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Altair Club Cars Is ALL NEW 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale a BETTER luxury SUV than a BMW X1?

Is ALL NEW 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale a BETTER luxury SUV than a BMW X1?

FIRST LOOK: The Tonale is here and Alfa Romeo is strengthening their lineup. Vased of the original concept car the Tonale has a very curvy Italian style. On the outside there are 20in wheels, full LED lighting and special paint. On the inside you will be greeted by leather interior with all new infotainment system, and digital dash display. Under the hood you will have the option the choice of two different powertrain options. Is ALL NEW 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale a BETTER luxury SUV than a BMW X1?

Hey guys what’s up it’s joe rady from radius rise we’re here at the javits center for the return of the new york auto show for 2022. it’s been a few years we’re back and you know what of course we had to stop at the alfa romeo booth because there is something very exciting a little small but a big surprise here at the display what i have is the all new 2023 alfa

Romeo tanale but before we get into this smaller size italian crossover suv let’s talk about what’s going on here alfa romeo this iconic italian brand doing the business for decades we all think about those high performance versions maybe the grand prix racing cars that really just won so much history so many traditions and of course so many trophies now new

For 2023 they decided to take that concept of the tanale which first appeared all the way back in 2019 at the geneva auto show and now we have that production version what’s going to be nice to see is how is this shape and size of suv going to play out in the auto industry so what i want to find out is is this worth the price have they struck gold with this

Smaller crossover suv believe it or not it is on the same chassis as the jeep renegade let’s go ahead let’s dive into our bright green alfa romeo tanale and find out right off the bat you’ll notice that when you look at the concept vehicle from the geneva auto show a few years ago the style crosses over and that’s not always the case with auto manufacturers

Sometimes there’s something lost in translation when you look at a production version compared to the concept vehicle but you’ll notice all of that has been carried over at the front of the business kind of falling into the family lineup what do we have when we look at that lineup we have of course the julia which is the sedan we have the stelvio which is the

Bigger brother to this vehicle and now we have the tanale love the way they worked the led lighting so you’re going to have this triple projector beam led headlights led daytime running lamps nice slim and slender on the housing and i think that it was smart to kind of sink it into the actual front of the vehicle working your way down we have functional corner

Air curtains what does that do it’s going to help channel the air around and down the side of the vehicle and then of course coming towards the front you have that traditional grill there’s no other grill that you’re going to confuse this brand with in the auto industry that triangular grille love the way they did each of the intricate designs you have one of the

Most classic tasteful most beautiful badges in all of the auto industry and remember the lizard is not eating the man the man is actually coming out of the mouth of the lizard a lot of history we’ve talked about that here on rabies rides working your way down the way that they took the same design from the grill into the lower area fully functional and i’m very

Very happy that they took the splitter portion and integrated it super clean into the front fascia and i also like the way they used the gloss with the flat really helps identify and break it up if you look closely you’re also going to have on the inside of the headlights functional venting as well and then getting up onto that perfectly sculpted hood they put

So much attention into detail you could see how they carve around the badging a lot of brands would just put the badge lower and make a straight line not alfa romeo hood sexy just like a stelvio just like the julia even when you look at some of the other vehicles that they’ve had over the years coming around the bend what are we working with wheel and tire setup

So you’re gonna notice that wonderful rotary almost like an old telephone rotary style to the wheels love them that nice satin aluminum finish you have that bright red four piston caliper with the alfa romeo scripting on there of course you’re gonna get nice large brake rotors suspension tuned for this setup and these wheels are wrapped in pirelli p0 tires 20

Inch wheel if you look at the opening no flat black so you have this nice metallic dark gray finish almost like a black grayish finish all the way around the opening really works well with the green we got that speciality badge obviously going to have your different trims when looking at the tanali working your way back you can see the proportion i’ll stand here

Remember i’m six feet tall you can see the proportions smaller than the stelvio and i think like i said this is just going to help open the portfolio of their vehicles to a larger segment of the population gloss black on your mirror caps love the nice sexy lines like i said going back to that original concept car from the 2019 geneva auto show taking that smoked

Gray finish with the trim there the way the side sill extends down it’s like everything is just sculpted not only for the design aspects but also for the functionality of channeling wind down the side of the vehicle you are going to get color matched on the door handles and also on the shark fin antenna i like the way they shape the side glass nothing too high

To kind of lower that greenhouse of the overall dimensions good size on the quarter window and then when we come around all the way the back just like those sexy headlights look at the taillights this is something that a lot of work has been gone into with the technology but also with the style nice and slim and trim all the way across yes you have a wiper up here

But they really cleaned the back portion on that midsection especially with the tanali script nice signature there working all the way down what do we have to finish it off you’re going to have this smoked metallic gray finish from the sides from the front looking really tough with that wide rear hatch my only zonk is these guys here what is this this is fake

These are fake vents on both sides so that is gonna be a zonk but let’s pop the hood and see what’s powering our hot tonality all right guys we got the hood popped you do have hydraulic hood struts underneath the hood tasteful engine cover it would have been nice to have maybe the alfa romeo badge rather than just the name kind of embossed in the plastic there

