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Altair Club Cars Is the 2018 Nissan Titan XD K2 Rocky Ridge a Ford Raptor challenger?

Is the 2018 Nissan Titan XD K2 Rocky Ridge a Ford Raptor challenger?

Feast your eyes on this 2018 Nissan Titan XD K2 Rocky Ridge Edition Truck. This Nissan Titan comes with a 5.0L Cummins TurboDiesel engine mated to a 6 speed transmission and has a full make over by the master minds at Rocky Ridge Trucks. From it’s 6in lift kit, to the 20in black off road wheels wrapped in 35in Mickey Thompson All-Terrain tires. Is this a competitor to the Ford Raptor?

Hey guys what’s up it’s joe reddy from reddy’s rides and i am back here at mas nissan because i know a lot of you have been asking me for special trucks well guess what i have one of three that are available in the country and they’re here in florida and they’re here at new port richey at mas nissan this is a 2018 nissan titan xd but this isn’t your standard xd

This is a k2 rocky ridge edition now if you’re wondering well what does this all add up nissan has worked with rocky ridge and they have developed a package for the nissan titan xd to take it from mild to wild i mean automatically off the showroom floor with that cummins turbo turbo diesel engine you’re getting a bunch of great power you’re getting great usability

Now you’re getting also style and performance that’s going to separate you from the rest of the truck crowd let’s go ahead and take a look at the front of this truck so you can see automatically the lift kit that’s involved in this vehicle from rocky ridge i like what they did they’ve used a spray-on almost truck bedliner material on the front bumper on the front

Grille area if you’re wondering well what is this color it’s not just simply black its magnetic black and it really like a magnet just draws you to the front of this vehicle i love the way it sits i like the way nissan has done their work with their headlight housings just really ties in the front of the truck to really just scream muscular aggressive performance

And when we say performance this thing has all the looks but let’s go and take a look at the side cuz you’re gonna see some of that performance when it comes to off-road suspension before we get to the suspension check out the wheel and tire package on this so this is a rocky ridge special you can see the nice gloss black i love the brushed aluminum here and we’re

Using no joke these are mickey thompson baja atz tires this is something 35 diameter in the tire so it’s it’s a we off-road performance oriented tire i’m gonna have tom sneak you back in here and you can see the work that’s been done with the suspension the upper and lower control arms you can see the shock and the springs and everything this truck believe it

Or not actually rides better than your standard nissan titan xd on all conditions whether it’s payment or off-road i really like how loud and proud they display the cummins turbo diesel engine and we’re gonna give you a little bird’s-eye view of that engine once we pop the hood but let’s continue our way down the side here’s something that really caught my eye i

Like how rocky ridge they don’t put this big you know obnoxious graphics on the side it’s a nice badge let you know that this is not your standard nissan titan xd you have that something more now if you’re wondering msrp wise words is coming in at you’re looking at around msrp of around seventy one thousand dollars now before you jump off the couch and say hey

That’s too much look at what you’re getting you’re getting that flared fenders look you’re getting those beautiful wheels with those mickey thompson 35 inch tires you’re getting that off-road capability that you’re just not gonna find anywhere with other brands let’s work our way down to the rear you can see how they just continued the look i’m gonna have time

Go ahead and show you what’s going on with the rear suspension you can see the rear differential there the driveshaft everything just is really set up to allow you to enjoy this vehicle and this is a truck that you could drive on a regular basis and you don’t need to be taking it in the baja 500 even though the tires really could hold you down in that type of

Situation to rap it out back they did the same lining on the rear bumper very very nice you can see it’s a 4×4 obviously and i just like how clean the back of the truck is look at how much space tom show them the back there you could see that huge single exhaust coming back from that cummins turbo diesel there’s that huge differential just a really really wild

Example of what is available this truck full warranty you’re good to go you have the backing and you have style and performance that you’re not going to find anywhere let’s go ahead speaking of performance and check out that engine underneath the hood all right guys time to check out the heart of this beast that 2018 nissan titan xd that rocky ridge edition there

It is that name it’s been tried and true in the diesel engine market for years and years that’s a 5 liter v8 you’re looking at around 350 horsepower and you’re looking at 555 foot-pounds of torque this is what you want to call a stump puller you could put this connect this to a tree stump and just yank it right out of the ground i really just like how beautiful

The engine is you know i really like the mechanical workings of trucks and cars and there’s just something about the cummins turbo diesel i like the intake plenum i like how there’s not a bunch of plastic thing everything it says what it is and it says it proudly that five liter turbo diesel engine these things are bulletproof to get hundreds of thousands of

