is the audi sq5 tdi audis best a
Altair Club Cars Is The AUDI SQ5 TDi Audis BEST All Rounder? **In Depth Review**

Is The AUDI SQ5 TDi Audis BEST All Rounder? **In Depth Review**

“I never understood the whole SUV/crossover thing”

Hello world welcome back to accelerate and welcome to the audi sq5 now we’re here today to find out if this is possibly audi’s best all-rounder very curious for this let’s get started let’s do it now i know very little about these cars as people that know me i tend to go for my older sheds as kenny likes to call them but unfortunately you know you’re a lot more

Experienced in the higher end cars yeah so give us some info right well obviously this is based on the normal q5 uh they’ve sported it up so you’ve got a nice 21 inch wheels now these are an option on the plus model okay this is not a plus model right okay um however this car has got the 21s which are absolutely stunning yeah really set it apart from the normal q5 i

Gotta say like we say with most sporty cars the s is not audi’s top of the full sport range the s is designed to be subtle sporty improvements yeah and that’s one thing i will say that have absolutely nailed they have the styling on this thing you know it’s it’s not even that big you know you look at like the i know it’s based on more like an x3 and evoke et cetera

So you see here the q5 and you think it’s going to be a competitor to the x5 until i see this car in the flesh it’s only it’s like you know the roofline’s lower than my lower than me yep it’s not very big but when you’re in there there’s still plenty of space yes obviously you’ve got the audi signature grille yep um the quad exhaust really sets it off yeah and the

Brakes oh the brakes here the brakes on this thing are phenomenal yeah also the v6 t badge on the side yes so it is actually powertrain wise it’s a three liter v6 bi-turbo bite over here yeah it’s 313 horsepower and 650 newton meters of torque now for something that’s two-ton which is massively heavy considering once again you think of these vehicles if you think

Of something massive but a good friend of ours liam we did a feature on his audi a5 yes a very similar powertrain but obviously our differences yes um but i said right let’s get inside and see what features are yeah let’s check it out so climbing into the sq5 it’s pretty much the same as any audi really to be honest um it is very good quality uh materials i’ve

Always said you when when you jump into any sort of car you know what to expect if you’ve been in one exactly yeah well it’s not a bad thing no it’s not they say everything’s well put together for example the seats full leather sq5 embossed into the seat which is a nice little touch isn’t it uh white stitching as well on the seats you’ve got the audi signature

D-shaped steering wheel nice and thick plenty of grip the only thing i really let it down interior wise is these aluminium things now they do scratch up and then they’re pretty nasty as you can see it’s a very good point i didn’t even notice i know you pointed it out yeah it’s just a normal audi thing unfortunately yeah um now you’ve owned a couple of i haven’t

Seen so you actually got experience with them yeah i really like them um i do prefer these interiors like the mercedes or the bmw i’m a beamer guy but i completely agree with you yeah they do look a lot more modern obviously this infotainment system yeah is very dated now this is the last of the first gen xq5 it’s a 66 plate uh they brought me modern 17. uh this one

Hasn’t got sat nav but to be honest it wouldn’t be um a kicker for me because your phone sounds better than any saturn if you have the vehicle yeah technology is great at the time the technology dates and of course exactly as we all know yeah so there’s some some nice nice little features on here yeah run through the features with us uh sound systems not too bad

Um i think it’s a basic audi concert system um plenty of bass you’ve got your auto dimming rear view mirror nice little sunglass holder up there i love the mood lightning on audi as well you’ve got these little red lights wow i didn’t know that yeah all through the handle everything is yeah nice little touch obviously yeah yeah um all the controls on the steering

Wheel nice easy to access with your flappy paddles yeah climate control cruise control auto dimming light uh sorry yeah auto lights um everything all the usual yes this part is me trying to run through every single thing i love the alcantara on the door as well i didn’t know this i was one of the first things and the roof line is really nice it’s black obviously

Some roof linings are lighter but yeah it’s just a nice cabin to be in and it doesn’t feel huge i mean we’re in a world where suvs and crossovers are taking over yes and obviously one of the main reasons for that is space and driving position and already you can tell it’s nice you’re elevated you’re not low down on the floor you can see everything but once again

