is the 2024 chevrolet equinox ev
Altair Club Cars Is the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV the BEST new SUV for 0k?

Is the 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV the BEST new SUV for 0k?

FIRST LOOK: The Equinox is getting a new look from Chevrolet as an EV. On the outside you will see a fresh style with 21in wheels, two-tone paint, and LED lighting. On the inside there is massive infotainment system, digital gauge display and spacious cabin. Powering the Equinox EV you have (2) motors that provide AWD. Is the NEW 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV the BEST compact SUV to BUY?

What’s up it’s joe rady from ratey’s rides we are at the detroit auto show it’s the return to motor city and guess what of course walking around we were going to stop at the chevrolet booth because there’s some electrifying things happening this is one of them next to me this is the all-new first ever 2024 chevrolet equinox ev but before we get into this smaller

Compact setup of an electric vehicle let’s talk about what’s going on here chevrolet they’ve been doing the business for decades guess what obviously as the industry is moving forward with electrification so is chevrolet but what’s fascinating is they’re going to take some of those traditional name plates and create eevee vehicles out of them the equinox being

A smaller compact crossover suv is not only getting an all new look for an equinox but now we’re getting pure electrification there’s going to be different setups whether front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive different types of range we’re going to find but of course one thing is for certain that ultium general motors specific battery pack is going to be doing

The business so let’s go ahead let’s dive into this all new equinox ev and find out is it that small electric suv standout you should be buying let’s go ahead and find out right off the bat the style there’s been no other equinox that looks like this particular vehicle and it’s looking super clean now one of the challenges that engineers have when it comes to an

Electric vehicle is low drag coefficient numbers normally you would hear about those in sports cars and supercars and race cars when it comes to electric vehicles we want to make it as slippery as we can through the air to help increase that range so at the front of the business you’ll notice really great job that they did not only with the led daytime running

Lamps but look at how we have that separate led headlight kind of sunk in to this section on the corner i’m really digging this carbon fiber style that they did not only to the surrounding area of the headlight but also down the corner of course we’re going to have functional corner air curtains channeling that air flowing the air at the front and down the side of

The vehicle we kind of wiggle into the center there it is that iconic bow tie the chevrolet bow tie so much history just with that badge love the way illumination that’s one of the things that brands are becoming unique with electrification is when it comes to the lighting so that’s going to create a certain experience that each brand will have that specif specific

Identity and you could see just how nice and clean it is up front now of course as we work our way down they take that carbon fiber style design bring it into the front fascia you have an area for forward-facing camera and i’m really digging what they did with the texture here instead of putting some type of faux grill or something like that nice to kind of use this

Space there’s a lot of space here that could be kind of bland but they did a nice job giving it this diamond pattern texture and then all the way down you’ll notice the full functionality flat black with that satin steel look and even the way that they work the arrow into that bottom lip now remember we do have that ultim battery pack that’s liquid cooled so we do

Need nice cool air to cool that battery now as we rise up of course you’ll see very distinctive line rises up heads towards the windshield i love the way they raised each side of the hood and kind of curved it right towards the a-pillar gives it a lot of character now as we come around the corner here you’ll notice with the lighting i’m gonna move my stuff out of

The way real quick you’ll notice that with the lighting really nicely done into that fender i think one of my favorite parts that chevrolet is doing not only with the silverado ev but also with this equinox is how it’s sculpted very nicely around the fender opening everything is color matched and this color sparkles perfectly underneath the show lighting here at

The detroit auto show nice size wheel so you’re going to get that machine aluminum gloss black i like the way it’s got that rotating already spin to it another thing i want to point out is that instead of just leaving it bland in between each of the slots i like the way they put this nice three indentation on each portion of it really gives it a lot of character

If you’re wondering well joe what’s the size of this tire you’re looking at a 275 on the width 40 series sidewall and this is a 21 inch wheel what other equinox has a 21 inch wheel this is really doing the business and like i said when it comes to powering this vehicle you’re gonna have different options when it comes to front-wheel drive when it comes to all-wheel

Drive of course charging the vehicle you have your charge port door conveniently placed kind of just blends in nicely and i think one of my favorite parts of the design of this vehicle is the two-tone treatment this is something we’ve seen in the industry for a few years now but going with the white top and the blue it doesn’t make it look so top heavy and i think

That helps add with the look of this equinox ev color matched for the top portion with the white on your mirror caps you have your flush mounted door handles and a little bit of that nice metallic carbon flash metallic just along the bottom here nothing too over the top nothing too gaudy and then of course as we’re coming down the side of the vehicle you’ll notice

The roof rails close like i was saying drag is not your friend in any kind of vehicle especially an electrified one so we have those roof rails nice and close to the roof line you have your shark fin color matched antenna up top for that two-tone combo another thing that i’m really digging is watch the body line as it comes off that rear passenger door flares into

The fender and then what i love is that they didn’t do anything with this rear pillar area here so you have your corner window but then the nice body in it water falls perfectly into the rear hatch really gives it a lot of substance and almost like a muscular look without being too over the top coming around to the back you’re going to have a nice long low roof

Spoiler extending out you could see that flare out portion on the back all the way around that rear lift gate area we do have the wiper exposed it would have been nice to tuck that underneath but there once again the lighting and if you’re wondering well what about the platform you know we focus with the cadillac lyric we’re focusing with the blazer ev you can see

