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Hi i’m kate from re-roll with it and today i’m going to take you on an extended tour of our full-time home and rig brew spanner bruce started his life as a two wheel drive cargo sprinter 170 extended he was originally white bruce has a full body exterior coating by linux the coast um it’s in olive drab green and black the linex gives him a protective coating

Against scratches from bushes and also from rocks flying out from the trail bruce has a solid axle swap he has a dana 60 front a dana 70 rear and an atlas 3 transfer case he has old school hub lockers so we can turn our 4×4 on when we need it he has black rhino armory wheels he has falcon mt tyres which are 37 1350s with the solid axle sport bruce now has an

Extra height of eight and a half inches compared to the stock sprinter where he began he also has four and a half inches on each side of extra track the fender flares are fiberglass and they were custom made to fit these wheels in bodywork was cut out to fit the wheels and allow them to turn and also the depth tank was lifted up and forward to give more room

Up front we have the backwards adventure mods front bumper it is the nomad series and it has a 12 000 pound winch on board we’ve also got a bunch of recovery gear from factor 55 here the lights are from pathfinder they’re led and they’re here here and they’re also up on top of our uh backwards adventure mode roof rack this is the first roof rack that that woods

Invention was ever done we have the terra wagon snorkel which allows us with the pre-filter to get clean air into our engine we chose to flip out style windows so that we can have uh air coming in when it’s raining and still not getting any rain inside the rig let’s go up the backwoods adventure mods ladder and check out what’s upstairs up on the roof rack we

Have three roam adventure code boxes this stores all our offseason gear we have a high lift jack and one max air fan we have 375 watts of solar we have our max tracks we have two rugged radio antennas and our truck we boost which we can stand up when we want to have extra service this is a thule awning we have upgraded leaf springs to carry the extra weight

On board from agile off-road it has a fox shock system with reservoir and a custom airbag suspension with adjustable ride height from sprinter pit stop this is our shore power plug if we want to plug in and also if we want to add an extra solar panel we can plug that in here on the back here we have the backwoods adventure mods rear bumper with toolbox carrier

And spare tire carrier we have to modify the spare tire character uh carrier to make it a little bit bigger to fit our wheels on back here we have plenty of storage for toys and gear we have mounts for mountain bikes or cab motorworks emx bikes which we normally carry on board inside here to get our power system and we have 600 amp hours of lithium battery

In a victron system on this side we have 40 gallons of fresh water and our rickson heating system which does our hot water and our hot air all running off diesel this is where we fill our water you put the fresh water in here and when you want to use the outdoor shower or outdoor wash down we have a screw in that plugs in here this is the tap and the mixer and

This turns our water pump on this turns the lights on inside the garage and this turns the lights on on the back doors we have a full package of touring storage bags on board these are the larger ones small pocket bags large tall and long at the back of the garage there you can see our mb quartz subwoofer it’s a subwoofer that you can mount flat to us to a wall

And you don’t need to put a box around that subwoofer so it’s great for saving space in vans up here we have the two rig first aid kit it pops off of the wall and is a quick mount so you can access it really quickly it has a bunch of stuff inside it dead man off-road recovery gear bed is two panels and can be removed if you need we have the complete package of

Bug screens from touring this is the rear one it’s that middle section there drops down if you want to cover the garage area and there is mb quartz speakers in the rear doors we have onboard air and we have chucks at the rear and the front of the vehicle so that we can log into that and pump up our tyres air down or also pump up any kind of water toys that we

Have like paddle boards and stuff because bruce’s tires are so big we have extended the width of the slide door rail there that way when the slide door opens you can clear the wheels we have backwards adventure mods side steps which are great for getting in and out of an extra tall vehicle like this and really complement the design of the sprinter something fun

With all these mods we decided to take bruce’s number from a 2500 to a 5500 and you’ll find he’s the only one of his kind as you step on board from outside the sliding door you’ll find that our light switches are located here and here there’s two of them one for the front and one for the rear both on dimmer switches down here we have the switches that turn on the

Stereo when the vehicle is not running so that’s for the indoor stereo and we also have an outdoor stereo which is mounted underneath the van the outdoor stereo is envy quartz speakers and they’re the marine speakers so they can survive getting wet or muddy or anything like that right here is where the warm air comes out we have our rickson heater running which

Warms up the cabin wonderfully the interior of bruce was built by turik in golden colorado and we have the tourig exclusive airliner cabinets up here they’re made of aluminum so they’re very lightweight with locking latches so that nothing comes out as we’re driving along underneath the overhead cabinet we also have two more lights overhead lighting and under

Cabinet lighting again both on dimmers up front we have the shielding seats they are on the alpine mechanisms which means we can put them forward click this switch at the back and lagoon table which can swivel into position and the seti is custom upholstered but we managed to get the same fabric as the shilman seat so if we match them welcome to the kitchen in

Here we have the wabasto diesel cooktop its operations are here so you have a little on off switch and if it’s high altitude you can pop it on there this is your temperature this runs on diesel which is connected to the main tank we have our sink rivardi and full stand up stainless steel shower dometic toilet this is where we turn the water on up front same as

