integra type r vs acura rsx type
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Integra Type R vs Acura RSX Type S

In this video we explain the difference between and Integra Type R and the Acura RSX Type S. We go through the differences in performance, comfortability and the overall look of each car. So if your having trouble deciding which model is best for you then this is the video to watch. MAKE SURE TO COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO TO ENTER IN OUR YOU

Hey guys this is giovanni from tune in tokyo today we’re going to talk a little bit about the integra of gc5 and the acura rsx type s there really isn’t a difference when it comes to the car other than the fact that honda they decided to release the integra version of it only in japan and us here in the states we got the us version of the acura rsx type s acura

They took over the name and then they manufactured that acura rsx from 2002 all the way to 2006 and in 2006 unfortunately both honda and acura and reproduction of the integra also known as a dc v the older generation of the integra is the dc2 is already up to the dc force they came with factory z series motors the b18 when you come from the b18 era meant those

Motors were so much fun they actually put out a lot of horsepower a lot of those cars with those motors they make anywhere from 140 horsepower all the way up to like 250 horsepower depending on what you do to them with full bolt ons you know headers and take exhaust when honda reinvented their motors they came up with the k series also known you know for the new

Generation of honda’s also you know typical on the ep-3 s the fa 5s everything from like the 2002 era up they all came with k series the difference between the acura rsx and the honda integra dc5 is really nothing besides the badges and the fact that the integra comes right hand drive the motor there’s a little bit of slight change to it they kind of detuned a

They changed a couple of things here and there as far as the acura version of the car a lot of things between honda and acura you can interchange parts for a lot of cars for those of you guys that are honda fanatics and honda fans you guys already know that you like to swap motors like the single cams to the b series and then obviously you have your k series now

But a lot of the older cars mike the older dc-to-dc 5s a lot of guys like to go k series k series is a very nice and powerful motor the honda introduced i personally used to have k24 a2 on a civic si that i used to own a couple years ago and man it was a fun car to drive a lot of people talk a lot of bad things about honda’s but little do they know that honda’s

Are actually pretty fast and quick cars if you know how to do them riding you tune them correctly back to the dc2 and dc5 you so used to the old body style from so many years all over the 90s it kind of came with a more sleek luxurious look if you know what i’m saying like the interior was very nice it had leather you know panels on it and everything – i like

The floor mats you know that say acura rsx type s a lot of guys like to get the blocks from like the other acura cars also knows like the tsx you can get the block from the tsx and actually frankenstein the motor and put the k 20 head on top and it would be a k 24 a 2 which was similar to the setup that i used to have as well a couple years ago on my civic that

I mentioned to you guys earlier with a car like that after tuning full bolt ons and even in 85 you can hand 350 to 450 and that’s more than enough for an rs x because it’s just such a fun car to drive the parts from japan so rare you have your mugen parts you have spoon parts for these cars so there is just it’s just a fun platform to be in so me personally i am

A fan of the dc 5 i think it’s one of the nicest honda’s out there many would agree many would disagree but don’t hate me for it i just think that dc 5 is a very nice-looking car and they’re very fun to drive thank you so much for tuning in for our educational video and we’ll see you guys next time you

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Integra Type R vs Acura RSX Type S By Tuned In Tokyo

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