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Altair Club Cars In Vanlife THIS is a Requirement – Saying Goodbye | 3 LEFT

In Vanlife THIS is a Requirement – Saying Goodbye | 3 LEFT

Headed off on another camping trip soon and wanted to take the time to say some bitter sweet farewells before doing so…something that is just mandatory if you are going to live in a tiny home on wheels.

Foreign foreign foreign guys welcome back to the channel this is uh this is a first in a very long time i’m actually topping up my diesel tank because it has been just cold enough in like the wee hours of the morning and late at night you know where i’ve woken up and it’s been a little chilly now granted i i usually don’t sleep in much if anything

Everybody just calm down so i could probably alleviate that by putting on some long jones and a top or you know i could just use the uh diesel heater that i installed and make the house nice and toasty i know that the fur babies would appreciate it wouldn’t you yes you like when the diesel heater’s on so do you don’t you don’t you lie to me eight bucks make

It an even eight and a quarter very good go spill diesel for how hot the summer was i do not mind the fact that i’m already filling up my diesel tank that’s kind of exciting because lucky was just so cozy last winter not being my first winter doing this van life i’m kind of looking forward to the second winter that probably makes me crazy all right we got some

Prepping to do especially in your seat belts kitty cat you can’t really complain about that sky can you huh that’s probably the best part for this time of year because the rest of it is just sort of nonsense because like i said it’s been really cold late at night and early in the morning and then by midday it’s like really hot not like really hot but hot enough

Where it’s like well these layers that i put on to be warm in the morning are unnecessary but now it’s the evening it’s cooled right off again the days don’t know what they want to do i am just doing some prepping for our next camping trip i am heading out tomorrow this will be the first of the final three camping trips of the year and for now all i’m gonna do

For tonight is like i said prep which really just means grab some food grab some really important stuff which is what we’re gonna do first and then i got a few things that i want to get rid of just sort of downsizing lucky which just sort of leans into that whole minimalist idea of this lifestyle what do you want foreign yeah i had to stick with what i know and

What is pretty much a classic on this youtube channel so 36 case basically a suitcase of beer oh it’s gonna rip careful how do they do that make the boxes just a little stronger if you’re gonna put 36 aluminum cans full of beer in there let’s see if this will last me through the next three i bet you not but only because i’ve got a trip back out to see my family

In between these three camping trips so maybe it’ll last for this weekend and then next weekend because we are going back to back this weekend we weren’t actually supposed to be going camping originally but if you’ve been watching my last few videos we had to cancel last weekend so now we are back on track hello it’s probably time for you to take your food away

Isn’t it you probably had it long enough you finished eating right now and then say bye-bye food and we’ll stick the lucky inside lucky but that will probably have to end up at the back of the van because that just is inconvenient as all get out and now he’s back i see you sir this is kind of perfect i’m literally getting everything i need to get done in this

One little area all superstore gas booze groceries i guess that’s one of the perks of living in the city convenience no i probably don’t actually need a lot of things but i’m gonna need a few staples which i don’t even know what those would be right now lindsay is doing something for meals oh no she did text me i have to get stuff for calzones so like cheese and

Meat that’s what we’re on a quest for foreign i was gonna say and just like that it’s a beautiful sunset it’s gone it’s still just kind of peeking out back there that’s another thing about this time of year times of fickle we’re fleeting to go either way i guess of course i got a little bit more than just the pepperoni and the cheese i got stuff like salty

Nuts dandy bag salad because i don’t want to be a complete savage so now we got to get back to our tiny home on wheels parked way over yonder and pretty much wrap up this night because i cannot be staying up late again i gotta work tomorrow and then i gotta drive and it’s not like this place is around the corner i’m still enjoying like literally every minute of

This lifestyle i need to do a video talking about my actual thoughts on van life we’re coming up on a year that i’ve been doing it which is a pretty big deal for me um i know there’s other people out there that have been doing it for far longer for sure but for me this is it’s pretty cool anyway let’s get uh squirreled away and lucky finish up this micro vlog

I know it ain’t going to be anywhere near as long as the last two were who’s in here taking care of the house well that’ll be you peeking over hello it’s very dark in here we better get some lights turned on but before we do that or maybe sound like alex myers but before that real quick don’t worry this video doesn’t have a sponsor i’m just gonna move lucky

Over to the corner of the parking lot just so we’re away from prying eyes because i’m still sort of i like the idea of thinking i’m being real sneaky literally anything but you’ll come in handy in a minute there we go all right shortest trip ever house lights yay this will be some blind shooting because i don’t know what that camera angle looks like it

Shouldn’t be too bad take off your shoes don’t track dirt into the house okay giant box oh hi yes come on oh yeah i told you i’d take your food away say bye bye food until the morning come on i need in the fridge thank you wow there goes yep okay that’s perfect thanks penny all right i actually kind of organized the fridge last night it’s chock full of bottled

Water i do you and my phone need a room penny rubbing up on it my goodness you should be so embarrassed we don’t even see your butthole again oh yeah that’s your new way of getting around okay anybody want some cats kidding you can’t have either one of them they’re mine yeah i bought bottled water yesterday when i was a canadian tire because it was on sale it

Was like 24 bottles for like four bucks or something i was wondering like i can’t really test this theory now because it’s not below freezing outside we’re not that cold yet but i’m wondering if now that i have the fridge this year this will be the better way to do my drinking water because last year i was just getting those big bottles like this well this is my

Distilled water for my batteries and my nose when the uh occasion arises the need arises i just had these for my drinking water and of course the water supply that’s attached to my sink but the problem with those bottles is they were on the floor and they would tend to freeze until i put those mats down but that’s also very bulky so i mean this takes up a lot of