It’s not intimidating and it’s not big yes which is i suppose that’s a very good point actually it is when you’re inside it doesn’t feel as big as the outside no it doesn’t obviously the switch gear and everything’s nice you know the way out we’ve always said it’s nice it’s just kenny he said they’re nice and clicky they are very clicky they’re very really nice

But um yeah apart from that you’ve got your basics cup holders et cetera et cetera once again putting this me right through all because you guys already gonna know it’s kind of yeah it’s very german everything works everything you need is in here so another reason people buy them is for to hold the family so let’s go to the back let’s jump in the bag and check what’s

In it so like we’ve said one of the main reasons people buy these cars over estates and things like that is the room to haul the family around now i’m five foot nine so i’d say i’m about average i like to think i’m taller but i’m probably not even jumping in because of the ride height of the car i mean you basically step in there’s none of this sort of crouching

Down i’ll be the first to say i’ve never understood the suv crossover thing until sitting in them uh driving positions great and even in the back i’ve got plenty of leg room my head room is great and i notice even kenny kenny’s a lot taller and bigger than me but even he even he seems to fit comfortably well last seat is the position i would sit in on the front

That’s why he’s just about to see that is your driving position like i said i say i’m about the average height i mean you’ve got more than enough room yeah um as kenny have said i mean the quality that i would give you know to accept you know everything you touch i mean even the backs of the seats you’ve got leather there alcantara continues onto the back doors which

Is always a nice feature even the white stitching continues onto the rear so the attention to detail is great now this car is a 16 plate and i mean the leather is just still it’s all just so plush it’s all still really nice and what surprised me is the features in the back we’ve got your climate control here and it’s not just the fans it’s actually heat controlled

As well uh just below that you’ve got your own power outlets you can’t call them cigarette lighters anymore moving on to the windows this is another thing that’s surprising this car is so well equipped sun’s shade here very simple to operate to hide the sun as well now as i said i’m i’m not used to all these features i’m used to sort of all the cars but everywhere

I look i mean there’s just something you’ve got you’re very standard arm rest here it’s nice and elevated though it is it’s all wrapped in leather and that’s a very good point a lot of them are a bit too far down this is very nice this is such a nice place to be i hate how nice modern cars are but i am so impressed with this car talking about practicality let’s

Take a look at the boots oh the actual boot sorry so come around to the back again like we said with the sq5 or the q5s in general just the dimensions of the brilliance so it’s getting to the boots and there is an option for the power boot uh this one hasn’t got it again which wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me because you know that wasn’t you can operate a boot

Exactly so boot space i mean it’s huge i don’t know the dimension but they are actually very big what we’re going to do next is the drew test oh of course yep right so the main thing is so if you were kidnapped would you be comfortable in africa oh i actually would i think this would be a very considerable considerable vehicle to get uh kidnapped in sweden but

You’re even amongst all this space as well like i said the load height is very good it’s sort of almost knee level so you can easily get some heavy bits in here you’ve even got additional storage with your spare wheel as well so stuff like that is always very handy and very germ and i like things like that what else we’ve got you’ve got your standard no doubt to

Be in german that’s probably the perfect size for the oil that’s recommended um let’s have a little play around there’s stuff in there you’re probably hopefully never gonna have to mess with yeah you’ve also got a power point oh i didn’t see that powerpoint in the back just there so if you do want to get your fridge and everything you’ve even got the tie-downs

I mean it’s so german even in the back it’s just nice it is the quality is there is the other thing i don’t like is this why is that because personally i prefer they pull out one that’s a very good point it’s easier for loading if you did have something taller yes yes that is what it is so being the very practical vehicle it is we’ve covered all that so i think

Now let’s see how it drives let’s go out on the road in the sq5 now first thing to note do not confuse the s-car with the s-line uh the s-line is basically your additional trim that you can put on the car this is an actual s car so the sq5 is the performance version and i want to get something off my chest as far as we’re aware this is the first sorry sorry about

That there was a m5 e60 oh probably yes okay in that blue color we’re in an audi i know v10 m5 sorry i’m really sorry to cut you off here anyway that was worth it anyway need to get thrown off my chest s line is the performer sorry the s cars are performance and as far as we’re aware this is the first s car with the tdi engine as far as i’m away yes it is so this

