is lexus kidding with this rx le
Altair Club Cars is Lexus KIDDING with this RX Lease Special? (Invoice Price, Lease Payment, Maintain and Insure)

is Lexus KIDDING with this RX Lease Special? (Invoice Price, Lease Payment, Maintain and Insure)

Here’s what to go after in terms of a discount on a brand new 2021 Lexus RX RX350 as well as average insurance rates, and maintenance and repair costs!

Now you may go to the dealership and they may make it seem like they want you to lease alexis rx 350 but more than likely you’re gonna notice that the most beneficial terms are on purchase terms for the lexus rx 350 and what i want to do for you in this video is break down exactly what i mean when i say lexus wants you to buy it and not lease it what is happening

Guys ari here from boston automotive consulting and in the description below you’re going to find various resources so that you can shop around for the very best deal on a lexus rx 350 you’ll also be able to check out insurance rates get your auto credit scores as well as shop around for an auto loan if you haven’t already please consider subscribing because this

Whole channel is going to teach you everything you’re going to need to know so that you can negotiate your best possible deal very very excited i always get excited to talk about the lexus rx because it’s definitely an affordable luxury car that’s not gonna really kick you when you’re down or punch in the face after the warranty period runs up let’s talk about

Exactly what this lux rx is going to cost you now just diving into the inventory a little bit in between regular gas models and hybrid models what we’re seeing in the united states is is 760 hybrid rx 450 h is and 6 135 gas models this is a combination between the f sports the rx 350 l the rx 350 bases if we were to just split this up so we’re just talking about

The regular gas models what we’ve got on the ground for regular rx models gas models if you will we’ve got 2625 front wheel drive and 3510 all-wheel drive so pretty much very very close to an even split in other states front-wheel drive is the preferred way to get an rx because there’s no snow chances are if you’re in california florida arizona you’re probably

Driving a front-wheel drive lexus rx now as far as trim by trim what we’re seeing is is 2285 regular rx 350’s 530 extended rx 350 l’s and 695 f sports you’re gonna get the very best deal on a regular rx 350 you’re not going to get it on the f sport however you can try what i want to do for you though is use an rx350 base all-wheel drive for the sake of tonight’s

Negotiation guide mine has an msrp of fifty four thousand nine hundred and seventy five you’re going to notice that lexus typically shows a markup of about six and a half percent and because we’re dealing with what we’re dealing with right now in the united states i want to use six and a half percent as my baseline target discount however i do want to tell you

You can go after more chances are if you’re an aggressive state you can see nine percent off of msrp however it’s a little bit difficult at the time being i want to use six and a half percent and that leads me to a target of 51 475 before deciding whether or not we’re going to be taking this rebate in the amount of 2500 coming from lexis that’s for everybody

Whether or not you decide to pay in cash or decide to bring in your your own outside financing however however that’s not combinable you can’t stack this with the promotional apr of zero percent and let’s say you’re paying in cash that’s great you can just take the 2500 boom you just saved yourself a whole ton of money on the lexus rx 350 congratulations you

Left with a final selling price of 48 975 however if you’re planning on financing and you said yeah i don’t really need the promotional apr of zero percent i have my own bank of america rate i’d say like 2.22 percent congratulations you are paying more by taking the 2500 rebate then had you just taken the zero percent promotional apr because the zero percent

Promotional apr if financing at 51 475 would have led you to a payment of 866 a month at 60 months if you just put your taxes and fees up front as opposed to say like an 870 dollar payment same terms had you taken a two percent interest rate at bank of america’s rate or whatever and finance the 48 975 crazy i know now if you’re planning on leasing here’s where

Things get a little bit confusing because lexus is going to make it seem like they want you to lease by waiving some remaining lease payments by giving you fifteen hundred dollars in extra loyalty incentives as well as making your first lease payment what does that all translate to well let me get to it going after the same fifty one thousand four seventy five in

Essence going after that six and a half percent discount our rebate in massachusetts in my region is fifteen hundred dollars it could change from regional region i say this all the time because it’s very very much true as well as the rebate amounts for purchases promotional aprs etc i’ve got my course in the description below that you’ll be able to scrape all this

Information from month to month from region region now you’re leasing at 36 months at 10 000 miles a year the residual goes to 56 and the money factor very very low not i mean not insanely low at point zero zero zero three now plugging this all in into the lease calculator and assuming that we’re giving just our inception fees do it start so your first payment

Which is being waived so we can capitalize that your acquisition fee doc fee registration all that stuff do upfront roughly about 1879 bucks we’d be talking about disappointing we’d be talking about severe disappointment that’s what we’d be talking about 596 bucks a month excuse my dirty screen jesus that’s including sales tax you guys that’s at six and a half

Percent that does not include the fifteen hundred dollars in loyalty incentives it does include the first payment waiver and sheer disappointment i was expecting lexus to give us a payment let’s pass over tomorrow happy passover to anybody that celebrates passover very very disappointing because i was really hoping to see this payment land somewhere in the low

Fives high fours anyway now as far as maintenance and repairs this is where it doesn’t get disappointing at all as far as maintenance in the united states we’re seeing about 550 dollars for maintenance per year after the warranty period runs up and 450 dollars per year for repairs after the warranty period runs up the lexus rx 350 shines in this department as far

As average insurance costs you guys also not doing too too bad here we’re dealing with 1360 in arizona 1870 in california 2050 in florida 1220 illinois 1310 massachusetts 2850 michigan 1730 new york 945 north carolina 1560 pennsylvania 1975 texas 980 in virginia i want to encourage you guys to use the links in the description below so that you can shop around

For the very best lexus rx deal you’ll also be able to shop around for insurance rates get your auto credit scores as well as shop for an auto loan and if you found this information useful please consider subscribing thank you so so much for watching guys we’ll see you next time

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is Lexus KIDDING with this RX Lease Special?! (Invoice Price, Lease Payment, Maintain and Insure) By Ari Janessian

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