inside the new lamborghini hurac
Altair Club Cars INSIDE the NEW Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica 2022 | Interior Exterior DETAILS w/ V10 REVS

INSIDE the NEW Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica 2022 | Interior Exterior DETAILS w/ V10 REVS

The gap between the Huracan STO and the EVO is now fulfilled with this Tecnica. Enjoy this machine and it’s aesthetic brutal looks.

Welcome inside youtube what’s up and welcome back to a fresh new inside series of the new lamborghini huracan technica and welcome in italy sardinia yeah that’s sport mode the valve is now open but uh this technical has a lot of optical changes and this sits between the sto and the evo rear wheel drive okay let’s put it in strata falls closed very racy stuff

But still a balance oh you would say any hurricane is crazy but yeah there’s a balance in between all the huracans you have this interior though is very racy spec you’ve got full carbon doors you got the optional seats which you could go very racy so actually on the interior this is kinda an seo if you’re here for the first time please tap the subscribe button and

The bell notification and that way you won’t miss any of my new videos lamborghini huracan technica here in sardinia hometown italy let’s get started on this front nose what’s going on well the front bumper yes we got xeon finishing here air curtains of course functional because hey it’s a lamborghini we’re not full around so we got these alien kinda predator

Kinda lights i still love these lights timeless you got that very aggressive front shape tiny front bonnet of course and then you got all these arrow shapes down here which are totally different from the evo so we got a lot of there’s a lot of stuff going on here you got this v-shape here then we got the xion shape here functional we got the parking pilots here

Integrated in that set in black and then down here you got two layers of front splitters of course all your coolants radiators oil coolers in the front as well but this these two layers reminds me of the aventador s yeah so on the front wow this is this is crazy you can spec on this by the way a lot of personalization if you watch my instagram go to my instagram

Tap the highlights you will see what you can do okay let’s have a look at the wheels then so we got new wheels also for this technica this is gloss black of course black calipers carbon chromic brakes center lock wheels potentials for this one and where are the measures where are we well i’ve lost the measures i need to pull up my glass there we are 245 30 20

Inch show you 20 inch wheels on the front of course lift system optional as well then here we got black gloss black on the lower part of the nice exterior mirror and down here you got that very aggressive splitter with your functional arrows as well typical lambo shape let me quickly walk here i don’t need to swim but typical lambo shape very aerodynamic very

Aggressive bull size you know bull standing there you go 640 horses on rear wheel drive so two wheels powered and then down here more air channels going to the engine and the roof is by the way gloss black this has the optional carbon finishing on the engine bay cover with glass of course beautiful glass for the v10 engine the last the last natural aspirated

Engines from lamborghini there you go v10 16510 i guess that’s the serial number the code of this particular engineer’s pick okay the rear of the technica so don’t mind this temporary license plate so we have a fixed wing that’s for the technica on technica only we have rear bumper changes so we got the xion rear exhaust shapes you got these hexagon-ish

These squared shapes and we got the glossary diffuser that’s huge by the way and then here we got just some empty space of course that’s functional but it’s open very racy and then here again you got a view on the rear wheels open as well so you can see aggressiveness of the wheels while you drive behind it very cool experience looking at it you compare it to a

Regular hurricane yes yes yes i know you want to hear this vita and we’re going to fire it up we’re going to wrap the hell out of it of course of course it’s time to have a look at the oh yeah let’s have a look at the front trunk technica key and the trunk button here we go okay well from my experience from my videos with the evo this is tiny yeah this is tiny

It is tiny i think this is the car cover yeah but we still got a 12 volt input and a little led here your fluid washer to edit so yeah that’s the the cute front trunk and uh carbonate just kidding we’re not fooling around okay it’s time to get inside okay let’s head into the huracan technica so as for the sto and the technica you have the full carbon doors

Also here the door handle gt3 ish like you can find in the porsche door cell huracan written let me turn on the lights huracan written in the door sills and as for the seats we also have nail seats these are the sport seats if i’m correct with that nice carbon here okay it’s time to get inside supercar yeah it’s low this is low this is low this is low welcome

Inside in the new hurricane technica this is your point of view typical hurricane actually except for the doors this reminds you it’s an seo or in this case the new technica so black speck for this one set in leather here on top of the dash with satin carbon air vent housing also in satin carbon and then here the finish in the center console with some gloss black

And that orange finishing for this pack center armrests so in that nice orange you got stripes in the sports seats technica as well in orange here on top in the headrest can you see it let me give you some light there you go the lamborghini logo in the headrest in orange as well we got a nice carbon trim for the passenger and a tiny glove box yeah yeah yeah it’s

Good it’s good but down here we got finishing as well in orange orange stitching hands up to leds and even in the roof we have orange stripes can you see it yeah you can see it here there you go even in the roof you got orange striping but here behind me you also got a optional camera and we got it here as well so uh yeah for some track driving or uh oh yeah

Well while sporty driving some mountain roads and by the way i think this is a titanium look at that molding yeah that series business that is serious business okay 640 v10 horsepower natural aspirated i’m going to start this up i’m going to start her up in strada mode and after that i will change it to sport mode so you can hear the valves open and then of

Course finish it to corsa mode with some more pops thank you for watching guys if you want to see some more content of course check out my instagram on the link below and i will see you differently on the next video hit the sub button and thank you for watching ciao run yes you

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