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Altair Club Cars INSIDE AMG – Nostalgia | The Mercedes-Benz E 50 AMG

INSIDE AMG – Nostalgia | The Mercedes-Benz E 50 AMG

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The E-Class has a rich history at Mercedes-AMG. And one of the most memorable models is the Mercedes-Benz E 50 AMG. Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

Hi everyone, welcome to the 14th episode of inside amg. but we also got more old cars for you guys because today is all about nostalgia. you might remember back in the “history” episode, we already showed you some old cars. you guys asked for more and that’s what we are going to give you. a very special car for mercedes-amg because the e-class has got a very

Rich ancestry. one of those ancestors is the mercedes-benz e 50 amg from the 1990s, from the motor range w210. that’s what we are going to take a closer look at today. oooh, that is a cool car, pure 90s autobahn flavor. if you want to see more of that car in action or find out if i actually got to drive it, today’s episode is going to be in german but as usual,

You can activate subtitles by clicking on the little icon on top or at the bottom. excellent. it is cold but you have brought something to warm our hearts and our hands. what treasure have you brought us from the archives? this vehicle is based on the series mercedes-benz e 420 avantgarde, but back then, we only received the bodies with the interior, there was nothing

In them and that is how they were delivered. and on the small batch assembly line here in affalterbach. that was exactly the opposite principle of the great-grandson here, the current mercedes-amg e 63 s 4matic+. the engine is delivered on the assembly line. back then it was the other way round. the first mercedes-amg that appeared on the mercedes-benz price list.

That’s right. it was unique at the time, just the bodywork. absolutely! until then, mercedes-benz always had one headlight per side. it is also a little reminiscent of the mercedes-benz w123 model. when you look at the current mercedes-amg e 63 s 4matic+, here, we truly have a wolf in sheep’s clothing. very understated. you have to look twice to recognize it as

An mercedes-amg. this included the entire bumper with the front design that is right. essentially, the entire front apron was mercedes-amg-specific. as i said, it was based on the mercedes-benz e 420 series. it already had an eight-cylinder with roughly 280 ps. it was an absolute rocket on the highway. and then we went one step further. it was a 5-liter engine with

347 ps. that’s a lot under the hood. yes, 347 ps. and we are talking about february 1996. there were not many vehicles that could match that in this performance class. behind these beautiful mercedes-amg monoblock rims with their classic design, this brake system with two pistons was developed in-house. this ensured that the heat was not transferred to the chassis

And the rims. essentially, this is a compound brake system. as we already learned in the “braking” video, you separate the head from the disc and this has a lot of advantages. yes, exactly. heat is always a key issue with the brakes. that was definitely the right technical foundation. we are still talking about a curb weight of 1750 kg that you have to bring to

A standstill. that’s right. the vehicle has its own mercedes-amg running gear, otherwise it would be a bit difficult to control a vehicle like this. it is equipped with gas pressure shock absorbers with special mercedes-amg characteristics. specific mercedes-amg design of the side sills and also here on the rear apron. that’s right. back then, the entire rear apron

Was redesigned naturally, the mercedes-amg design also features the mercedes-amg tailpipes on the mercedes-amg exhaust system. if you look very closely, you can even see the logo. the middle silencer and the front part are from the twelve-cylinder model. of course, the pipes themselves have larger dimensions, because the engine needs air and that needs to flow somewhere.

An exhaust system like this always influences the driving performance talking about engine performance, shall we take a look under the hood? it is like there is room for an entire wardrobe in here, whereas in the new vehicle the engine takes up every cubic millimeter. that’s right, the 5-liter variant. as i said, 347 ps. back then, we manufactured special camshafts,

Specifically for the engine, just like the many special parts, completely different to the series. a high-performance engine needs a different calibration and different settings. the special camshaft, a really responsive throttle… there were not that many super sports cars out there with that kind of performance. unlike the new cars, i don’t see a “one man, one

Engine” badge here. but the principle applied back then too, didn’t it? naturally. at mercedes-amg, the “one man, one engine” system applies to every engine. eventually, we started to highlight this with the special badge. that matches the rest of the car with its overall understated look. but it contains a lot of mercedes-amg craftsmanship. yes, a lot. as i said,

This is a descendant of our hammer. the legendary hammer was a bit louder, so even there, it is very understated. to celebrate its 25th birthday, can we take it out for a drive through the country? that’s true. it’s a pure time machine; my parents used to have a mercedes-benz c-class w202 series. of course, it was a class below and did not have leather and everything

Is exactly where you would expect it to be. if you look very closely, you might see one or two parallels to the current mercedes-benz e-class, the w213 series, the basic layout and such. yes, it also has a mercedes-amg instrument cluster, a speedometer with its own dial. in that case, only up to 280 km/h, not what you would expect. it was electronically limited to 250 km/h

As standard. it does not show off with 300 km/h, 280 km/h is enough… the buttons in the center console, power windows and such all eventually migrated to the doors. if you have too much sun, you can electrically raise and lower the rear blind. incredible! sure, you can tell that the car is 25 years old but it also has new styling compared to the earlier mercedes-benz.

In contrast, the mercedes-amg e 63 s 4matic+ has a completely different styling once again. everything is tidy here. everything is understated without a lot of bells and whistles. i’ve always really liked the avantgarde trims, with the dark wood. it looked very modern then, still looks very modern. combined with the black leather, it definitely has something going

For it. the mercedes-benz e 50 amg was one of the quietest that we have ever built with the sport exhaust system. yes. i can see your hands are tingling, aren’t they? certainly not, but something like that has to be earned. as always, dear felix, we’ll do a little challenge. i only have two questions, let’s see how far you get. where the vehicle always stopped

And was completed. there were probably more here. i say there were 10…? not quite enough. from the beginning to the final acceptance, there were 14. 14 stations to produce the finished mercedes-benz e 50 amg. once again you can see how much effort has gone into it. we talked about the mercedes-amg braking system before, but only from the front axle. we like to go

For the bigger parts, the exhaust system comes from the 12-cylinder after all. the brake system is probably similar and comes from a larger vehicle. the same brake system for the rear axle was also installed here on the mercedes-benz e 50 amg. i would say the answers to both questions tended toward the right direction… that was a really good time. those were sports

Car values for 1996. 5.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and then the governed 250 km/h. not many could match that. and that remains true today. my parents’ mercedes-benz c-class w202 series was the first car i ever drove. the steering wheel, everything is a little further away from the driver. one great thing about mercedes-amg is that the museum pieces are also driven

A lot. nothing creaks or vibrates, the steering has no play at all, it is super direct. it really is a piece of history; the vehicle was not built for long. there’s a lot of power and torque. definitely too much for this winter day. but definitely enough to put a smile on your face over and over again. michael, as always, it was great fun to be on the road with you.

I’m happy to be of assistance as an expert every time. with you, always. great. today, i learned a lot about this very special vehicle from mercedes-amg’s history, thank you very much for that. if you liked what you’ve seen today, don’t forget to drop us a like below the video. also, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and, as usal, don’t forget

To write us comments what you would like us to shoot next. would you like to see more historic cars or more new cars,

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INSIDE AMG – Nostalgia | The Mercedes-Benz E 50 AMG By Mercedes-Benz

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