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Altair Club Cars Is the 2023 Chrysler 300C a BETTER performance sedan than a Dodge Charger?

Is the 2023 Chrysler 300C a BETTER performance sedan than a Dodge Charger?

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FIRST LOOK: The NEW 300C is here and Chrysler is bringing more muscle car for 2023. Under the hood is a 6.4L Hemi V8 that now pumps out 485HP, and mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. You will discover on the outside an new large grill, lighting and 20in wheels. On the inside there is upgraded leather interior and an 8.4in infotainment screen.

Hey guys what’s up it’s joe rady from rady’s rides we are here in motor city for the return of the detroit auto show of course walking around i had to come by this delantis booth area specifically chrysler because we have some muscle performance and mighty return of a vehicle that many of you have been waiting for this is it this is a 2023 chrysler 300c but before we

Get into this four-door full-on v8 powered sedan let’s talk about what’s going on here chrysler it’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen some performance with that chrysler badge the crazy thing is going back to 1955 that is the first year of the chrysler 300. many different generations lots of performance lots of four-door usability and of course chrysler specific

Touches now with of course a lot of change in the auto industry with electrification chrysler decided to do it and do it in a big way and bring back something very special now you might be saying to yourself joe is this a chrysler 300 srt no this is a 300c but don’t be fooled because they have some surprises underneath the hood so let’s go ahead let’s dive into this

They’re making 2 000 of them guess what order book is filled but you still want to contact your dealer because there could be people that maybe drop out and you swoop in to take it so let’s go ahead let’s drive into this chrysler 300c and see what is so special about you see what i did there let’s go see right off the bat the styling remember the last time we saw

A high performance 300 was back in 2014. this particular overall style 2005 but like i said with the invention of electrification coming more and more into the industry this is that last hurray to get that internal combustion v8 performance now i have to find the business you’re going to get very nice style headlights that familiar style on the chrysler 300 love

The led daytime running lamps you got your projector beam headlight working your way down you’ll see some of the kind of two tweaking that they’ve done to the front of this vehicle look at all the exterior lighting that we have on the bottom portion led fog lamps some nice gloss black nothing too heavy and you’re only going to be able to get this in three colors

I’m thinking the white is really the way to go because it balances nicely with the black accents coming across that familiar but you know that there’s something unique going on here mount majorly wide open grille you’ll notice the gloss black goes all the way around the perimeter look at the badging like i was saying this is not an srt branded vehicle per se but

We do have that familiar performance 300c so much history even to the way that the badge looks the font the colors so much history going back to 1955 on the lower portion you got full functionality and i’m so glad that they match the grill color that flat black both in the top and the lower section and of course full functional that lower lip just kind of comes

Out just enough to make you know that you got something happening underneath the hood speaking of the hood we rise up you have that nice valley starts on the front fascia goes towards the windshield and kind of evaporates and then as we come around the bend here comes some of the goodies for this 300c feast your eyes on these satin black multi-spoke forged aluminum

Wheels yes you heard correctly forged aluminum remember forged aluminum is lighter than cast aluminum less rotating mass and it’s a stronger wheel love the style with our particular white one you got those massive four piston brembo calipers because remember it’s not just about power underneath the hood we want to have power when it comes to braking and of course

The handling everything’s been tuned with the adaptive dampers all four corners what you’re going to be familiar to but what you’re going to also excite and that is the thing it seems like a 2014 when they stopped the chrysler srt then dodge made some changes with more power well guess what this is your opportunity now to take it advantage of the more power and

Some of these other goodies coming down the side i like the way it’s just color matched on the mirror caps you’ve got your led turn signals we’re going to have a nice panoramic style sunroof as you can see here at the stalantis booth a lot of excitement people are just dying to see these vehicles but we’re making sure that we’re bringing them to you gloss black

Around the window treatment and then really just clean i’m glad they didn’t go too crazy with adding a bunch of stuff on the side of the vehicle because i think that’s one of the styles of this car that people kind of gravitate towards we’re going to wiggle our way we’re going to thread the needle come on and thread the needle you can see as we’re working towards

The rear and then coming around the back nice on the body lines of the fenders and then swing it around back i absolutely love the tail and the business and i think this is a view that a lot of people are going to get as you leave that green light especially once we pop the hood great job on the led tail lights really flow nicely and it’s got a nice concave style

To it the 300c badge we got that iconic chrysler badge and then working our way all the way down how do we finish it off we’ve got a nice dual exhaust system slash cut really large oval openings and a simple rear bumper diffuser but definitely with those 20 inch wheels looking sharp rear wheel drive remember this isn’t front-wheel drive this is rear-wheel drive

With a limited slip diff let’s pop the hood and see the new power of the 300c all right guys we got the hood popped you do have the hydraulic hood struts underneath the hood this is where the goodness is that mopar or no car goodness what are we looking at we’re now looking at that 6.4 liter naturally aspirated v8 guess where it’s getting plucked from it’s getting

Plugged from the scat pack so you’re looking at 485 horsepower 475 pound-feet of torque zero to 60 in about 4.2 seconds quarter mile around 12.1 obviously it’s going to be bolted to that torque flight zf 8 speed automatic transmission this is it this is the last hurray and remember going back to 2014 with that srt branded 300 this is more horsepower more gears

In the transmission they’ve made the changes they’re making it for the enthusiasts i know you want to hear that v8 rumble i want to fire this thing up right now and start it up in this convention center we can’t but we will be bringing it to you in the upcoming months so stay tuned for that but let’s go ahead let’s get to the interior and see what’s different on

