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Altair Club Cars Installing Truck Side Steps on a Ford F-150

Installing Truck Side Steps on a Ford F-150

Your pickup truck was engineered to make completing tough jobs easier—assuming you can climb into it, that is. One of the first upgrades truck owners often invest in is a set of good-quality truck side steps, such as the Westin HDX Drop Steps we installed on our Project F-150 vehicle. In addition to making it significantly easier to enter and exit your truck, adding a set of step bars is a simple way to upgrade its appearance for a bold, aggressive look.

Step bars are a great addition to any truck not only does it provide easy entrance in and out of your vehicle but they add some flair and protection as well we went with weston’s hdx drop step for our f150 with features like solid one-piece steel design notch steps and rugged punch plates they’re the perfect choice for our f150 in this video we’re going to show

You how to install these steps on our f150 now let’s get to work we’re gonna start this process by going under the truck and locating all the step bar studs we’re gonna be inserting these plastic washers on the studs the purpose of these washers is to create a barrier between the aluminum body of the truck in the steel step to prevent corrosion repeat this process

And all the step bar studs under the truck the second step in our process to pre assemble the brackets by taking the bolt flat washer locking washer and nut and we’re just gonna loosely assemble these and we’ll tighten them in the final process repeat this step on all six brackets our center mounting bracket has an offset in it not to be confused with our end

Mounting brackets on either side make sure to take note of the orientation of our brackets because they will fit in multiple locations and not be correct we’re gonna go flat washer split washer and nut and repeat this process on all three bolts make sure not to tighten these down all the way and just snug them up we’ll come back and tighten them all the way

Later just repeating the same process as before next we’re gonna hang the step bar on the brackets next we’re going to start to install the hardware on the step bars we go through and start all the bolts coming back to tighten them later repeat this process on all six holes now we’re going to proceed to torquing the brackets we’re going to work from

The top of the bracket to the bottom torquing it to the specification and the instructions now that this side is done repeat the process on the other side we just finished up the install of our west and htx step bars it only took us about 60 minutes and a few tools to throw them on so with a little bit of time and some good old elbow grease you can have

A step bar with the form feeling function that any truck owner will love thanks for watching they offer a great flare protection they offer great we just finished up the install of our weston hg extra o1p solid steel design they offer the we went with weston’s hdx drops

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Installing Truck Side Steps on a Ford F-150 By Summit Racing

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