Is a load of nice cars driving around today yeah gts wow no i’m very much if it’s a performance car it shouldn’t be a diesel but i am also very aware that modern diesels i mean a lot of them will outrun the petrol equivalents because the engine the powertrain in these things is very impressive it’s really impressive but also first thing i got to note is how quiet

This thing is do i mean we’re not even raised voices we’re doing 53 miles per hour yep and i’m not having to raise my voice you know one of the first things i noticed which may sound daft but i’m used to older cars like we’ve said you know even starting up for a diesel you expect it to be yes i think that’s that’s why yeah because i drove down at that so yeah but

This is modern diesels i mean it’s got to be said they are a million miles from where they were how do you always nail i in my eyes comfort in the ride that’s what they do yeah now like we said this is on a more sporty suspension than the q5 and big wheels big wheels small tires and it takes the bumps so so well this is quite bumpy here and it’s good it might be

A should i be head but in the room and this is the sport one exactly 21-inch wheels that is crazy i mean you go back to the you know like the s cars have been around since the 90s and as i said this technology and how everything has evolved this is not even the biggest one they do and it’s on 21-inch wheels and they don’t look bad i’m just going to say they don’t

Actually big a normal q5 pulled up next to you it did and like we’ve said s the s audi’s s division is meant to be subtle to an extent it is but you know when the standard one pulled up next to you a lot of people that don’t know are not into cars would probably wouldn’t even look twice but you know when you see them next to each other you can see the difference you

Can now this is not my type of car i’d never left after one of these but seeing them like that and see even seen it in traffic yes very nice let’s just say it looks expensive as well doesn’t it you know this this car was bought by the owner pretty i’m pretty sure he said about 31 000 they paid for it yeah still worth at least 25 000. now it’s got 50 000 miles on the

Clock it’s a 60 sec like to me this feels like a brand new car but yeah they’ve also owned it for four years and had zero problems with it the only thing i really don’t like about this thing is i can see that the rest of the earth in my uh wing mirrors they are absolutely huge a little bit now one thing i’m already impressed with this body roll there’s not a lot

Of body roll for such a big vehicle oh yeah and i’m assuming is it call that talk wow oh my god you don’t expect something this big to be that just like me wow you’ve just formed your soulmate i am yeah this is my your spirit’s car i was just saying i was trying to think it is yeah so it’s a very big car but when it needs to be it’s quite agile which is which is

Exactly like you yeah but generally you know we didn’t obviously go nuts but i did push it a little bit yeah around about and there’s no party role there’s no drama even from the past passenger seat i was i was very confident it felt very i was as well we said about performance i mean that’s why i said i’m not one to chase figures because yeah 300 horsepower but you

Know the talk pulling us out of the corner then that’s what i said it gripped so so well do you really put that power down everywhere you needed it all right there’s probably electronics doing what he needs to do but it was just no drama anyway that’s why you’re paying for a car like this exactly and you can like like i said that you point and it doesn’t feel like

A 210 car no it doesn’t it honestly feels like i said we reviewed liam’s a5 i’m still getting the feeling that this feels like an a5 in the best way it doesn’t feel like you’re driving a big floor not at all this is crazy the grip levels on this check this out on this runabout so we’ve it’s absolutely no drama i’m struggling to pull myself straight i mean wow

For a little bit of tire squeal yeah but i mean you’re going around around the boat but we put it through some roads then do you know what the power level for the handling oh it is an all-arounder because it’s doing everything really well and the way you were going through the corners you were on and off the throttle onto the brakes nothing felt like it was

Square or anything confidence inspired i’ve done everything i needed it yeah then yeah absolutely everything and i had every confidence in it as well you know genuinely my heart was pumping then really adrenaline yeah that was such a because you know from here which is probably a good thing it felt so smooth and it felt so like you said no body roll i was sort of

Yeah i was just relaxed as in like i was very comfortable everybody was so confident doing it and obviously honestly the g’s yeah i could feel myself these bolsters were pretty well considered just a normal sports seat but yeah we were on the edge then i just feel the tires starting to break yeah bring away but no drama it didn’t it didn’t personally yeah but

It still didn’t break away no now i’m gonna say this and you’re probably gonna disagree until you drive it properly but okay this is one of the best vehicles i think i’ve driven shut up i swear as an all-rounder this car is really really impressive and i don’t mean that um as in the aspects of everything the comfort yeah the style is that as a package yeah it’s

