stopwatch because this car does have launch control but if you don’t want that and you want to revert just to seeing the lovely eucalyptus wood or whatever it was called you push and hold and it rotates to reveal a very very minimalist canvas absolutely sensational i want to mention the options specific to this car

The powerful name audio system cost an extra 6600 euros before tax the rear seat entertainment system i mentioned earlier 5775 before tax and the first edition specification which includes the rotating display the dual wood veneer the newly stolen illuminated flying b radiator mascot panoramic glass roof and first edition badges everywhere 37 300 euros before

Tax and that’s the beauty of the flying spur isn’t it it might be quite similar to the panamera underneath but when you start to look closely at the little details that’s when this car reveals itself to be a little bit more special than you might imagine at first it’s the level of expertise and craftsmanship and passion that goes into building a flying spur

That make it truly special that make it worth the extra money you

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Is The Bentley Flying Spur Worth £220K? 4K By AutoTrader

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