This chrysler 300c all right guys we’re in this 2023 chrysler 300c it’s crazy to be sitting in this vehicle because the last time i did a review of one i thought for sure chrysler was just going to kill it off and just forget about it well guess what before the 300 comes to an end they are going out in a very big way now i know you’re saying to yourself well joe

I’m liking the horsepower i’m liking all of that extra torque you have an active exhaust system where you make it louder or quieter we got the 20 by nine inch forged aluminum wheels you even have a top speed of well over 160 miles per hour i know you’re saying how much is it msrp for all of that is 55 000 let’s see how it stacks up to other performance cars to

The door panels you’re actually still getting a very clean design a little bit of gloss black up top i like the silver trim what i like even more is that microfiber suede material in the center really kind of brings up the feel of the vehicle white contrast stitching and then you got a large enough door pocket for a coney dog and a bottle of root beer to wash it

Down now going from the door panel to the dash soft touch material you got your stitching that gloss black just enough takes it from the outside brings it to the interior and then we get to the center stack now i know what you’re going to say joe it’s dated well guess what they’re not redesigning this this is it this is your last chance to get this car you got your

Very classy chrysler clock analog clock going all the way back to 1955 8.4 uconnect 4 system yes it’s the older operating system but it works really well you can get into all your seat controls heated seats ventilated seats heated steering wheel the whole shebam and you got your different drive modes and stuff which is another nice touch go right back to navigation

Working our way down carbon fiber i actually like that touch in here real knobs and buttons for ac dual climate there’s that carbon fiber we open up door number one you got some felt lining what you’re going to put in here are your time slips when you’re going right from the business office to the drag strip you got a 12 volt you got a place for your small mini

Twizzlers and then this is going to control that torque flight 8-speed automatic transmission and then of course we have that simple sliding two cup holders chilled and heated cup holders i bet your performance car doesn’t have that nice soft leather stitching open it up we have a clone a coin tray you can put your buffalo nickels in there and then you got enough

Room for two usbas an aux jack a 12 volt and a jar of all the tiers of all the people who are going to miss this car let me know if i need to come collect your tears mopar gave me the jar to come collect them it is kind of sad that this is it seats laguna leather so this is that nice top quality leather with the 300c badge love the bolstering perforated of course

Full electric assist for the passenger and the driver and then on top of that we of course have our power roof there really nicely set up goes all the way back with the panoramic shade coming over the business end though lori’s going to bring the business because she’s saving the business coming over to the business and i want to show you behind the wheel of this

300c all right guys here we are in the chrysler 300c now you do have two memory seat settings nice aluminum chrysler sill plate what i like even more check out the pedals aluminum brake pedal and throttle i wish they would give me an aluminum dev pedal i am going to zonk that especially it’s nice and large i just want it to be aluminum so i don’t rip the carpet

You do have your power seat controls easy to get to what’s nice about this this car is smaller than a charger so if you’re wondering what’s the big deal though joe it’s got four doors it’s got a hemi v8 this is smaller than a charger so that means it’s lighter than a charger i like that steering wheel i’m loving it leather all the way around you got your contrast

Stitching classy on the chrysler badge and the horn button i just would like a little stitching here but other than that it’s perfect you do have your paddles to go up and down that eight speed automatic transmission and you do have a power tilting and telescoping steering wheel and then i’m loving the gauges seven inch digital display in the center retro analog

Speedometer and tachometer looks really clean looks very classy but you know what we got four doors because four doors for more fun let’s get into the back seat and see how your friends are going to freak out as you haul butt in this crisis guys backseat time in this chrysler 300c remember that’s what makes this car great four doors so you can actually share the

Fun with your friends and i know once upon a time having four doors in a muscle car was a big no-no but now with the way the power is and the performance you could have it just what do you want do you want your charger do you want this do you maybe want i don’t know a cadillac black wing or something fifty five thousand dollars remember that back seat i love the

Way you just kind of sit back and you’re chilling like a villain back here plenty of headroom you do have that laguna leather all the way around nice large pockets you could put a couple issues of car craft maybe some popular mechanics back there and you do have your two ac vents two stages of heated seats and two usb a’s i feel really good with the seats back here

Nice and comfy fold that down charm and soft plus watch this open it up you could easily put your six pack of twinkies in here perfect for when you’re at the racetrack perfect for when you’re taking the kids to school but why don’t we go ahead let’s jump into the trunk and see how much space we have in this 300c all right guys we got the trunk open on the chrysler

300c that’s the great thing about this car is you get to have your v8 power your va fun four-door usability but also plenty of trunk capacity as well this could easily be that sleeper that you take to the drag strip you have a couple wheels with slicks mounted maybe a jack and some jack stands you swap out the rear tires put the slicks on let her rip and then you

Swap it back and you go home or go back to the office or maybe you just skip working the whole day and just stay at the drag strip but that is what makes these cars so special so near and dear not only to my heart but i know all of of your hearts with bringing that performance that sound and just that whole visceral feeling of what a muscle car especially a muscle

Sedan like this 300c is all about i definitely want to thank the host the landis team specifically darren and david for getting us access to this chrysler 300c you’ve seen the excitement here at the detroit auto show people are all over this like ants on a piece of sugar on a sugar cube but thank you to everybody let me know what you think about the 300c in the

Comments section but if you’re new to the channel and you’re on your way out hit that subscribe button i promise you it’s worthwhile come back for more if you are a subscriber thank you for being part of the radius rise family we got to give it up to lori the muscle behind the lens making the magic happen fighting the people off just defending defending this area

Show her some love in that comment section thank you lori for all that you do and just like always guys i’ll see you on the next ride

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