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Altair Club Cars INSANE Rolls Royce Cullinan Widebody with 50 Spoke Wheels, Blue Ferrari F8.

INSANE Rolls Royce Cullinan Widebody with 50 Spoke Wheels, Blue Ferrari F8.

Another widebody Rolls Royce Cullinan Completed! This one is all factory painted Black featuring the 1016 industries widebody kit and 50 Spoke 26″ RDB Wheels! Needless to say this vehicle looks incredible. We have many more widebody builds going down. As normal we also have other featured cars even though we could have made a whole cinematic video on just this Cullinan.

I see it yeah hell yeah this is the car it’s overheating yeah it’s getting hot i mean it is hot outside but ferrari not supposed to over here it’s passing 245. we’re on the it is good not bubbles uh other buttock is like when you’re sending down and you’re prepared or anything you you can find bubbles yeah this seems good you know okay he lose the tire and

You removed how sick is this oh you’re taking a job yeah awesome love the car love the car just needs a detail uh polish and it’ll be ready thank you thank you i brought it to the right place for sure all right guys we are standing in front of this really really crazy rolls-royce cullinan this is a brand new car black with forge yellow interior one of my

Favorite combinations ever black culinain is probably the easiest to make look the craziest you guys saw that funky blue one we did and it looked incredible this black one is completely different as you can see it does have the 1016 industries wide body package we are pumping this out weekly it’s the fastest wide body kit you could get on the market if it’s really

Really good you don’t have to do all that crazy nonsense fixing of the waviness and all that stuff gaps whatever this thing actually fits really really well super happy with the kit this is a black one so we painted it we didn’t wrap it or anything like that so all the flares bumpers have been painted as you can see very very special wheels these are the rdd 50

Spoke 26 inch wheels nobody has that many spokes on a wheel it’s almost a full face but it’s not because it does have all the cuts they’re super concave as well this is the most concave you get on a 26 inch one-piece forging and it’s super super aggressive of course 26’s look great on the cullinan and honestly this one drives pretty good we did some modifications to

The front so there’s no rubbing believe it or not this is in low mode so you’re not going to drive in this mode right now actually the tire is sitting on the body so you definitely have to raise it up to drive it but we still lowered it so in drive mode you have about like an inch and a half gap the ford’s yellow interior really sets it off as well black on yellow

You can’t go wrong they used to have a brighter yellow but this is more like a mustardy yellow it’s called forge yellow so we actually previously blacked out this car me and luis actually took this whole grill apart yesterday and we took piece by piece to wrap off so we get the chrome back in the front we have chrome emblems and obviously the machined face of the

Wheel so it all ties together so just a little bit of chrome and mostly black it looks incredible like i said if you have a cullinan you want to do something like this to it we’re going to be the fastest best quality that’s what we do here so we’re going to go back to building some more wide body collagen enough is enough with all these shenanigans that’s the

Dumbest thing anybody can do okay next all right i gotta take the g right now we got a lot of repairs to talk about there’s a lot of new mechanical repairs that came in on a few exotics so we’re gonna walk you guys through the exotic uh mechanical repairs today and uh please uh subscribe and support us every single minute we are standing in front of this ferrari

F8 coupe right here this is a really special color look at the blue it’s like a blue purple hue almost like that colony we did which is really cool this color is growing on me more and more every time i see it on another car but check out the custom velos wheels on there 21 front 22 rear two tone as you can see the spokes brush and then gunmetal so it looks like

A wheel in a wheel and honestly goes really good with the blue this car is not lowered suspension rides like stock even on 2122’s customer might lower he’s gonna drive it for now i think it still looks really nice because it’s almost like factory-like especially with that ferrari oem cap in the middle this is honestly sick because it’s like sporty and classy at

The same time so yeah we could do really really dope wheels like this two-tone get cool and creative with it or we could have done you know just chrome or silver but i think this was the way to go so hope you guys enjoy it we’re gonna take it back to the shop now all right guys something different we have a jeep trackhawk right here this is a wide body car

You might recognize it couple years back i believe two three years ago we did this vehicle this is actually offset’s car and it was kind of like this carolina blue color really cool metallic blue we found for him that he wanted with that black stripe even had really really concave wheels that were color matched to the wrap so it was cool but outlived he wants to

Change it up we were actually doing our podcast and uh offset facetimed us live and uh talked about this car offset is facetiming me rapid black satin black ross black stripe i’m getting combos no problem bro now it’s here so we’re going to be wrapping a different color and all that stuff making it maybe a little bit cleaner but yeah this is a wide body track

One of the first ones we did pretty cool to see offset after a few years still had the same car and wants to change it up with the wrap so we’re gonna go and do that i’m surrounded by like seven cullinans it’s kind of crazy more than most dealers do and almost every single one of them is going to be wide body a few of them are just body repairs but we have so

Much going down we have a lot of years still going down but it looks like right now it’s the cullinan takeover time your size won’t fit you hey let me see the commercial before was this one and i wrap it but this one see convoy you didn’t notice the rdv is wrenches screwdriver look it’s all tools that’s nice birthday happy birthday thank you um i gave

Him a shirt for his birthday we’re gonna have them in vintage colorways and um just regular black as well nothing on the back nothing in the paper yeah on that one check out this design right here too this is like the racing design it has a bunch of rdvs this is what this guy wants but you can’t have it and again these are all custom made for rdb right now we

Have obviously the signature ferrari style one with the f40 in the back the regular rdd first nothing in the back is clean this is a red urus with like rdb graffiti all over it yeah so we’re gonna release all this on uh actually today on this video so go on there order them up yeah we’re coming back with our merch i just need to pull my signature in this sign

The trip it’s lewis’s birthday today unfortunately we’re very busy we didn’t have time to get cake uh but yeah he’s getting some uh free merch from vixel he only got one shirt you got one shirt that’s the best one oh really you got to go to vegas for your fruit that’s messed up well everything fit i born in 1969 august or your favorite number 69 large

Yeah good work today circus enjoy your new pack of dunhills tomorrow’s a short day but we’re back at work we have a lot of work so let’s go home take a shower get some rest go to rvs and we’ll be back tomorrow you

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INSANE Rolls Royce Cullinan Widebody with 50 Spoke Wheels, Blue Ferrari F8. By RDB LA

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