is a camaro refresh coming soon


With the reveal of the 7th Gen 2024 Mustang, We still think Chevrolet is working on something big for Camaro, as a last stand or will it be with us for a few more years!?!?

Hey guys what’s up i’m back if you’re new to the channel this is ccfd garage i’m mark i really appreciate you checking us out um just getting back in the swingings today had to take a couple days off uh this cold really got to beat the hell out of you and i think it turned into bronchitis so anyways we’re just getting back on swimming things today so sitting

Around and doing a lot of thinking after this mustang reveal i uh started thinking about this gm design photo that was released a couple months ago i’m sure everybody’s seen it and um if you haven’t we did a video on it a while ago or a few months i guess a month and a half ago a month ago anyways we’ll put it up uh here shortly for uh you can check it out but

Um you know i really like the new mustang design and i’m thinking that how does this not put pressure on gm and again gm has never said this car is going to die but they haven’t you know nobody’s really said anything and there’s not been a lot of news so i don’t know how this doesn’t put pressure on gm and maybe we’re going to find something out you know in a

Couple of months right um that’s certainly what the hope is i i don’t know i mean if you look at that that could be anything i realize that but you know i guess hoping fingers crossed you know it’s got you know the bumped hood like a traditional camaro does um and i’ll tell you that if this is a camaro interior it is a hundred times better than that mustang i

Mean the mustang as good as it is looks like two tablets stuck on the dash and that seems to be the common comment that i’ve been reading online gm has done a phenomenal job certainly in the trucks and that doing the dual screens this is no different this is voices this is a good job so you know having a stick shift i got to tell you this is a this is an internal

Combustion car um we’re just hoping it’s a camaro right so not a big one want to get your feedback on it tell us what you think now that you know the mustangs come out and um you know we’re this is not a long-term goal a long-term plan i i don’t think i mean you know i think we could get four or five maybe more years out of this car i mean certainly the sales are

There the demand is there for the car so and i think gm knows that the sales are a little skewed because of the production but certainly uh the production’s there so we want to get your feedback on that and tell us what you think and um make sure you check out our video from when we did about a month ago and give us your feedback and let us know so we keep seeing

This reoccurring theme of guy a dealership selling over msrp uh we had a comment from the oil but a week ago where uh he was they were saying that uh i don’t know if it’s he or she sorry that they were saying that um they tried to buy a car a couple months ago and everybody was over msrp right so uh he sent us the names of the couple dealers and uh we did some

Researching sure enough uh here you go right seven thousand over our msrp market adjustment you know and it’s not just exclusive the camaro there’s blazers on there there’s obviously electric vehicles seem to be popular for market adjustment increases and it’s not you know it’s it’s 20 percent you know and some some of it’s better than 20 right and they get cars

Are hard to come by but you know you want to fix this right don’t buy from crooks like this up here in ontario uh you know there are laws against selling over msrp and there are even ways around that but i know things are a lot different in the us but we’re gonna keep bringing this to you guys to keep exposing these crooks for who they are because you know i

Don’t know if anybody certainly in the us gets it or not but you know we’re both kind of heading for a recession so you know you’re not doing yourself any favors by pulling games like this and i know guys out there i know there are people out there that will spend the money and i know everybody wants a car but you know what go find a dealer that you know isn’t

Our crook and trying to do games like this because eventually those prices will come down right we’re seeing it up here too but anyways really appreciate it if you made it this far in the video if you’d like share and subscribe and uh like i said we’ll keep bringing this to you guys because you know eventually if you don’t support these dealers the prices will

Come down we hope you enjoyed this video make sure you like subscribe and ring that bell so you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos we really appreciate the support

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