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Altair Club Cars Installing Carbon Fiber Mirrors And Side Skirts on Audi R8

Installing Carbon Fiber Mirrors And Side Skirts on Audi R8

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This is a step by step video on how to install the carbon fiber side mirrors and side skirts on a 2012 Audi R8 V10. My friend David helped me as he has done it with his car. You can follow him on Instagram at:

Foreign david hi david hi everyone this is the second of three videos of my transformation in my r8 today we’re gonna do the sides we’re gonna do the side mirrors in carbon fiber and we’re gonna do the side skirts that’s gonna be interesting so let’s check it out hey david so what are we going to do first uh the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take

Out the meters in order to do that we need to start accessing the definite screws and this is the fun part this is where urban is going to get nervous oh i’m nervous already so i gotta do the prying tool to get the glass out the actual mirror did you research this you’ve done it before give me some peace of mind okay please just wait for the crack all right we

Should get this on video that doesn’t sound nice all right guys so let’s try to look inside there there should be a couple of snaps and it should come out uh david is gonna do that so if in case it goes wrong i can sue him let’s do it okay right so one is coming out right oh i think we got it oh you got it and i’m holding the flashlight as always you’re doing the

Hard work all the time that’s hard work man oh oh there you go oh let’s let’s have a look from the other side all right so what do we have we have the electrical connection there so now we will have to remove these two connections yeah uh i suggest to take a picture just to be sure that you are connected any back the right way i’ll do that as you can see this is

Just a clip so you have to be very careful not to damage any of the pins in order to be able to put it back perfect let’s do that now all right okay all right removing the electrical all right david what are we doing now we removed the glass the mirror after we remove the glass we have to start taking out these three screws right being able to take the mechanism

Out and being able to expose the signal light that is here that we’re going to be removing as well and then we’re going to take the house in completely out right so we’re going to do that with torx uh 20 t20 yep 220. all right let’s make that happen all right so this is almost out now we have to disconnect this connector and there’s another one in the back right

David yes yep back there um so once those two are out then we can remove the uh the housing all right david so we were able to get this out um you need to rotate the motor to the left so that it comes out yeah and then you can pull it off then disconnect all the remaining connectors here get it through the the tube here right and then everything comes out nicely

So now i need to remove with a small torx the um indicator light and so that i can transplant that into the new mirror so let me get going with that all right so we removed the indicator super easy there’s the screws and now we’re gonna make sure that that fits into the uh the new one the carbon fiber one that should be okay let’s do that now you need to yeah

Exactly sort of like that it’s a perfect fit ish you need to maybe slide that oh that looks good looks factory yeah yeah beautiful all right all right guys so it’s in it was just a matter of reconnecting the cables and then it snaps in place once you rotate it to the right rotate it to the left in order to get it out the full motor assembly and now it’s in so

It’s a matter of reconnecting the uh the glass and uh it’s looking great already oh my god david i’m happy that looks fine right yeah it looks nice cool let’s do that now all right david so we put all the screws back and now we’re back into uh connecting the electrical in order to connect the electric car we had to go back in the same order we had to connect

This block first yeah go in the right order wait until may click we check the pictures that’s always good to take pictures so you know where what goes where so we did that and that should be simple and now the mirror should snap back into place right yes see if we can make that happen on video there we go you got it mirror number one guys i’m happy that looks

Great awesome so now we’re gonna proceed to do the neck the other side i’m not gonna get that on camera so we’re gonna then film what we’re gonna do with the side skirts that’s the next one foreign guys mirror number two is in very nice the card looks awesome david great job man look at that that is some cool carbon fiber so now we’ve done the grill we’ve

Done the front splitter with on the mirrors it’s time to do the side skirts now and we’re going to explain how to do that so what are we doing now all right we’re gonna start uh installing the side skirt to do that the first step we’re gonna take the seal out with one of the observatory trim tools we’re gonna start popping this up and you’re gonna start heating

That sound there you go it’s a good sound well it’s scary sound but it’s good oh my god how about is there some electrical connection there for the light right we’re gonna find that out in a second and after that oh that was easy as i thought find the plug i don’t see a plug here it should be somewhere here right here of course they don’t make it easy but it’s

There that was easy nice one out so that’s out all right guys so um we’re gonna remove some torques here one two three four five six and then according to david we have another one here in the corner there’s another one in the front okay so that should be easy so let’s uh proceed to do that and we’re gonna get the side skirt out to install the carbon fiber side

Square underneath that okay all right so all the screws are out and now we need to pry this off how about this now those remain those remain so it’s about the uh the plastic tabs and we’re gonna start from that side and start pushing and taking out each one of them okay sliding the piece out and then this piece is attached with clips so we’re gonna have fun

When we get to this part he calls it fun something fun about it all right all right guys so this piece is out essentially we’re gonna lift the car again so that then we can remove all of the screws that are below the car uh we’re gonna show you that in a second okay so we started removing the screws and there’s just two two types of screws there are some uh some

Torx and then there’s like uh this so i think there’s a couple of those and once those are out i think we are going to be able to remove the full side skirt yeah you got it right david so all the screws are out but you’ve done this before tell us what’s left so the the only portion that is still attached to the car is this piece right and that’s the phone part

Because it’s all clips and we have to actually hold the piece steady and being able to pull in just one movement uh so this can came out let’s give it a try it’s sort of happening sounding right be afraid there you go there you go we are out this is our money shots it’s a family show anything left on the corner or is there another clip i’m gonna hold this

It’s not supposed to well nothing is easy with audi this is an important part of the video people need to know that this is they’re gonna encounter this there you go and it’s out there you go thank you all right guys so we presented the carbon fiber um side skirt into the original side skirt there’s these holes that you need to mark with a sharpie

Yeah and then we’re gonna drill on those and then we’re gonna show you what screws we bought that were stainless steel screws and we’re going to show you that part in a minute all right go for it all right guys so we are going to use the screws 1024 by a half um stainless steel with these nuts and these washers and we’re gonna put washers under and over it in

Each of the holes to make sure that it’s stuck in place we’re not gonna use glue this time because we feel that you know with all this um nuts it’s gonna be quite enough so let’s see how it goes all right david so we uh we just make sure that those are well placed and tight and this thing is not going anywhere is well attached no need for glue it looks good yeah

That’s why you need to use the big washers makes a lot of sense so now we’re going to install the first one yeah let’s go that way we need to open the door yeah yeah and let’s not get that on camera all right i don’t know foreign guys here we are job completed we got the carbon fiber mirrors and the side skirts installed um david we want to mention something

For everybody trying this yeah it’s good to know that uh you have to replace uh the screws that goes into the bottom section right with something larger so we suggest to use m6 by one by 30 millimeters that will be a perfect substitution yeah long enough for it to penetrate underneath and then because it adds a little bit of width with the carbon fiber so you want

A longer screw so we recommend using that i’m very happy with the result right david it looks awesome it looks awesome so that’s end of video number two of the transformation of the r8 what are we doing next uh next we’re going to be installing the rear apron in the rear wing and that’s gonna be awesome and then we need to defeat the uh the original wing so that

It doesn’t come up so we need to do some software um the feel of that and that’s gonna be fun so stay tuned for that thank you for subscribing i’m gonna put his information down below 1236 garage make sure you follow him on instagram and see you next time take care

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Installing Carbon Fiber Mirrors And Side Skirts on Audi R8 By Garage Buds

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