That great lighting that’s going on our equinox badge obviously all wheel drive means we’re going to have an electric motor up front electric motor out the rear and then as we drop our way down this is another area where designers can just leave it bland just put a lower bumper and call it a day i’m really digging what they did with the horizontal lines in that

Carbon flash metallic really looking really cohesive from front down the side and the back of the vehicle but you know what we got a little bit of special access here at the detroit auto show let’s open up the doors and give you a peek of what chevrolet is doing guys i know you’re ready to dive in they’re giving us special access we had the reservation time that’s

Why we’re here at the detroit auto show i know a lot of you want to know what about pricing joe no official pricing yet but use your common sense look at what pricing is coming on with this type of vehicle from other brands and you know chevrolet is going to want to hit that price point of course we have a longer wheelbase we also have a longer suv compared to the

Regular internal combustion engine equinox and you got that ultim battery pack which of course is going to give you that extended range now range that’s another big question we’re going to have it all for you but let’s see how it stacks up to the competition to the door panels lori’s going to showcase all of the style nice clean contemporary style soft touch up top

You got that nice white and then i’m really digging the baby blue accents that they put in there kind of just gives it that little extra pop of color without going over the top door pocket is a little on the tight side so maybe one six inch subway sub and that’s about it and of course a drink to wash it down going from the door panel to the dash of that two-tone

Style look at how it’s got a nice flow from one side to the other and if you’re wondering well joe what kind of size are we looking at with these screens you’re looking at a 17.7 inch center touchscreen really nice on display look at the way it’s loading on the driver display there that’s an 11 inch digital cluster obviously with that extra room you’re getting

Extra space on the interior because of the longer wheelbase you have all of your connectivity wireless charging and tons of storage areas not only in the bottom portion but also the top which makes it very versatile very usable and then of course as we pan from that center console area we’ll talk more about twinkies i know there’s a twinkie slot right up top so

That’s good news down below you could easily put a bag of apples three pound bag of apples very nicely done and then the seats digging the two-tone style really could make the interior pop instead of being a bland setup but you know what we do have power seat controls for both the passenger and the driver and we have that great digital rear view camera nice to see

The technology coming into the equinox but you know what let’s go over to the business end and see what you as a driver are going to be experiencing on that side all right guys time to get in the interior portion of this equinox ev now obviously this is a pre-production they’re being careful with who is just allowed to jump into it but they have given us special

Permission to show off the goods of what this electrified equinox is all about so going into the interior you’ll notice that you have a nice two-tone color setup like we showed you on the passenger side you got two memory seat settings for the driver you’ll notice lots of space in that pedal box and all the great seat controls but i’m really digging what they did

With the two-tone interior nice light blue accents look on that ac vent there that nice blue light blue accents very interesting design to the venting and then the steering wheel you’ll notice that clear glass at the top that gloss that’s going to be obviously that super cruise feature you do have that all new digital gauge display and then with the display you’ll

Be able to have your different modes display your different information all of that input would come into play and then if you’re wondering well what about actual power so with one electric motor you’re looking at 210 horsepower 242 pound-feet of torque all-wheel drive like this one is going to be 290 horsepower 346 pound-feet of torque of course there’s going

To be all the driver assist features hands-free features and that super cruise feature but i love what they did with the graphics and you’ll also notice on that center console like i showed you from the other side all the storage wireless connectivity that’s the best part about these electrified vehicles from chevrolet is that you’re going to be given so much more

Interior space for not only the people up front but also for the stuff that you need but let’s go ahead let’s get to the back seat and see what kind of room is in this equinox tv for your passengers guys backseat time one of the great things because the battery pack is in the belly of this equinox that’s going to help with drivability but it also frees up tons of

Leg room because of the flatter floor i’m going to swing out of the way and i’m going to let lloyd dive in and showcase what your rear seat passengers are experiencing lots of room more room than your standard equinox i could tell right off the bat you got rear ac vents usb cs and definitely you’re going to see the ability for heated seats it’ll be interesting to

See if ventilated seats ever come into play but nice to have that set up pockets on both sides and of course the two-tone follows from the front to the rear of the vehicle super clean and very very stylish without being too over the top but why don’t we go ahead obviously interior room is important for passengers what about the room for your junk let’s pop that

Trunk area and see what kind of junk we could fit in it all right guys time to get in that cargo area this is another place in the equinox where you’re going to see a lot of big change first of all you got that nice flat cargo floor it’s actually adjustable you could see how you could adjust the height of the cargo floor the rear seats are going to do a 60 40

Tango split and then obviously by putting those seats down you’re going to maximize that cargo room over 50 cubic feet of space in that back seat area and that’s going to allow your costco runs to be so easy to do so effortless and then obviously that has a remote where you could drop but we’re going to come around to this side actually i think this side might

Not be the greatest side but we’re going to continue anyways but here at the detroit auto show this is what we like to bring to you what the manufacturers are bringing as production comes expect these to start trickling in sometime next year but obviously they’ve done one heck of a job but let me know what you think have they done exactly what they needed to to

Go up against the other brands when it comes to this compact crossover suv but let me know in that comment section if you’re new to the channel and you’re on your way out hit that subscribe button i promise you it’s worthwhile i’ll come back for more if you are a subscriber thank you for being part of the radius rights family we definitely gotta thank lg ratey

Working that camera like a champ follow her on instagram lori rady on instagram follow her right now show us some love in the comment section thank you lori for all that you do and just like always guys i’ll see you on the next ride

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