But what are we looking at we’re looking at a two-liter turbocharged inline-four you could actually see the turbocharger up front underneath the heat shielding there you’re gonna be producing 256 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque it is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission there is talk about a 1.3 in line for 1.3 liter inline-four turbocharged engine

With an electric motor that would produce 272 horsepower and 30 miles of pure ev range but that has not been released yet but nice to have this setup on this smaller crossover suv but why don’t we go ahead let’s get to the interior and see if the inside looks as good and as sexy as the outside guys we’re in this all new tanale first time being seen publicly in

The good old us of a i know you’re saying yourself well joe i’m actually digging this smaller size kind of subcompact crossover suv how much is this especially when looking at bmw when looking at audi or mercedes-benz so no official pricing yet but estimates are looking around starting 38 thousand dollars fully loaded 48 thousand dollars but let’s see how it

Stacks up to the competition and what you’re getting for the money to the door panels absolutely like the clean style soft touch material up top you got some dark gray finish with a little bit of aluminum style on the speaker grill covers you’ll notice that across the horizontal plane of the armrest you’re going to get stitching and it is a soft touch armrest door

Pocket is a little tight so maybe two italian cannolis and a bottle of some frappuccino that you could put in there now going from the door panel to the dash same story the style is clean it’s a little harder plastic up top but still soft to the touch i am digging this silver aluminum finish here not carbon fiber something totally different more of that great

Stitching and then guess what we have that all new infotainment system 10.25 full touchscreen wireless apple carplay wireless android auto it uses the uconnect 5 software that is 5 times faster than the previous software and just to give you a little bit of a taste obviously we’re at the auto show we can’t show you all the functions but look at the graphics that

You’re getting and everything you could go into performance brings up performance gauges controls all that good stuff your trip information very very intuitive and easy to use working your way down we got these toggle switches for our dual climate love the way they did the ac vents and then guess what you want to be connected they got you covered 12 volt usbc

Usba and a wireless charger this is your rotary control knob to go through those different dna modes this is going to control that eight-speed automatic you can get all-wheel drive of course stitching look at the the actual volume knob here that they did and i accidentally turned that on the volume knob nice metal to the touch really think they did that smart

The italian flag the tricolore italiano italians do it better two cup holders that nice soft material lift it up it’s kind of a bit of a dark hole in there i would say probably four of your grandmother’s favorite meatballs that she makes for you put those in there and then the seats of course that italian leather with the badging perforated nice bolstering all

The way down of course you’re going to have electric assist for the passenger full electric assist for the driver but why don’t you come over here i want to show you this killer steering wheel in the neutral guys business time behind the wheel you do get three memory settings i like the way there’s an alfa romeo badge on the sill there that great script and then

Seat controls are gonna be conveniently placed right at the bottom i’m six feet tall i got plenty of headroom here and yes you do have some aluminum pedals as well it’s a little dark down there so we’re gonna save that for when we do the full drive speaking of drive the steering wheel flat bottom two piece leather that classic badge your start stop button right

On the steering wheel just like a formula one car and then the paddles the size of surfboards made out of metal to go up and down that eight speed automatic the dash is in a demonstration mode but you’re gonna get your 12 inches of digital display love the color and the fonts and the way that it’s shaped but why don’t we go ahead we talked about what’s happening

On the front seat of things let’s get to the back seat and see if your passengers are going to enjoy driving in this italian smallish guys backseat time and i’m telling you right now if you thought with that sexy roofline that you would have to be really small in stature to fit in the back seat nope that’s not the case remember i’m six feet tall i did not

Shrink since you last saw me and i still got plenty of head room in the back seat backs of the seats love the way they continue the stitching all soft touch with a nice large pocket i think you could easily get three sizes slices of new york style pizza without folding them in those pockets and then you have a nice little command center rear ac usbc and a usba

So everybody can stay connected and then like i was saying leg room feels good of course you pull down the center armrest it’s at a good height you got your two cappuccinos that you could sip on while you’re going through the italian countryside but while we go ahead we talked about the interior for people what about the interior for your stuff let’s check out

The cargo area and the new tonight guys time to show off the cargo air now obviously at the auto show the vehicle is powered down you do have a power assist rear hatch that opens just can’t power it up right now on the auto show floor but we’re still going to show you come on in i actually folded down the seats and lori is going to show you the reverse area of

The cargo room nice space obviously this security shelf can be removed but it really helps maximize the space in this smaller suv to really allow you to do those things that are important to you but let me know what you think has alfa romeo done enough is this worth the price that they’re asking for this smaller tanali or is it better to go with another brand

Put your thoughts in the comments section but we’re here at the javits center we got to move on but if you’re new to channel you’re on your way out hit that subscribe button i promise you it’s worthwhile come back for more if you are a subscriber thank you for being part of the raiders rides family if you want to help us keep making great content just like this

Click the link in the description get yourself some raised rice merch gotta give it to the rock star the champ behind the lens give lori some love in that comment section thank you lord for all that you do and just like always guys i’ll see you on the next ride

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Is ALL NEW 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale a BETTER luxury SUV than a BMW X1? By Raiti’s Rides

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