The button in the back just turns the pressure on and we can see how much we have left in our tank here this is the heating system so we can turn on the hot air all the hot water as needed pan on high and low and system on and off we have the isotherm freezer and fridge 65 liter freezer 85 liter fridge just like that here’s the macbook fan from the inside you

Have your on off and power switches here up and down also have two marine dc fans which you can move around and your switches for on an offer here the back same one up the front timer or on and off three different levels booking size bed in the back you sleep north south and on the back there you also have some reading lights from re global luma coin lights the

Ceiling lights are also the coin have the two rig window covers here and they attach with magnets at the top and the bottom this is the control system for in-house this is how we turn the heat up and down this will show us all of our power and what’s going on so we can see how much battery we have whether it’s coming from the ac if we’re plugged in or if it’s

Coming from the solar panel here we can also see how much power we’re drawing so currently i’ve got the light and fan on and the fridges so we can see some dc power draw here if i were to plug something into the ac we’d see something come up there when we want to charge up or run an ac appliance we have to turn the inverter to on but when we’re not running any

Ac we keep it off to save power in the second cabinet along we have the switch which turns our wii boost on and off and in the first cabinet we have the fuse box so if anything goes out this is the first place we check check the fuses and usually that’s the problem all right welcome to the cockpit up here we have the s-pod and this controls all our lighting air

Compressor and things like that alpine head unit this monitor here is monitoring our auxiliary battery which is under the hood usb outlets and a dc port there on off switch here’s the air right this controls the left and right rear airbags so we can make them go up or down depending on how much load we’re carrying you can even use that to level ourselves out

Of the campgrounds this is what’s connected to the atlas transfer case we have front and rear low neutral and high low neutral and high this is how we get into our 4×4 mode on the doors here again we have some more tourig pockets two rigs off cupholders and here is where we look after our auxiliary fuel tank so we can see what we have here by turning it on so

We’ve got a quarter of a tank and we can send fuel to the auxiliary fuel tank or from the auxiliary fuel tank up to the main tank so to the back and to the front to fill up the auxiliary fuel tank we just fill up our gas as per normal here then once this tank gets full send it to the rear of the auxiliary then keep filling simple also see the pedal box here which

We can change and adjust according to our likes we have some communication up here we have rugged radios on board we have two one is for long range with no obstacles and this radio is better for short range but where there is obstacles like trees or rocks in the way all right so this is our dometic toilet um it’s pretty easy to use it has a little clip here

Which comes out and that mounts it onto the floor here in the shower so that clip goes in there and that holds it in place while we’re driving around and such when we want to empty the toilet we just undo that clip and undo the top section and take this section into the bathroom flush it away top section gets filled with water and that’s how you flush there’s

A little pump action situation here and then you’ve got a little flusher here a little blue loo in here and it’s really not terrible inside the shower there we’ve got another mixer and a wand full onboard shower is a bit of a luxury and you can see all of that there every so often we pull everything out lift up the boards just like that and clean out anything

In there up here is one independent light this one doesn’t this one operates on its own it’s just got its button there uh again it can dim if you just hold it down and if you double click it it’ll turn red headliner shelf up here for storage we put all our window covers and such in there and there is one little button here which will turn the light on up there

And see everything that’s up this curtain is the two rig curtain comes across and slides which can black us out if we’re stealth camping to rig window curtains here a little pull like that marvelous and on the slide door a full bug screen unclips there and zips down all right so now i’m underneath bruce and there’s some cool stuff down here to check out um here

You can see one of the envy court outdoor speakers there’s also another one further down and two on the opposite side facing this way if i turn you around you can see the grey water tank there and that’s which is where we empty grey water tank needed that’s the original fuel tank and down the back there is the auxiliary fuel tank where the spare tire once would

Have been and here we can see an upgraded braking system which was put on so that his handbrake can hold the extra weight up there on board air since bruce is a big guy he needed a big horn so we upgraded him with an air horn quite loud you can get one of these installed by sprinter pit stop they did a really good job putting this one on in the door entrance

Here there’s a sweet pocket for shoes and also open up our door there let’s make a little table which is great when we’re barbecuing outside so i hope you enjoyed touring bruce banner with me today if there’s anything i miss in this video and you have questions and want to ask me more things about bruce i’m always happy to answer the best place to find me is on

Instagram at we roll with it and you can see more of bruce there ask anything about the rig i hope you enjoyed it until then see you on the trails i hope you enjoyed that content and if you hadn’t noticed we do have an e-book that we sell and the link is just in the description uh it contains 160 pages crowned full of practical advice walkthrough information

Electronic schematics and part lists which will make your job a lot easier for doing a van conversion and it will save you time and money also we’ve created special videos for the ebook which enable you to see walkthroughs for how to do loads of things in the van conversion so that’s for water systems through electrics for how to do simple woodwork joints that

Anyone can do i really believe that anyone regardless of their experience can make a half decent fan conversion thanks for watching we really appreciate you watching our content and we put a lot of effort to make it interesting informative and find those cool projects that feature on our channel consider subscribing leave a comment and we’ll see you next week

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