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Altair Club Cars Infiniti Q60 – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

Infiniti Q60 – AutoWeek Review – English subtitles

De Q60 is de geestelijke opvolger van de G37 coupé. Met een gloednieuwe 2.0 turbomotor heeft het merk bovendien een motor die wat minder in onmin leeft met ons fiscale klimaat dan een dikke V6. Is dat genoeg voor succes?

It’s been 8 years already since infiniti joined the european market. also, they were positioned in a segment where they looked appealing. the cars weren’t as good as anticipated, the engines were too big. and in the netherlands you obviously need diesels and other entry level engines. i wouldn’t say it was a smart move, it isn’t a widely known brand. right, the successor

Of the infiniti g37 is called q50, but the coupé-version of the g37 is appropriately named q60, infiniti still is quite a rare brand in europe, if i look at the reactions, people seem to be positive about the exterior. people who don’t like the looks, do admit that it does stand out. and that is something you look for when you’re buying a coupé, i mean let’s face it,

You don’t buy cars like this for it’s practicality. a brand new 2,0-litre turbo engine which produces 211 horsepower. exactly what infiniti needed, because there already was a diesel entry model. a 4-cylinder 2,0-litre diesel, borrowed from mercedes, with this 2,0-litre turbo, the q60 becomes a lot more accessible. i already knew the q50, and my point is, i didn’t really

Like that one. that’s not because i don’t like infiniti or because i’m a fan of the usual models, cars like the g37, g37 coupé and convertible, but also the fx was really good. new sort of styling, a proper suspension, nice steering and a very good drivetrain then, the q50 came, and i missed a lot of features the other cars had. they also didn’t replace those features,

And i think it’s because of it’s segment. when infiniti first introduced the g-models and the fx, they were in the premium segment, on the dynamic side to be exact. bmw can’t make their models too sporty, because otherwise they’ll lose track of audi and mercedes. bmw has always been positioned on the ‘a little bit more dynamic’ side of the spectrum. so there’s a gap

Between those and the more sporty cars, and that’s exactly where infiniti wants to be. with those old g models and that fx, they actually did a good job. a few years ago, that g37 was a more sporty car than the bmw 335i. it had a lot in common with the nissan 370z, also shared a lot of parts. so it wasn’t a very refined, quiet car, but a real drivers car. you really

Knew what you were getting for your money. and infiniti said they were still in the dynamic corner of the spectrum, but then they’re mixing some things which you can’t really do. if you want to drive dynamic, you’ll find some things. that’s a typical infiniti-gadget, they were the first with the q50. because when you’re cornering and you hit a pothole, in a normal car

Your steering wheel would move about, so that gives you a sense of ease when you’re driving along but if you go full dynamic, cornering the way you’d want to do in a dynamic car like a bmw or an alfa romeo giulia or something, the moment you hear those tyres scream on the edge of understeer, at that moment, i’d ask myself why they’ve done that. they exceed themselves

When it comes to innovation. because the steering on infiniti’s has always been very good. sure, it’s a selectable option, you can also get the q60 without, the demo’s always get it so i wouldn’t know how it feels without that technology, i’d say ‘rather not.’ it just doesn’t offer anything extra. and that conclusion about the steering, is apparent in the whole car.

It absolutely has a very big ambition, infiniti is technically very able, because mean nissan does have some racing pedigree, but it just comes together in a way which isn’t cohesive at all. the goes for the steering, automatic gearbox as well. it’s supple and quiet but it just doesn’t come together nicely. some of the things on that screen, you can do as well on this

One, only that’s touch and this isn’t. it’s the same when you’re looking at the interior finish. the leather is beautiful, but the knobs are very cheap. here, and here. the gauges then, well, they could’ve been in a nissan pulsar. there’s a reason as well as to why infiniti isn’t doing very well. of course it’s hard to compete with the big 3 from germany, especially

With their values. just try to get inbetween those germans in lease companies. since infiniti changed their model names, they still don’t know where to place their cars. and that’s something you see, feel and experience in the end result. for example, you’ve got something like a safety bubble. that means even though when the automatic cruise control isn’t engaged,

I’m driving full throttle and i get to close to another car, the first time you’ll think you’ll have to accelerate even more, and then it’ll start to brake by itself, even without automatic cruise control. like a sort of acc when you’re driving yourself. that’s interesting. infiniti has some quite advanced technology when it comes to autonomic driving. they were one of

The first, even before tesla introduced autopilot. you just engage ‘active lane keeping’, engage cruise control, it will keep going for quite some time, much longer than a mercedes which’ll beep after 30 seconds, even though that isn’t the fault of the technology, but still. it’s messier than a mercedes or a tesla model s though, and it can go for longer than any other

Car available as well. if you want a audi a5 or a bmw 4-series with the same options, it’ll cost you about €10.000 to €15.000 more.

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