Miles out of its mated to a six-speed transmission that’s gonna help with keeping you in that proper torque band keeping you in that sweet spot where you want to be when you are towing when you are are pulling things or when you’re just driving around normally speaking of this turbo diesel let’s go ahead and fire it up and sell it see what it sounds like alright

Guys we’re inside the titan xd that rocky ridge edition get ready i hate to say it it’s gonna be zonk filled this interior is lacking compared to a lot of other trucks out there especially ford products if you look at the door panel tom went ahead and knocked on it it’s a lot of hard plastic it’s very simplistic i wish they would have brought some rocky ridge

Specialness into the door panels into the dash into the seat speaking of the seats check out these seats they are comfortable but i would like to see some contrast stitching i would like to see heated and ventilated seats i would like to see maybe that k2 rocky ridge embroidered on the headrest here i think that would be beautiful i do like the size of the

Center console it is very comfortable and whatnot but it’s not very deep like the fords and whatnot this is really just where it loses my i love this whole center console the infotainment screen way too small does not have dual climate these cupholders i don’t know i know a lot of you that love nissan trucks might not like this but i feel like it’s from autozone

Or something they’re not very very hard plastic very flimsy you could see where the money would spend this car it’s spent on the under the hood harder plastic it’s a little soft but i mean this is very hard plastic it’s nice is it $71,000 nice if i had $71,000 for a truck i would be going to get a ford raptor asap look above no sunroof not even a single sunroof

So many trucks have panoramic sunroof if you think the song stop there come on over to the driver’s side and we’ll show you what’s happening behind the wheel over alright guys time to show you what’s going on behind the main side of the business the driver’s side you could see the running boards that are additional add-ons by rocky ridge with some lighting effect

Seating position is really nice i can’t believe this $71,000 truck and this is what i’m doing i’m manually adjusting the seat me adjusting this seriously outside they knock it out of the park in here there’s a lot of work to be done and it’s up to you you’re spending with you know your speaking and spending with your wallet let’s see what it looks like here i’m

Gonna go ahead and fire up that cummins diesel very simplistic steering wheel gauges are not too bad you know you have the nice silver trim around it you have an led display in the center but i would like to see some rocky ridge where’s the rocky ridge magic in here i feel like the magician left and he took all the tricks with them but this is what you’re getting

From nissan and rocky ridge at the end of the day do you love it it’s really up to you i say come down the maas nissan see nico and take this car for drive and see what you think and obviously i know i said card twice i know i’m sitting in the truck so don’t zonk me in the comment section too much but if you’re ready i’m kind of ready to wrap this one up let’s go

Ahead and wrap it all right guys surprise here’s big guns mcgee time and i never have the titan what’s interesting is i didn’t think we were gonna be driving this one and lo and behold here we got the keys and we’re behind the wheel of this rocky ridge that 2018 nissan titan xd i’m gonna focus on just the driving of this you know just how it feels tom have you

Ever been up this high in a vehicle before i nah-uh a school bus yeah this but it’s pretty high i’ve never said behind the wheel of a vehicle that i was driving down the road with this type of height before and you know what it actually floats it’s me like a butterfly i mean it’s super smooth it’s got great visibility out the back or mirrors are great the side

Windows are great and it just kind of floats and just feels good but it’s a solid feel it’s not like this like wobbling all over the place it’s quiet very even when you hear the sound clip it’s just very quiet i don’t know it’s docile yeah it’s very very quiet even though it’s got that cummins diesel that 5-litre v8 turbo-diesel i’m gonna go ahead and get on it

A little bit i mean it but that 6p smooth it’s smooth it really you don’t even almost feel the ship’s really and it pulls all the way to red line red line is 4,000 rpm with that six-speed it’s really a nice riding truck i mean if you want something like i said i think the key to this truck is you want something that’s unique that’s gonna allow you to stand down

And this truck definitely does it i’m gonna go ahead and tip it into this right-hand turn see how it feels around a turn wow it’s very very sturdy they’re very sturdy very stable it doesn’t tip too much so some cars if like nosedive especially a truck with this kind of lift ten feet on the thirty five inch tires those mickey thompson handles pretty good for her a

Full-size turbo diesel truck on a lift with the huge wheels with the huge tires see any positions very comfortable i’m gonna go back to my original zonk’s on the interiors just it’s a little cheap it’s a little plasticky it’s a little dated i mean i feel like i’m back in 2010 driving a truck because this is where i think a lot of trucks rat but the truck segment

Has just moved on its i mean especially you know we’ve been spoiled driving a lot of fords and ford really has their eric their a-game they’re bringing with their trucks especially on the interior and and i think that’s where this nissan really missed the mark especially where were the people at rocky ridge sitting in this truck we’d love to see if you can see

