imsa mazda mx 5 cup 2022 crashes
Altair Club Cars IMSA Mazda MX-5 Cup 2022 Crashes Compilation

IMSA Mazda MX-5 Cup 2022 Crashes Compilation

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Do it through the bus stop it is connor zelich still easily in control but further back there’s a bit of chaos and spade woody hyman woody highman’s gonna arrive great job keeping it out of the dirt on behind though it’s gonna cause all kinds of chaos the 69’s gone around he was he was hit earlier today in qualifying it was not his fault i think he’s being pushed

There again my seat fraud progress uh yes that is i’m so lucky he thought he got it back you’re gonna have to slip the clutch a little bit i’ll keep the revs down oh that was a bigger off than i thought he was he’s hitting the barriers there two by two to the line it’s celine roll on gonzalez gonzalez down below the yellow light takes it but below the yellow

Line is the crucial thing there and there goes my line into the wall in turn one after the check it flagged now the line it was gonzalez news that will be being looked at thing oh the bump at the ends and relating to the wall i’ve just had confirmation too it is sprinkling out there every one of our competitors is on flexes there’s a big one in jensen ultimate

Is off as well as the 21 uh that is coming through the kink they tried to go three wide tyler gonzalez well they tried going side by side through the kink there was contact yes john salm just winding up the unlucky victim no michael carter is into the wall big way up on the high side both sides of his number zero eight mazda left rear bf goodrich racing slick

On the yellow line and at that point michael was on the brakes really really quickly but at that point frankly he was a passenger what happened yesterday at the bus stop where he got hit from behind and then knocked off the track but crashed him a bit too far back for that right now as there is chaos behind and we’ve got zach matthew dirks in the 76. it is and

There’s damage to that front of that car camber of the tires makes you makes the tires stick out and then the slightest touch and it was the slightest touch that took that number 69 right across the front of everyone else and we’re 21 of bruno good bit of avoidance as well if i’m honest here into the tires looks like he missed his breaking points the tires the

Banded tires right in the middle of and between turns 13 and 14. very very close a day down to the first corner sam perry pulls out in the blue card tries to go all the way around this could well bring out the red flag not just a yellow when there’s a car upside down that was a huge accident what started the woody ah he was right down the inside on the inside curb

And hit it with these right wheels also right in there the number 65 that was the hixson motorsport car that had the problem the timing strings just changed so he’s lost to put the positions down there’s a contact and turn one and the round goes glenn mcgee and this time he goes down the inside overtaking a couple of two cars a couple of cars at turn ten and the

15th car we think it was for contact with john joe dwayne but uh still waiting on confirmation of that as there was contact further back in the field that’s alex pachura getting into the side of bruno carniero level playing field so they can get some help oh yes i think that’s carter in the zero eight it is and he’s pushing all the way in there got the 76 loose

That might be bad news the lead battle was going on and gonzalez goes down the inside and then behind it was the 76 that went around so that was dirks that went around and started it all so that was how it started i just caught a glimpse of that and wait and rejoined and they have lost oh a handful of places and behind them that’s going to cause problems around

Because the 82 woody hayman push wide that’s going to cost him a position to fast snack the fast that could hold on round the outside of the dark color guard behind there’s a huge hunter the hixson in that number 24 car so used to seeing him in this all red crystal colors and down at turn six oh big outside you never want to be on the outside as they came across

The line and tornello having a cracking battle at the moment with alex pachira in the 33 and behind them there’s trouble there was a little touch there and a round goes involved there as their kids side by side that was heavy contact oh this it was nearly two chris noons yeah oh not a good this is extraordinary stuff as fast that comes together with these teammates

And matthew dirks is off the track in the late sort of creamy green colored car tries to come around the outside is the head up the hill and under the bridge for the first time in clergyman is being pushed along ah there’s a spin down through the field that’s david starb i think in the 36 the blue cardinals as they were coming up to the top of the hill down the

Inside hidden fast snack that was a fairly stout hip and shoulder from fastnack really good half save from parker cliegeman as he came through and it looked like he was going to save it and then the car did what’s known in the trade as a tank slapper swap the other way now if he could have got it into first straight away so that must have been jensen altman that

He joined in behind and further back again a spin for the 37 of michael stop in the slipstream performance car in one of those very pretty blue cars safety truck uh i think he just missed his breaking point oh no he got help um i’m not sure how the 51 got involved that was a big big sideways moment and a great bit of avoidance uh from the driver of the number 27

Car that was in behind that now the question is oh he was turned around this time and no it was i’ll catch the other car in the moment it was the right hand side impact that sent him in there and i’m afraid there’s no coming out of that said that running for hixson bought the sports oh what a big bump there for peely right front to right to left rear of the car

Aggression wagner will jump up to second undoubtedly and it’s contact between the two going into six both cars spinning off and then into the tires hard bizarrely i’m slightly disappointed by that i thought we might see for more than that across the track there is a little bit of rubbing at the back of the field at the start and see what happens towards the uh

Rear end of the grid oh well the 37 got a portion oh no it’s not the first corner is it not at all it’s at the final corner my apologies hadn’t realized he’d gone so far off there for jtr and jared thomas well the problem don is that his worst weekend came of road america is he actually got sideways on a break at the top of roller coaster to finish fourth fifth

Sixth and seventh but none of those are trophy positions and wow it was a big hit for chris nunes’s white car coming down guys it would save all phase number 13 cup excuse me of in fast knocks god not getting out this is down at 10am 10b was trying to go around max zapalski in the green and black car got the swapper on that is michael’s star pulled off to the

Side of the track at the exit of five after a very scary ride moment down at the bottom of the hill although also at 250 000 he can’t be seen as helping his teammate in this battle with jared thomas top the hill now did he jump or was he pushed turned five i think we’ve been further back in the big teeth aaron who just won the nasa championship for sprint racing

Back in weathertech raceway we’re going to take us we’re looking for the black no full course yellow full course yellow i think it has to it’s too much curb oh just lost it’s regained by jared thomas in the space of two corners oh he gets hit by dirks and he’s off there’s the championship disappearing leading group of cars and i wonder if hixson have said another

Huge moment for jared jared thomas his guitar in sixth jared thomas back up to 11. there it is charging but there’s not enough time oh of course

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IMSA Mazda MX-5 Cup 2022 Crashes Compilation By Motorsport Chaos

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