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Altair Club Cars Installing Smoked Dynamic Signal Lights On My Audi S5 B8 (From Ebay)

Installing Smoked Dynamic Signal Lights On My Audi S5 B8 (From Ebay)

I hope you all enjoyed this video. I will put out a YouTube short if I find the culprit to my faulty turn signal. Make sure to leave a like & subscribe!!!

What is up you guys welcome back to channel welcome back to another video so as you can tell by the title in today’s video today i’m gonna be installing some dynamic turn signals into my s5 obviously i mean ignore what i just said um my right side turn signal since this car was flooded that one doesn’t turn on so i’m hoping this fixes a problem and i’m also going

To be upgrading at the same time so i’ll be able to show the before on my left side and my after on that test so i’m gonna get started on that side and then i’ll show y’all the comparison of how the dynamic looks compared to the stock so let’s get into the video alrighty guys so i ordered these dynamic turn signals from ebay and this is pretty much what you get in

The box you just get each of the turn signals wrapped with like this blue fin little stuff then in the box you also get it’s like trim remover and this thing so in order to replace this we’re going to take off the this side of the glass and this cap so right now i’m gonna focus on taking off the glass and you have to be very careful when taking this off because

It can break fairly easily so i’m gonna take that off alrighty guys so i was able to pry this open and we have like a spider’s nest in here but don’t let that scare you these things pretty much just come off just straight up like that struggling right now but i’ll probably get like a something to pry it yeah i’m probably gonna need the pry tool for this these

Bolts are pretty much gonna use this little tool they provided which i call these bolts because any bolt that you see crack it open with this thing then i’ll count them out and tell y’all how many there were in total so i’m gonna set y’all down alrighty guys so pretty much is all the bolts that came off the very long one is from this middle theme and the other

Ones just came off from oh man you can’t even came off from there and do right here but now i’m i started prying this from down here and i used the parental pride in the kit and i just like poked it in here then i started gently working my way around it all around and i’m at this point right now so i’m pretty sure this cap should just come off now foreign guys

So i thought i could finesse the mirror without having to take this stuff off but in order to pry it up i had to take the mirror off and this other thing this one show the cube this one i just pull it off no no i have to put i didn’t have to push anything over here i had to use a lot of force just make sure you grab the mirror from like this section when you’re

Pulling like hold down right here and pull on that with your other hand so you don’t pull off the whole assembly then over here it’s pretty much just this one bowl and then swap the the new turn signal in for this old one problematic ally loose there you can stop recording all right so pretty much after you take that bolt off you just kind of push it in this way

And then once it’s like right here you just have to finesse it alrighty guys so here’s the old one as you can tell the finish then here is the new one kind of just as like a single strip just going all the way instead of a bowl but now this pretty much just slap everything back see how it came alrighty guys so i took some finessing to get this back into place but

Now it’s pretty much just time to put everything back together and then i’ll show you the before and after on the lights alrighty guys so right here is the before and i’ll show you guys the after alrighty guys so the finish is great but unfortunately i will not be able to show you an after because this side is still giving me problems so i’m gonna have to sort

That out in another video probably just some videos but i don’t have the time to check that out today it’s definitely a much sleeker look i like this look more than the original which is more clear and this one’s smoked out next to each other you can definitely tell the difference but with that make sure you hit make sure you hit that like button and subscribe

To the channel because i’ll be posting a new video next week and probably i’ll put like an in-between video just to make up for the con the quality of this video but with that this is jail signing up

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Installing Smoked Dynamic Signal Lights On My Audi S5 B8 (From Ebay) By GioTheMechanic

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