Behind me i’ll know if you can see it or not but we’d love to see rocky bridge with their logo or the k2 or just maybe even some different seats all the energy together seats all together would be nice but i’m doing 40 miles an hour right now i’m at about 1200 rpm and this thing is purring like a kiss pussycat and it’s just it’s super smooth very easy to drive

I’m actually liking the height here you know it’s like i keep driving more and more trucks there’s even a iesson yeah they keep getting higher with my truck cuz i do not a gravedigger my big mac so i’m sorry i’m sorry no b&b in 42 i’m pretty much boys your age yes i think bigfoot you know if you’re a kid that grew up in the 80s and 90s bigfoot was a little

Bit like i said the truck is very very stable very smooth even on a twisty bed there is some lean because of the height and gravity and gravity yes but it’s actually very very assuring and you don’t feel like you’re out of control i would love to take this off road somewhere it would be a lot of fun definitely one thing to point out with the interior and nissan

And i know tom wall will agree with this is these sign of doing some great work with some of their other vehicles their mates 2019 altima the maximum the maximum is very nice i think within the next year or two hopefully within the next year for nissan says should be their next phone thank you yeah they need to redesign not only the exterior but the interior of

This truck the interior is probably the biggest sore spot especially when we say seventy one thousand dollars seventy one thousand dollars a lot of money for anything especially a pickup truck and it’s like there are other options out there things we would like to see that we know for seventy one thousand you will probably get with other cars or other trucks

Sunroof panoramix on panoramic at least one son yeah don’t be jealous or greedy now dual climate temperature and thermostat and everything and if you can have heated seats or ec at least one or the other no listen me i’m gonna be greedy $1,000 you’re gonna be greedy i want to see air-conditioned heated seats i want to see massage seats aka the f250 king ranch

And stuff i want to see nice leather materials and appointments i want to see all my juicer yeah bigger info team is go guys we’re gonna roll on out here i’m gonna get on it just show you a little bit of speed good turn good turn drops down remember it’s a six-speed transmission love 260 it’s actually really quiet the tires don’t make a ton of noise i mean you can

Hear them morgan but not too bad and that engine is for a turbo diesel it’s quiet very quiet brakes are great steering is nice and tight that is the one thing i do like about the the rack in this car is that it is a very tight steering reactive and it and i like that because i think if it was a little too much play it would really throw everything off with that

Suspension of what not being this high off hey exactly but hopefully this is giving you a little taste of what this truck is all about but we are now officially its official tom we’re ready to wrap this one up this is the tallest vehicle on radius rides seedorf we’ve had a mclaren 720s that’s probably the most expensive that we’ve driven in the longest probably

Yeah but now we have this so check it off check that off the bucket list a box and we’ll see you in one second all right guys it’s been one hell of a day here at maz nissan i definitely got to give you a huge shout out to nico and everybody here at mazda nissan $71,000 that gets you a lot of vehicle out there whether you’re looking at a truck or a car i guess

It’s really up to you do you want something unique guess what this 2018 nissan titan xd that rocky ridge k2 edition is definitely unique is it worth your $72,000 that’s something for you to decide only three in the country this is one of them all three are here in florida so definitely want to come down to mazda nissan see nikko in new port richey check this one

Out for yourself but it is your money at the end of the day and you do what you feel is best and right by you but if these are the types of vehicles you like to see on reddy’s rides he’s one of a kind custom trucks by the factory with another company to get the warranty go ahead and leave a comment that comment section if you have not hit subscribed yet honestly

What are you waiting for these are the types of things i’m bringing this was special this was a surprise i just came to my nissan to do another vehicle they had this here and i said you know what i got to do it because i know you guys love the trucks if you have been subscribing thank you i’m so grateful so full of just love for all of you thank you for being part

Of the community here thank you for being part of the family here on radius rides it just keeps getting better and better and i’m just so glad you’re on this journey with us tom and i my wife and everybody else so definitely thank you for that check out my instagram my facebook and my twitter pages already’s rides original content all the time get yourself some

Merch the holidays are coming up i know you know somebody with a birthday get him a radies ride shirt it’s a great way to support the whole journey tom is laughing right now it’s so great to the support it’s so great to help us promote you know a lot of you going out there being seen with the rady’s rides merch that’s the way to do it so thank you so much for

All that tom is laughing his ass off tom we love you even though you laugh and you ruin the end but that’s okay because this is all real this is all off-the-cuff we’re not practicing tom’s been practicing though he’s been getting ready for that powerlifting competition it’s coming up soon so definitely show him some love and tom thank you we can’t do it without

You getting all the angles of this wonderful truck and just like always guys i’ll see you on the next ride

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