is 2022 bmw i7 better than merce
Altair Club Cars Is 2022 BMW i7 BETTER THAN Mercedes-Benz EQS?? | Electric Comparison

Is 2022 BMW i7 BETTER THAN Mercedes-Benz EQS?? | Electric Comparison

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What is up guys back again with yet another one and this time i’m talking all about the new bmw i7 so it’s the electric version of the seven series which you’re coming out with so i figured i’d compare it to the mercedes-benz eqs as well as loosely compared to the tesla model s now i’ve made some previous comparison videos involving both the eqs as well as somewhat

Of a review or just general information about the tesla model s i’ve talked about the plaid model i’ve talked about the regular tesla model s all of those videos if you want to catch up to speed you can check out in the top right corner up here however in this video i’m really going to be highlighting the i7 mostly so i will make a few comparisons here and there

But i’m really going to show you guys what this car looks like what to expect and of course all the specs of it but first of all if you’re new to the channel subscribe leave a like leave a comment so i can work my way back up the algorithm and without further ado let’s start up the video so looking at this i7 it’s probably one of the newest looking maybe more

Most modern looking bmws because in these newer vehicles they’ve taken a whole new angle of producing these cars so the whole front end essentially you could call it somewhat of a facelift because the previous models of these vehicles had a very distinguished bmw look to that whereas if you look at for example the four series you can see the bigger grilles again

If you look at this i7 particular you have the double headlights which i’ll be honest i’m not really in love with however this car makes up for it when it comes to the specs of it as well as the interior both of which i’m going to highlight but i’ll start off with i guess the boring stuff or the specs starting with the price we’re looking at a car that’s going to

Be 120k which will give us 536 horsepower if we’re gonna compare that to the eqs the eqs is somewhat cheaper at only a hundred and three thousand dollars however it gives significant less horsepower of only 329. so you can essentially see the price that you’re going to be getting per horsepower in either of these vehicles this is a lot more of a luxury vehicle

Again similar to the eqs again somewhat similar to the tesla model s so you can see the interior that really put a lot of effort into upping the technology in this vehicle in order to make it essentially somewhat of a chauffeur’s vehicle while it could also double as your own personal vehicle if you’re so pleased and of course when it comes out it will be directly

Rivaling the eqs so of course you see more and more companies that have said this in several videos over the past years you can see more and more vehicle companies sort of slowly gravitating towards making fully electric vehicles which we’re likely going to be seeing a lot more of it in 2030 so now if we were to compare this to the eqs one of the big things that

People like about the eqs similar to this i7 is the amount of technology that really both these vehicles have you can see in the back seat of this i7 on the side arm rest in place of where you would have the window button where you can wind up the window and wind it down instead of actually replaced it with a miniature screen so they’re really trying to up the

Technology in a lot of these vehicles to make it a lot more luxurious along with the fact that the car is much more spacious in the rear allowing you to stretch the seats out and you can essentially lay down in the rear seat and going back to the eqs sort of doing a little back and forth comparison we’re looking at a car that’s really going to give us only 350

Miles of range as far as the range for the i7 we’re still going to see how again there’s a little bit more testing that needs to be done but of course in the near future we’re going to see us the exact amount of miles of range this car is going to give us if i had to guess i’d probably guess that it’s likely between the 300s to the 400s so let me know what you

Guys think about this is a bit of a short one today because again this car is really just been released so we’re going to find out more over the next couple of weeks let me know in the comments below what other vehicles you’d like me to talk about um but yeah that’s that for this video hope you guys enjoyed it feel free to check out the other videos related to

This i7 that i’m comparing it to of course which is the eqs and the tesla which again you can find in the top right corner once again don’t forget to leave a like subscribe to this video so i can work my way back up the algorithm and i will catch you guys next time

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