is seth getting rid of his gladi
Altair Club Cars Is Seth getting rid of his Gladiator already???

Is Seth getting rid of his Gladiator already???

After only a year, Seth has decided to trade in his 2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport S in on a 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Xtreme Recon.

And leave me not fit here we’re in the office today talking to seth about his decision to get rid of his gladiator seth why’d you get rid of your gladiator it was too long and had too much rear overhang when did that become a problem one running over cars out of the jeep jam so you’re getting rid of your gladiator that you built in love because it doesn’t adequately

Run over cars right right all right so once a year when you run over cars it could be a problem it gets hung up a little bit yep all right all right do you hate the gladiator no it’s good for over landing all joking aside seth had a ton of fun with this gladiator he’s had it all over the country countless trips to sor denver colorado telluride colorado moab utah

Put 22 or so thousand miles on it without any issues at all the rough country lift on it people might give us a hard time about but he’s had that thing all over the country and places people only dream of taking much more expensive lift kits too it really was a great unit for him but he went wanting to get a rubicon and with some lockers and then he figured if he’s

Going to get lockers he might as well at the same time go ahead and get a shorter jeep with a better departure angle and a shorter wheelbase just from getting around doing more off-roading than over landing all right so i wanted to make a video here about seth’s building process and this is i guess a part one half so when the jeep comes in we’ll kind of start a

Build series on sesame jeep so we got a couple builds coming up of our personal jeeps so seth’s getting into the gladiator it is a wally armor and alliance we’ll leave a link here to it but it’s for sale we’ve already traded it in and seth is awaiting his jeep to come so i figured we’d go through a little thing here on ordering sets jeep and go over some options and

Let you know what seth’s got coming so let’s get into it all right so seth what are you looking for a sport a wheelies a gladiator a 392 not a gladiator you’re already getting rid of one a rubicon or a gladiator no nobody a rubicon or 392. rubicon so seth wants to go with rubicon and he wants it in a four-door what color steph white white we like white because

Uh we don’t like to wash them and they hide scratches the most as far as pinstripes from brush and seth gets into a lot of brush uh tire set stock sizes tires what do you want to do with that the extreme recon 35 package so seth wants to go with the four thousand dollar package for the extreme recon which will give him the 456 gears spare tire reinforcement bead

Lock capable wheels and i think you get a you get the cast iron front knuckles instead of aluminum so i’m going to choose this now we go with engine set the 3 6 and the two liter turbo 2 liter turbo and some people hate the 2-liter turbo because they think the six cylinders got more power because it’s six cylinders um if you drive them one after the other you’ll

Never buy another three six again the two liter turbo it may not go 300 000 miles like your uh three six but driving down the road so much more fun to drive what about hard top soft top seth black three-piece hard top black three-piece hard top oh uh hinge gate reinforcement comes with the extreme recon about dual door seth nope ah you know like the uh dual door

Group i don’t think i’ll use them much yeah it’s a tall order at 4400 uh but some people love them i love them off-road mirrors nope yeah trail camera nope now the trail camera’s a great option i have it on my 392 but uh it’s not something i use very often but it’s cool to have and you can also add it with the uh if you put a taser on you can add map to mark

Your camera body color fender flares no also a great option but personally i just don’t think it’s worth a thousand dollars gorilla glass no leather cloth i’ll keep it with the factory cloth factory cloth and rubicon has your floor mat hard top headline no i think the aftermarket offers a better solution to the problem for less money grab handles same story

Remote start this is great to have but you’re going to want remote start with your cold weather group huh yep cold weather group better than that led option no led option is great too but 1600 bucks the aftermarket offers uh better lights for substantially less money safety group i know you don’t want that except he’s a safety second third or fourth kind of guy

Uh steel bumper no again 1800 for steel bumpers yeah i don’t think so and he’s got the extreme recon package on here uh we’re getting all those goodies uh the wheel flare extensions i’m hoping he takes those off because they’re one of the ugliest things i’ve ever seen in my life uh trailer toe yeah i figured he was going to get trailer too the auxiliary switch is

This nice part of that i don’t know i think a thousand bucks is high on it but seth loves it he’s gonna tow a trailer i know there’s over landing trailer so uh here’s his jeep that he ends up with and hopefully he loves it and then you can save these is what we do and send it to our dealer uh you go clear through make sure that’s all you’re after you can save

Configurations what we do we copy that link and then we email that to our dealer which is wally armor and alliance and then he’ll email us back a realistic time frame on how long it’s going to take to build and a price on what it’s actually going to cost us so if you need anything we love dealing with them it picks it a pretty easy streamlined process so we save

That we email it over they give us a realistic time frame and a price seth okays it brings them the deposit and whenever it comes in they say hey your jeep’s here you go in and finish it up so when sets gets here that’ll be the start of the real build series i guess so we just wanted to give you a little insight on what he had going on so that was it whenever the

New one gets here come check it out and then you got to say seth nope i didn’t take her i’m doing thanks for watching please like and subscribe and hit the notifications bell if you’d like to be made aware of when we create new content

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Is Seth getting rid of his Gladiator already?!?!? By Leemen

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