important if you want to try and
Altair Club Cars IMPORTANT If you want to try and get an 20230 Acura PMC TLX Type S, you need to watch this now

IMPORTANT If you want to try and get an 20230 Acura PMC TLX Type S, you need to watch this now

VERY LIMITED! If you want to try and get your hands on one of the very limited 2023 Acura PMC TLX Type S. Only 300 will be built. Orders go LIVE on October 6th!

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on a 2023 acura tlx type s pmc edition you’re gonna have to listen to this now hi it’s justin with sarah acura and it’s very urgent that you watch this video if you’re interested in trying to get your hands on one of the limited edition pmc tlx type s models so a few months ago acura announced that they’re going

To make a limited run of 300 tlx type s in the p at the pmc performance manufacturing center limited edition it’s going to be available in three different colors and these aren’t going to be available through normal channels so normally you go to your dealer say i want to try to get one of these they will distribute these throughout the dealerships and you try

To get your hands on on one of these if it becomes available or if you were the first one to get to your dealership to get one but acura is doing this a little bit different they’re doing it similar to what they did with the nsx and they are doing it through the reserve tool on so why is it important that you need to watch this now because that starts

October 6th and depending when you’re watching this video it could be right now so at 10 a.m pacific standard time or 1 pm uh eastern standard time the reserve tool will open and they’ll they’re going by color so the curva red will be the first one available october 6th similar to the nsx you have to put all your information in there’s a required two thousand

Dollar deposit to reserve your vehicle and you should know if you can get on there and get all the information in there and reserve your car you’ll know pro from what they’re saying is you’ll know right away whether you got one or you didn’t um there will be only a select handful available through the dealerships i wouldn’t count on that so if you are interested

In trying to get one i would definitely hop on the reserve tool on october 6. if you’re interested in the red now they’re going to break them up by color so the following month will be november 9th and that will be the 130r white and so the white one will be available november 9th same time 11 a.m pacific standard time or 1 pm eastern standard time and then the

Popular long beach blue pearl will be the third one that’s available and it will be available december 8th so keep in mind find that you only get one shot at it only one per person so if you didn’t get a red one you could try to hop on get a white one or a blue one vice versa but if you’ll wait to try to get that blue one if that’s the one you want you might miss

Out on your opportunity to get any tlx type spmc period so first come first serve first people on they should with only 300 available they should these will fill up quickly according to what actors sent out to us actually there’s 300 total available there will only be a 50 available on each date through the reserve tool the other 150 will be made available through

The dealers and i’d recommend trying to decide what colors you want to do what and just hop it on if and getting your shot to try to get one i i do uh these you typically when there’s that low of volume and figure 50 of them that’s one per state they’re going to go quickly so make sure you get your give yourself an opportunity get on there keep in mind it is a two

Thousand dollar deposit and you will select your dealer that you choose to uh to work with as far as delivery of that vehicle so uh if you go to i think you can get a little bit of the idea as far as what’s available they did announce that the vehicle will be um msrp expected to be in the low to mid sixty thousand dollars so right now that’s all the all

The information they’ve given us again if you’re interested make sure that you hop on there at that time and i even get on a little bit earlier and keep trying if if you definitely want a particular color you maybe even have multiple people in the family try to hop on there and reserve that vehicle for you so you’re you cannot do this through your dealer if you

Come to us we can’t get it for you so make sure you hop on there and try to get it again hopefully that helped i know this is limited and there aren’t uh many available but that’s the way it goes and actors trying to divide this up as fairly as possible so good luck to you and again tomorrow 10 a.m pacific standard time i’m sorry october 6th depending when you’re

Watching that that could be tomorrow it could be today please make sure you hop on the reservetool and try to get yourself the tlx pmc edition talk to you soon

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IMPORTANT! If you want to try and get an 20230 Acura PMC TLX Type S, you need to watch this now! By Serra Acura

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