is the all new 2023 mazda cx 50
Altair Club Cars Is the ALL NEW 2023 Mazda CX-50 A Better Outback? // First Drive Review

Is the ALL NEW 2023 Mazda CX-50 A Better Outback? // First Drive Review

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Welcome to the texas truck channel i’m brian and this is the brand spanking new mazda cx-50 and man we are pumped about this the biggest debate you’re going to hear today is how craig is wrong that this is not a rav4 competitor and that it is an outback competitor let us know what you think put in the comments below all that out of the way looks this thing is

Lower it is wider and it still has giant wheels on it but don’t worry there’s another trim coming up in the future we’re told that we’ll be a little bit more off-road friendly the biggest deal here is the good mazda styling with some cladding and it’s finally an outdoor attempt of rugged style so all that covered let’s jump in the interior and we’ll tell you all

About that this episode is brought to you by simply carbon fiber if you would like to reduce the bulk that was previously here and slim up and look cool this is what you need to get check out the link below for a discount coupon ttc10 to get your own with that out of the way let’s get into the interior of the mazda cx-50 what this is this is a rav4 competitor

Not an outback competitor unlike what brian said so pay no attention to him but what you get in here is you get the same normal awesome mazda interior you get and all the other mazda vehicles but a little more outdoorsy with some interesting and unique stitching and all the normal infotainment things right where they should be he mentioned long lower and wider

Everybody likes that and a lot of things am i right come on you get it in the interior too which makes it feel like you have more space probably the coolest thing the newest thing that is in here that you won’t see in any other mazda first ever panoramic moon roof because they’re trying to get you the outdoors and when you get to the outdoors and on your way

You want to see where you’re going so with that let’s get to under the hood and see what makes this puppy go under the hood here it is we’ve seen it before and we’re going to see it again the 2.5 turbo from mazda mazda even and man kudos to them for doing this they tell you what you get based on octane that’s in the tank 227 horse on 87 octane 250 on 91 that

Means 93 is probably a little bit better torque is 310 and 320 and this thing is a torque monster it’s a strong point and i think it will probably make the most sense in this rig compared to the others it’s paired with an all-wheel drive system we’ve seen before that works very well and the best thing about this exuberant motor it has two cup holders built into

It that’s not only beautiful but convenient now with that cover let’s drive it and see how it handles this rig all right brian i know this guy active g we don’t know if it’s got premium or regular we’re not sure but we’ve got three modes which motor is sport not off-road nah okay sport hit it whoa i will drive 20 30 40 15 60. all right that’s uh i’m gonna

Guess mid sixes maybe seven that the butt dyno feels like that yes yeah um so pretty quick out of the hole yeah it digs but after that what it does the diesel trick a little bit where it doesn’t want to rub out but you know what the gearing is stacked well in here and the shift points make sense it doesn’t hang out there it seems like the best application of

This motor yet that’s one of these i think we’ve from the get-go we’ve simply seen this thing from the get-go it makes the most sense here this gun or the zoom zoom of mazda your that we keep thinking of forget that because and it’s okay because now also the mazda’s new stuff works in here really well in this application makes a ton of sense yeah because it’s

More off-road themed trying to get you to the trail well it’s working here it is and this thing is in the mazda 3 the cx-5 cx-9 and this yeah and the reality is it makes the most sense here i think it does it does because the cx-9 it needs the torque for the cx-9 this motor is using everything so they’ve tuned the turbo that way right but this is lighter than

The cx-9 so it doesn’t it feels like it’s a really good match um long long wide is the theme there’s the theme and i like the width i like the long wheelbase the ride quality is really good yeah it is big fan the interior is absolutely beautiful okay rav4 outback we can debate that all day long but here’s what i really there’s the hank the bigger debate is this

Gonna cannibalize cx-5 cells i don’t think it will why not because i think they’re two different markets are they in my mind that’s why i keep making the joke with the outback we know this competes with both the rav4 and the outback and many others yeah but i feel like the buyer for this is not the same city buyer of the cx-5 yeah and i do you know i’ll give

You a little credit there probably will be some what would normally be a 65 driver come here but i think that’s okay yeah i think it’s gonna be enough that that thing sells so well anyways that that sure urbanite that doesn’t care about offroad and that’s still the one to get i always thought the 630 is going to do that and it didn’t do it it just added to the

Cells exactly so and i think what happens is what we have here is another adventure vehicle well and mazda’s first swing at that this is mazda’s first stab at it and i think they’ve done a great job at it so far we haven’t gotten us in any dirt we don’t know uh stay tuned for that but they’ve done a lot of things that focus on that like the back doors open 90

Degrees so that you can easily access the rear seat you can easily step and reach stuff on top of the roof rack and that’s on purpose yes and the water hatch opens up tall all the way to hall so even you don’t hit your head off exactly and a wide load floor on the back plenty of room i don’t know i think it’s like the sweet spot in the mazda lineup and mazda’s

Big deal has been a brand up market premium and now a crossover for any flavor and this just makes a lot of sense i’m really pleased with that so again mazda’s first stab at uh the outdoor theme and i think you’re right that’s where the outback thing is correct they are trying to do all the outback tricks with this so you’re on something there um and this is

Also mazda’s first stab at the joint venture with toyota in alabama they built the train yeah they built the corella cross and this in the same assembly plant pretty cool all right so this drives a little bit different than normal we’re not doing a week-long run with this this is a driving event and the first drive impression we gotta hit the hipster score craig

We do three two one six how are you doing you’re copying me what are you doing okay can i be honest i’m going to be fair i’m going to be fair this should be a seven it should not be a set yeah we’re actually i was actually a little low um um so how about that through you know the hipster point loves the outdoors yeah but they also like nice saddle interiors

Right and decent fuel economy and that’s what this does it does all that all that you can carry your buddies and your dog and get it in and out easy and okay all right all right okay so yeah got to wrap it up who’s it for this is for all the people we’re talking about this is for i’ll tell you who this will run this name the rav4 buyer this is for the outdoorsman

Instagram camper because let’s be honest that’s 20-inch wheels this is not going to do a ton of off-roading nope but it will get you to your campsite and get your insta peg perfect and that’s really the segment that the outback is into right the image of outdoorsman get your dog in the back this one apparently doesn’t come with a labrador i know super just gives

Out dogs with the cars but i’m curious to see how this meshes with that market that’s the interesting part of this car and and lastly i’ll quote i think we can close with this uh base model starts at on just under 30. that’s pretty good yeah this is fully loaded out and that’s like 42. i mean dude not bad that’s a good spot to be for something this premium yeah

That’s the biggest deal it’s competitors don’t feel those knives inside exactly all right thanks for watching stay tuned for more and we’ve got a lot coming from this event all right see you next time so you

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Is the ALL NEW 2023 Mazda CX-50 A Better Outback? // First Drive Review By Texas Truck Channel

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