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Altair Club Cars Is Lexus Bringing the 2022 GR86 into its Luxury Lineup ?

Is Lexus Bringing the 2022 GR86 into its Luxury Lineup ?

Rumors coming from Japan are stating Lexus wants in on the Toyobaru action, converting a GR86 into a Lexus with some big changes. Let’s find out if this is true or not…

Rumors are swirling about an all-new lexus coupe could we see a faster gr86 badged as alexis let’s find out there are dozens of websites reporting that toyota could be giving lexus the gr86 for a plug-in hybrid or some sort of hybrid and motor one they’re getting this information from spyder7 spyder 7 is a japanese scoop site i’ve featured them many times

On the channel so today we’re going to dive into this rumor and see whether it could be true or not so at spider 7 rumors of lex’s version of 86 plan located under rc so meaning it would be under the rc and the lexus lineup meaning smaller and cheaper two-door coupe three brothers complete uh three brothers being the lc the rc and this potential what’s called

You see do you see what i’m saying you see oh my gosh anyways it didn’t sound i didn’t realize how silly uc sounded until i said it out loud now they’re saying the gr86 goes on sale on the japanese market this fall but there is a possibility that lexus version 86 that incorporates the high quality essence of lexus is planned the powertrain is expected to be the

Same 2.4 liter box or four cylinder that we see in the the all new gr86 and brz but they’re saying it’s some sort of hybrid as well either being a plug-in hybrid or mild hybrid there’s a huge difference between the two as you guys know now they’re saying this will get the new lexus interface that we’re seeing in the new nx and a touch screen display is placed

To reflect the functions of the smartphone well the 86 and the brz have had touch screens the new generations have touch screens as well so that doesn’t really come as a surprise but this vehicle getting lexus software that’s real that’s a big head scratcher too even if it’s a lexus it’s still built in a subaru plant which is going to confuse some things later

On but let’s keep reading high quality trims are used and there’s a possibility that the image will change significantly such as a luxurious treatment that is a typical lexus i mean it would have to right i’ve sat in the new 86 and it’s it’s very minimal uh it’s not luxurious at all so it will be interesting to see how that would change now heading over to lexus

Enthusiasts they wrote on this article as well they’re also talking about this spy shot i don’t know how old this spy shot is this definitely looks like the gr86 because it has the headlights of the gr86 or the brz but this is definitely a lexus inspired spindle grille to me this is just camouflage this does not this does not look like a lexus coupe at all to me

It looks like the gr86 with a camouflaged front end that kind of resembles a spindle girl probably to throw people off thinking oh you know maybe they’re testing the rc or something so there are a lot of issues with this rumor and i’m going to debunk it as best as i can i can’t find really any purpose of this vehicle existing in the lexus lineup but i can think

Of a lot of reasons on why it would not exist in the lexus lineup so we’re over at car figures and we’re going to look at the sales figures numbers for the lexus coupes in the lineup the lc started the lc sold almost 1300 units in 2021 hoop sales aren’t doing well going to the rc it sold 1300 almost 1400 units of the rc in 2021 so far okay there’s a lot of year

Left if we go down to the bottom here what’s the trend looking like for the rc us sales figures well peaked in 2015 with about 15 000 units they had a refresh for the 2019 model year it barely went up in sales 2020 was 3800 2021 uh it’s not going to be probably any better so it’s not looking good for coupe sales so that’s one reason why i don’t think they should

Have another coupe in their lineup even if it’s cheaper even if it gives us maybe a unique powertrain it’s just not going to happen another reason is that the gr86 and the subaru brz are built at a subaru plant the gunma plant they would never in a million years build a lexus at a subaru plant that makes no sense lexus quality standards are extraordinarily high

Just to have somebody build a lexus within the toyota company they have to be there for a very long time they have to pass the strictest tests they have to be the best of the best of the best essentially and just to be like okay well subaru start building them for us sounds like a great it doesn’t make any sense with with lexus’s philosophy and how they build

Their cars it makes zero sense and there i don’t believe there’s also ever been a lexus built outside of the toyota plant obviously we have examples of toyota is being built outside of a toyota plant look at the 86 and the the supra for example that’s currently in the lineup but no lexus has has ever been built outside of a toyota plant mild hybrid makes the

Most sense to me because you don’t need large motors it’s my it’s very small electrification um and it might help with emissions in certain parts of the world especially europe um a plug-in hybrid makes absolutely zero sense to me from alexis’s sake uh it adds weight first of all even though like uh ferrari just came out with a brand new vehicle that’s a plug-in

Hybrid that still apples to oranges here toyota doesn’t like doing hybrid performance vehicles yet because lots of reasons but weight is a part of it and the battery supply is not like infinite at this point in time as you guys know so they would rather have plug-in hybrid batteries put into their volume sellers like the rap4 prime like the lexus nx 450h plus

And even their normal hybrids you can probably make about 10 to 12 normal hybrid batteries for every one plug-in hybrid battery so it doesn’t make any sense to me especially if this is going to be a cheaper car than the rc for it to be a plug-in hybrid it doesn’t it doesn’t compute with me and also to add on that there is no rear-wheel drive plug-in hybrid

Subaru or toyota or alexis at this point in time eventually we’ll get there but there’s nothing to suggest that they would have a plug-in hybrid rear-wheel drive platform uh in the 8-6 or the brz it makes no sense to me and and in fact i haven’t heard anything about a mild hybrid in that platform yet they could do it but i just haven’t heard anything so the only

Chance that a plug-in hybrid comes to a lexus coupe in the near future would probably be from mazda mazda they just unveiled more information about the rear wheel drive platform inline six platform but it also has a plug-in hybrid four-cylinder don’t know if that four-cylinder is turboed or not but that’s the only japanese manufacturer that i know of that has a

Rear-wheel drive plug-in hybrid in the works i’m sure lexus does too but heck mazda and toyota lexus could be developing this platform together you got to keep in mind mazda and toyota just opened a plant together in alabama they’re working together toyota has a good stake of the company four to five percent something like that uh in mazda they own toyota owns

Like 20 of subaru like i said it would only make sense if they were doing a rear wheel drive plug-in hybrid poop anytime soon they would be sharing with mazda uh and if it looks anything like the rx vision concept take my money but you know it’s a concept so i hope guys i hope i didn’t burst your bubble hopefully you didn’t get too excited about this rumor to

Me it makes absolutely zero sense on lexus’s end they already have two coupes in the lineup they don’t need a budget-minded vehicle i mean they have the ux like it just doesn’t make sense the platform doesn’t compute it’s it’s a budget racing car the 86 uh compared to a lexus which is a luxury performance car in their coupes anyways so it just it just doesn’t

Make sense to me and with subaru building it like i said and a plug-in hybrid or even a mild hybrid neither of them make a whole lot of sense so guys i’ll see you down in the comments i just wanted to address this uh um issue a lot of you guys have been messaging me over it the chances of it happening are slim to none in my opinion i could always be wrong but

All guys i’ll see you in the comments below if you enjoyed the video today smash a like button subscribe for more news and car reviews catch you in the next video you

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Is Lexus Bringing the 2022 GR86 into its Luxury Lineup ?! By Kirk Kreifels

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