img 4711 2012 ram 2500 st crew c
Altair Club Cars IMG 4711 2012 Ram 2500 ST Crew Cab 4WD

IMG 4711 2012 Ram 2500 ST Crew Cab 4WD

2012 Ram 2500 ST Crew Cab 4WD Just in this Ram has 189,000 Miles with a 6.7L I6 CUMMINS TURBO DIESEL ENGINE, Automatic Transmission. Equipped with Leather Interior, Power Windows/Locks, Cruise Control, 20″ Toyo Tires with Aftermarket Rims, Air Conditioning, Keyless Entry, Automatic Headlights, Tow Hitch Receiver. For Sale on CONSIGNMENT. Clean CARFAX History. Watch the video for an in-depth description at Call 9th Street AutoPlaza for more information 618-450-2600. (CONSIGNMENT – NOT DEALER OWNED, PRIVATE PARTY SALE, MUST ARRANGE YOUR OWN FINANCING)

Hey everybody knight street auto plaza mount carmel illinois today we got a really nice red 2012 ram 2500 st this is a 4×4 with an automatic and yes folks it’s got the 6.7 liter cummins 189 on the miles 189 000 miles and it’s got a clean carfax i’m gonna take you on a virtual tour and show you the imperfections of the truck this dealership we don’t hide anything

We’re gonna show it to you these are used vehicles so we’re not gonna waste your time or ours all right we’re gonna start the front end we’re gonna have rock chips of course this truck has big tires we’ve got rock chips down the side we’ll point them out okay we got a few rock chips on the front the front bumper is pretty much immaculate a little bit of wax i didn’t

Wipe off there’s uh some rock chips up front nothing real serious the rest of the hood’s in good shape there’s one right here we’re gonna start with the driver’s side and go down here the tires on this thing are toyo tires um they’re open country uh ats uh this these things are 20s almost positive yeah 285 60 r20 uh these things are practically new 90 at least

Tread or more um very good shape all the way around we do have one little rock chip up here and a few up here and of course down here we’re gonna have some all up across the bottom here it goes pretty much a few here along the sides as far as dents anything like that there’s nothing to note on the driver’s door or the passenger door get a shot of the underneath

The truck it’s very clean throughout the entire truck there is no rust see that cab corner so everything’s good very nice condition okay we’ve got a couple rock chips here a couple right there again guys practically new tires toyo open countries you got some rock chips along the back and here because as far as dents guys honestly it’s pretty straight just

Got some rock chips put a nice set of fender flares on and painted them and they do look real nice back bumpers in good shape uh nobody’s backed into it that’s kind of odd for a dodge cummins got a rock chip here i don’t know how it got there but i got a little chip here um we do have a bed liner delegate comes down uh the beds have not been used hardly at all

Of course you got your uh class five towing of course 6.7 liter cummins in this thing come down the passenger side we’re gonna have some rock chips along there again this does have the dump right behind the axle all right more rock chips alongside there there is one small little ding you guys can’t even see it but i’m gonna note it it’s right there of course

Along the bottom is going to be rock chips again guys this truck is very clean you won’t be wasting your time coming to look at this one it’s really nice uh front fender good shape wheels are in good shape of course you do have your tow mirrors those do flip up let’s check the inside out this is the st so that means you do have the rubber floor mats throughout

You got the on each side you got your storage down here got your husky liners all throughout you got your leather seats your vinyl all in good shape no rips or anything like that headliner is intact we do have books again your husky liners no rips or tears dash is intact of course you do have your child locks if you need them storage here storage underneath

Your jack tool tire tools everything like that etc over there got some wear with your feet coming in out right there uh there is no rips or anything like that in the leather on the seat i said guys the interior’s in good shape of course it st it’s easy to keep clean um you have your uh rubber floor mats it does have a trailer brake it is tied up with a zip

Tie right now but uh it does have a tuner on it and i was told that he closed it in the door right here so the tune is is in there it’s it’s already decoded we’ll get in here and we’ll start it up all right guys got 189 556 of the miles that’s 189 556 on the miles there are no check engine lights or anything like that this light right here is my seat belt light

Which i do not have on we got the door open uh function right now i’ll close it this thing sounds good and drives good guys we’re gonna do a rev test throttle response is fast sounds good all right guys we’re going to go center console here right now lows get scott sheer treated lumber it offers the natural look of wood with added protection for your outdoor

Very good tr um stereo got your trailer tow right here and our skid and et cetera we’re going to go ahead and try each one of the stages in the in the fan motor make sure each one works work as they should over here you got your cruise control thing like that this controls your stereo i’m sorry no denim stars goes under here fuel economy everything like that um

We’re gonna go ahead and check out your uh we’ll do the mirrors first to show you they do work and the driver’s side works as it should passenger side works as it should we’re gonna go ahead and go to the windows we got the first two or the auto function and all windows work as they should uh try to think anything else here we’re missing we’ve got plenty of storage

Plenty of drink holders that’s one thing about dodge they at least think about the drink holders and storage guys this thing’s a nice truck i wouldn’t mind having it myself come take a drive in this thing i don’t think you’ll be disappointed let’s check under the hood this thing has been deleted also so this thing runs out really good guys it sounds really good

Too all right let’s do a little recap on this thing we got a 2012 ram 2500 it is an st 4×4 automatic 6.7 liter cummins it’s got 189 on the miles 189 000. it’s got a clean carfax we’re located at 800 west 9th street mount carmel illinois you can give us a call 618-450-2600 again that’s 618-450-2600 you can visit us on the web you can see the carfax and also the

Video that’s again knight street hey guys i hope this helped your buying experience and have a wonderful day

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IMG 4711 2012 Ram 2500 ST Crew Cab 4WD By 9th Street AutoPlaza

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