is a basic porsche 911 better th
Altair Club Cars Is a basic Porsche 911 better than a BMW M3?

Is a basic Porsche 911 better than a BMW M3?

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Hi everyone matt watson here from car wow so i’m sitting in my bmw m3 competition daily driver and i’m driving it around the circuit in fact i’m going to do i’m going to time it round this little racing circuit and see how quick it is and then i’m going to drive the same circuit in a porsche 911 carrera 2 and see which is quicker make sure you subscribe to this

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Get it for a fair price from one of our trusted dealers alternatively you can just simply google help me car wow and you can just go straight there after this video buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site okay let me tell you about this m3 so three liter

Straight six twin turbo 510 horsepower 650 newton meters of torque in this particular version it’s driving the rear wheels only using an 8-speed torque converter automatic gearbox with paddle shifts we’ve got a limited slip differential at the rear and this car is not the lightest comes in at 1730 kilos starting price 75 000 pounds this one with these lovely racing

Bucket seats with carbon backs 85 000 pounds yes it’s a lot of money isn’t it well it is a nice kite does it all four doors practicality and it’s a sports car to drive so let’s do it let’s go for a flying lap see what we can do with this car here comes the start line now hard on the brakes here oh yeah good brakes on this six piston calipers huge disc at the front

Got four piston at the rear oh it likes to slide a bit round there i’ve got the stability in mdm mode well otherwise it just gets too sideways on me this thing it’s so leery but it’s great because you can feel exactly what it’s doing you know when it’s breaking away from you part of the brakes here the brakes are good lift off over these carbs roll them a little

Bit okay on the pouch balancing it here stop being sliding get it rolling and rotating into this corner oh here we go what’s the time going to be here comes the finish line gone let’s hear what i did go on 48 1 48 1. it’s all right it looked good now let’s try the porsche okay now i’ve jumped into the 911. so this is an entry level carrera starts from 83 000

Pounds it’s got basically no options on it i think it’s got a thousand pounds worth of options so as standard you get a three liter flat six twin turbo puts out 385 horsepower so way down on that m3 450 newton meters of torque once again way down on the m3 but it is lighter it comes in at 1500 kilos also you have a dual clutch automatic gearbox and it shifts

Gears so well drives the rear wheels only in this car there’s no diff on the back axle either like you get with the m3 it’s fairly basic as porsches go you do have adapted dumpers though got the kind sport setting so they should help me out keep it nice and flat in the turns yeah it’s a nice car right let’s go for a flying lap and here comes the start line now

Oh holding the brakes there and i can instantly tell the brakes have more bite and feel than the m3s even though you’ve got four piston calipers and slightly smaller discs up front they have to manage the understeer a bit more in on this and you just roll it into the corners a bit more then get the power down nice and early use that weight over the rear axle

And that rear mounted engine to just fire the turns but i’ve got to say the steering just feels more precise a bit more faithful than the m3s and it doesn’t want to step out anywhere near as much it’s easier to be tidy on this you’re not playing with it quite so much you’re not balancing the throttle and the steering quite as much as in the m3 but here comes the

Finish line what’s it gonna do what’s it gonna do oh these laps are so quick i like that you sit lower than in the bmw obviously even though the bmw sits really low the whole car is low though it just feels like a more precise instrument than the larry m3 which do i prefer i actually like the playfulness of the m3 this is just more kind of just let’s put in a good

Time i didn’t like it though this is good it’s really good it’s like the entry-level car let’s see if it beats an m3 round this track entry level carrera top of the range three series let’s find out let’s find out if i can find the window switch there it is okay go on then so i do know what i have no idea i think this felt quicker because it was just smoother it

Was less larry you had more minimums by the looks of it really your minimums would look higher yeah so i was going quicker through the corners than in the bmw exactly okay but on the straight obviously the bmw’s got more power you could see you were losing out okay right so what did it do neras makes no difference 48 dead 0.1 of a second and the carrera takes

It but we talked about straight line speed let’s compare them now what i’m going to do is launch the two cars and i’m actually going to jump in the bmw first let’s do that right now i’m going to launch this thing time it from north to 60 naught to 100 and then see how long it takes to break from 100 to zero let’s do it not control active no slip there nicely

Managed oh right oh let’s see what the scores on the doors are so nord 60 4.16 north to 100 8.47 and then it took 4.8 seconds to break uh 285 feet let’s just convert that to meters on the screen okay i’ve got some launch and breaking times for the m3 now i’m going to do it in the 911. how close is this going to be let’s find out nice take off oh it’s quite

A bit of the brakes there well let’s have a look at the times that we’ve got this thing launches well not 60 3.72 seconds why do you need any other 911 not 200 8.7 seconds why do you need any other 911 braking from 100 285 foot i’m gonna put the number in meters on the screen because i can’t combat it anyway it took 3.92 seconds okay so that was really interesting

So this car basically accelerated to 60 quicker than the m3 but he was slower to 100 hence why it’s a bit slow on the back straight in terms of braking they both took 285 feet so so evenly matched so evenly matched on price it’s a tough call essentially if you’ve got kids get the m3 if you haven’t i’d say get one of these i love it i love both cars actually amazing

Right hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like if you want to watch more videos click on boxes there and if you want to check out other track battles and uh times on the track click on that box there to check out our track battle leaderboard you

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Is a basic Porsche 911 better than a BMW M3? By carwow

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