infiniti q60 red sport 2022 test
Altair Club Cars Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 2022 – Test Drive & Review (4K)

Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 2022 – Test Drive & Review (4K)

Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 2022 – Test Drive & Review (4K)

What do you think cc it isn’t easy to criticize the drop dead gorgeous 2022 infiniti q60 but discerning sports coupe shoppers want a communicative car not just one that’ll win a beauty contest for enthusiast drivers the infinity coupe is the automotive equivalent of a dial tone for folks seeking a singley two door with a strong twin turbo v6 that’s cheaper

Than similarly equipped rivals the q60 might sound more appealing however maximizing that value proposition requires the entry-level model which undercuts turbo 6 alternatives such as the bmw m440i and audi s5 by up to almost 15 000 although the savings sacrifice performance and legit luxury elements it beats overpaying for the 400 horsepower red sport 400 that’s

Outclassed and likely to get outrun by both the audi and the bimmer the 2022 q60 is more super model than supercar but it does the job if eye candy is more important than engaging handling for 2022 the only change to the q60 lineup is the addition of wireless apple carplay otherwise the sinewy sports coupe is mechanically identical and comes with the same set of

Standard and optional features as the previous model year unlike other intra luxury coupes the q60 has a standard twin-turbo v6 instead of a 4-cylinder engine although its rivals can also be had with sixes the upgrade inflates their price tags which makes the infinity one of the best values in its class to take advantage of this we recommend the pure model those

Who want all-wheel drive can add it for two thousand dollars every q60 is powered by a twin turbo 3.0 liter v6 that makes 300 horsepower in standard form and 400 ponies in the red sport 400 model that muscle is routed through a 7-speed automatic transmission and either standard rear or optional all-wheel drive we’ve only tested the 400 horsepower red sport 400 but

The main differences between it and the regular q60 are standard adaptive dampers and an optional steering system that infinity calls direct adaptive steering the red sport 400 also adds larger wheels with stickier tires and stronger brakes still we’ve driven one without the upgraded steering setup and appreciated its accuracy but wish the effort were higher and

The helm were more direct at least its firm brake pedal provided tons of confidence whenever we had the need to scrub speed the 2022 q60 has different fuel economy ratings since the coupe is available with rear or all-wheel drive the former is expected to earn 19 miles per gallon in the city and 28 mpg on the highway the awd model is rated at 19 miles per gallon

City and 27 mpg highway the red sport 400 is rated at 19 miles per gallon city and 26 highway the last all-wheel drive q60 we ran on our 75 miles per hour highway fuel economy route which is part of our extensive testing regimen beat its epa highway rating by one mile per gallon 28 observed for more information about the q60s fuel economy visit the epa’s website

Inside the q60 offers attractive and high quality materials but the design is starting to look dated the coupe also lacks the stretch out space that many others in this class offer which contributes to an interior that feels cramped still the q60 can be equipped with an assortment of desirable features such as upgraded leather upholstery heated front seats and

Steering wheel and a power adjustable steering wheel interior cubby storage is mostly limited to the door pockets and a bin at the front of the center stack we managed to fit three carry-on bags in its trunk and another seven with the rear seat folded unfortunately the q60 standard dual screen infotainment system is convoluted the top and bottom screens respond

To touch inputs but the upper screen can also be manipulated by a rotary controller on the center console newly standard wireless apple carplay and android auto a usb connection is still required are both standard and a bose audio system as well as a wi-fi hotspot are optional don’t forget to subscribe and like leave me a comment to tell me how you found this

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