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Altair Club Cars Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid Charging Basics | Hyundai

Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid Charging Basics | Hyundai

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Your ionic plug-in hybrid can provide it for 29 miles of driving range on a full charge and there are two ways to recharge it each with a very different charging time level one is the simplest and also the slowest you plug one end of the hyundai portable charger into a standard 120 volt household outlet and the other into the charging connector port on the front of

Your vehicle at a typical charging rate of 1.2 kilowatts per hour it takes about eight hours to fully charge the battery from nearly empty level 2 charging is much faster and requires a 240 volt charger you might have one installed at your home or use one of the thousands of public chargers all across the country level two chargers deliver about three kilowatts

Of power per hour that adds up to 11 miles of range per hour of charging you can go from nearly empty to 100% in about two hours and 15 minutes both level one and two chargers use the same type of connector to plug into your ionic plug-in hybrid it’s commonly called a j plug no matter what type of charger you use you need to access the connector port first make

Sure your vehicle is unlocked push on the right edge of the charging door and when it pops out pull the door towards you then plug in the charger you can check to see if the vehicle is charging from outside the vehicle the dash charging indicator will illuminate to show the charge level to learn more about this indicator see the how the dash charging indicator

Light works video in addition the charging indicator on the instrument cluster will be illuminated if you are at a public station you can also look at its display screen you might also check the remaining time message on your vehicle’s lcd screen this appears for the first minute of charging and shows how long it will take to reach maximum driving range it also

Shows current battery level here’s another feature that you may find useful the charging connector auto lock button if you lock your vehicle while plugged in the charging connector will normally be locked in place – but you have the option for the connector to automatically unlock when charging is complete that allows other people to disconnect the charging cable

And use it themselves it’s a common courtesy at public stations the charging connector auto lock button is located on the driver’s side – panel when the auto mode indicator is illuminated the charging connector will automatically unlock once charging is complete when the light is off the charging connector will remain locked even after charging is finished that

May be useful if you’re using the hyundai portable charger in an unsecured area and you want to ensure that no one else can use it to unlock the connector you must unlock all the doors on your ionic plug-in hybrid there are many other great features that will help you get the most out of your electric vehicle you might want to check them out go to the plug-in

Hybrid screen and take a look or consult your owners manual the more you know the more you’ll enjoy your vehicle you

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Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid Charging Basics | Hyundai By HyundaiUSA

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