It’s amazing it really really is pete was saying to me um you’re gonna be impressed and i and i’m not gonna lie i was thinking all right whatever you’re not easy to impress like i said this is the great thing about us uh reviewing cars like i said i’m used to my older sheds as he likes to see so i’m easily impressed with a lot of cars you’re really not which is

Why you really surprised me so we set up a performance uh not the 16 what was it 5.1 yes i’ll just give it a soft launch it’s got a bit of lag i’m nice second gear oh my god so the more the power build the more you go through the revs uh sorry the more you go through the gears you see that pick up even better it does yeah as soon as you get it rolling because

Otherwise yeah and you have got the lag which is what you get from a turbo especially a diesel yes but as soon as it kicks down like you said a lot of people mentioned the noise i mean this is completely standard me and liam are actually talking i don’t know if it is a valved exhaust because when the boost kicks in it makes a hell of a noise it really does yeah

It’s really impressive everything about it like i said you’ve got the noise and it’s like yeah yeah you’ve got the economy which is a gallon but it is still it is still a performance vehicle right let’s see what kickstarter is looking like once focused yes it’s not mid-range talk yep my god it just sees change up and it’s you can feel it going back into the power

Band yeah i mean and you’re absolutely right kenny said off camera doesn’t feel that quick but when you look down i looked on oh right yeah yeah i better slow down yeah your license was in territory yeah yeah in this thing a little twisty twist oh my god you know what like you said the the body roll or lack thereof yeah oh my god it just goes doesn’t it and

Then straight away you’re just back into yeah i’m a normal car yeah cruise well i me and kenny had a bit of a heated discussion saying uh when it comes to performance cars there are certain figures you shouldn’t look at and miles per gallon being one of them or economy yeah but in a car like this like i said it’s not the rs it’s an s so i think it is very much you

Should consider yes economy and like you said you this will still return you off for 40 miles per gallon 42 average they reckon combined and 47 and as an all-rounder as we keep saying yep one module one there’s an old alternative because obviously there is a newer generation of q5 i would say this is a brilliant alternative like i said i still think this feels

Like a brand new car i don’t jump in jump in this and think it’s old but as you were going back to what you were saying with all the competitors i’m a bmw man and i would take one of these granted i haven’t driven an x3 but this is more appealing i was going to say even visually the x3 looks like someone vomited on vomit and stuck a stupid price tag yeah they do

It i’m sorry but yeah they must have gone like this when they drew it the audi sq5 the first performance diesel i don’t know if it is the first performance these are the first one that we’ve done yes it is so um yeah the question that we asked is it audi’s best all-rounder i mean it’s not perfect no car is perfect but i do hate to admit that i honestly don’t

Know like you said apart from off-road which we couldn’t test yeah but how often are you going to take it off-road but yeah you don’t buy these cars take off-road no these days you don’t but honestly from what we’ve experienced today we’ve tried to put as many miles as we can on it there’s not one thing that this car can’t do and do well try and find some negative

The only thing i don’t like which is probably down to personal preference these are i’m already seeing these are sort of with the sg as in like a dual clutch transmission every now and again you do get that bit of jerk you get the bit of lag personal preference i prefer autos with a torque converter but honestly i was trying to find fault with this car well that’s

What i’m putting out the mirrors for because there’s not much i don’t like about it this is a review price wise what were they new they were easily at 45 grand 45 start i would think of just under the 45k start i think they went to about 52 plus and you can pick them up nowadays did you this roughly about 25 26 000. it’s got 50 000 miles on the clock and a 66 plate

Sounds like a lot but i mean i would say that’s a lot but then it does but look what you’re getting i know it’s a lot of car for the money there is a lot to talk about this car we could go on and on and we did which we have anyway but we’re both like i knew i was going to be impressed because i’m easily impressed i’m surprised we have got a lot more reviews planned

So stick with this guys because we’ve really enjoyed this and it’s really it’s well it is just very interesting so stick with us don’t forget to like comment subscribe we will see you in the next one

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Is The AUDI SQ5 TDi Audi's BEST All Rounder? **In Depth Review** By Accelerate

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