infiniti qx60 2017 power perform
Altair Club Cars Infiniti QX60 2017 Power Performance while Driving Test Result Found

Infiniti QX60 2017 Power Performance while Driving Test Result Found

Welcome to best car fixes this is mohammed haruni please infinity 2017. they changed the engine on this car and he said that the way the car runs the way the car is totally different when you come here you have a lot of quotes i say you know what let me clear the quotes and drive it again to see what’s come up i don’t see no engine i see a slippery mod there

That cannot make the car running fine sometime airbag light is on but uh before we do anything he went to the dealer they gave him uh a report for the whole diagnosis uh qx60 i’m just trying to be sure that everything is okay let me accelerate this car look good i am performing the complete diagnosis to come with a result please subscribe share and like let

Me put the ac on also to see if there is any problem what is my ac climb here okay but this one i like console 3 plus we just did a transmission i mean engine computer uh yesterday program is brand new i’m gonna pause that right now if you are available in any place in the world please subscribe share or like we have a airbag light on we are 96 percent it take

Time because i’m scanning the whole car you’re gonna come back next week okay no problem okay now is reading everything uh engine signal star circuit break booster can commit can communication circuit drive airbag module drive airbag module drive airbag module drive airbag module low tire pressure fuel level circuit you communication back door low voltage fuel

Level camshaft position actual control bank one camshaft position at twitter bank two okay the light the the check engine light somebody took it away or it’s not there at all but we have coats and we have a camshaft we have a camshaft position sensor is now good this engine may not be okay because the guy says it doesn’t rev good it doesn’t run in good for

The airbag we have no problem with that but we know for sure that the camshaft position activated backward comes your position actuator bank 2 and driver airbag module and fuel level sensor they all have a problem so this car mechanically need to be reviewed i raise it close drive airbag module short drive airbag module driver airbag module it could be this

One it could be i don’t know but it could be this one one of them is no good bravo airbag module occupant sensor abnormal voltage ignition voltage law communication line bcm error vc mirror okay that’s not a problem for now but it looks like this car has mechanical ratio why the chicken you like even is not there so if i go to the engine for example and i want

To see if mil on or off engine control module dtc but let me go to the engine and see if the mill on the data is on or off if it’s on that means bulb if it’s on if it’s off let me go here i want to see the middle i don’t see where there’s a elimination on or off but anyhow i am not going beyond that but we have a problem here and problem also related to indian

Signal thank you for watching please subscribe share and like and see you in another video this is muhammad harold

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Infiniti QX60 2017 Power Performance while Driving Test Result Found By Best Car Fixes

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