Room in the fridge sure but i don’t know that’s where my head’s at not that anybody asked got some soap because there’s showers at this campground where we’re going to pizza mozzarella pepperoni like that’s a butt ton of pepperoni so that should feed the three of us hot dogs because obviously although normally i just i get the fancy like cheddar smokies we’re on

A bit of a budget we just went with the original hot dogs i don’t even want to know what this is made out of yikes right so i can go up there and i did actually get a bag salad i wasn’t lying that’ll be more for like my lunch tomorrow i’ve been eating far too much crap lately oh i also got myself some snap peas apparently i really need vegetables all right and

Then i did get salted nuts because you gotta treat yourself and another thing of bread which i find that this sourdough bread works i don’t know that it works better than actual hot dog buns but it sure tastes better than hot dog buns and that is that the fridge is stacked stacked stocked oh it is late to be fair it’s not that late 808 i have no excuses move your

Bread over here throw out the grapes that have gone bad yuck now one thing i kind of mentioned earlier when i i think i mentioned it earlier when i said minimalist sort of idea to this lifestyle i’ve spoken about it before in videos and definitely on my live streams the one thing that really appealed to me about van life was the cutting down on just the amount

Of stuff right he said well he was literally surrounded by stuff but if you knew me before when i was in sticks and bricks this is this is nothing the one main thing that i’ve talked about before is purging we accumulate so much stuff and how purging feels so good doesn’t matter what it is you go through your house or your van or whatever wherever you live and

You just decide that’s it enough is enough i haven’t used this this and this and it’s time to go because i’m literally just tripping over it well i got a lot of stuff like that i went through in preparation for the weather change i went through my wheel well box that’s over on this side a lot of clothes i got a lot of clothes in the wheel well box on this side as

Well that one’s harder to get too obviously because my bed’s on top of it that freaking helicopter is still out there i’m trying to shoot a vlog goth some people’s kids have to touch it on two occasions win the season hey you two need to just love each other okay enough of this my lord you’re you’re misbehaving you go to the back you go to the front one meter

Rule what the hell was i saying duh you’re a brat oh right one of two occasions when i’d have to go into that wheel well box when the seasons change basically from summer to winter like that good transitions yep fall in spring and let’s have my rotational of season clothes in there this will all box was it was literally chocked full of stuff with stuff that

Doesn’t fit in that box and other items that i thought i might need that i just don’t because i had one of my awesome subscribers say very early on after my channel took off when i talked about this they said if you don’t use something for six months then get rid of it well it’s definitely been six months here’s that bag of clothes this is going in the donation

Bin which is literally basically right beside us a little bit behind us i wrapped that up the other day so we’re gonna donate that and then the part that i’m sure will break a lot of hearts including my own is it wasn’t so much a problem in lucky because my awesome cousin let me use a drawer in a dresser in her basement uh that sounds so sad because you let me

Use one drawer in the basement i used it for my hawaiian shirts i love these things i’ve got quite a few of them for those that may not know i used to work for a photography company i did that for about seven years long story short i was a group photographer at the tail end of that before i moved into yearbooks that’s when i decided to just screw the work attire

And i started wearing hawaiian shirts over top of my like lifetouch shirts and whatnot because when you’re taking group photos of kids hello from kindergarten all the way up to high school junior high classroom group photos you need something that just sort of makes you stand out puts the attention on you and holds the kids attention especially when they’re

Younger grades you know one through six and whatnot so i found that my hawaiian shirts really came in handy they have been in that dresser since i moved into the van so we are going to pass them off to a better home and i know that that’s a tragedy but obviously i’ve sort of moved on grown up i got my dixon shirts now and there’s just no point that being said i

Will be keeping two of my absolute favorites which is this one and this one which is an actual real hawaiian shirt from hawaii this one will be staying as well as well maybe it’s the yellow one that’s actually because this one says ralph lauren maybe it was this one no it says made in china either way these are the ones i like the best so they’re staying and

Then the rest of them we will be we will be donating and like if you’ve been watching my vlogs or if you’ve gone back and watched all my vlogs you’ve seen me where all of these shirts before they’re great i just i don’t need them and they are literally just taking up space either at my cousin’s house or they would end up just taking up space and lucky but it’s

Time to stella just took a dump well this is just like a live stream oh my god okay i’ll be right back can’t live with that where’s my flashlight because you got to be able to see the poop when you’re scooping it good grief cat what did you eat not enough food dad okay getting right back on track my hawaiian shirts that are being donated oh this one’s really

Nice too but that’s the thing is we get these attack we get these attachments to things right and it’s just i think on a certain level it can be very unhealthy especially when you change your life and you’re reducing down and living in a more minimalist way to better yourself you don’t need all of these things i’ll always have those memories they’ll be in the

Vlogs that i filmed it’s fine they’re just things at the end of the day right things that i don’t use so yeah a whole little sack of them here but i know there will be some people out there that will always ask well we are the hawaiian shirts you know we’re building the collection back up because dixon during the summer has a lot of very hawaiian style s shirts

Which just really means at the end of the day loud shirts right so we will be adding these two to the dixon collection behave yourselves you’ll be nice to the dixens just because you got seniority doesn’t give you the right to be jerks and the rest we will be donating right now because we just need to uh purge right that’s what this is all about and it’s a good

Thing to just be just be letting go although this one is do we keep three this one has bare bums on it freaking helicopter is back foreign bye-bye

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In Vanlife THIS is a Requirement – Saying Goodbye | 3 LEFT! By VanlifePLUS

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