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The 2022 Shelby Super Snake F-150 has arrived with all 775 horses. This beautiful, lowered street truck has become one of the hottest selling specialty trucks on the market.

Arguably one of the most menacing color combinations on the shelby super snake f-150 truck this is a 2022 model 775 horsepower limited production truck agate black exterior color black wheels black exhaust system has gray stripes on it and it’s an absolutely fun to drive truck foreign patterson national specialty vehicle manager here at reddick brown ford we’re

About an hour south of nashville tennessee your number one forward performance and specialty vehicle dealership behind the cameras braxton uh here’s what we’re gonna do this is a 2022 model year uh shelby super snake f-150 truck absolutely downed in upgrades on your suspension you’re going to notice a big difference in the evolution on the shelby super snake truck

Ride quality is insane it’s awesome uh new steel hood for uh 21-22 model painted to match you do have that same dual intake ram air hood here honeycomb inserts uh you’ve got your hood vents here a lot of heat extraction coming out of here enhanced cooling on these trucks supercharged lettering on it gray stripes are going to go all the way from the front of the

Front bumper all the way to the rear side of the tailgate kind of that glossy a little bit of metallic look in that gray stripe here front replacement grill this thing is sick man it looks really good from a distance new in 21 added carried over in the 2022 model painted to match to that gray shelby raised lettering still going to have that front facing camera

So you still got full utility of your front facing camera here replacement front bumper honeycomb inserts all throughout the truck it’s got that kind of linex grit chin splitter up front as well told you you got a full suspension lowering kit you’ve got a ride tex box shock upgrade awesome system plus ride and we’ve got on this setup we’ve got a 305 40 22 tire

It’s a toyo street tire 22 inch black gloss wheel you’ve got your powder coated red caliper covers here on the truck overall man awesome setup here lowered street truck you got about eight nine inch clearance on the truck you can get in in and out of it a lot of buyers like the ability to just slide into that front seat and just start driving so it’s that cool

California street truck with a lot of power it’s fun to drive luxury on the inside which we’re going to take a look in just a few minutes ford came out with a new badging uh here for the fender you’ve got your front fender badge super snake on it honeycomb insert you’ve got a four piece ground effect kit your rocker graphics have your shelby lettering so you’re

Going to see shelby badged all throughout the trunk they’re also serialized so we’ll see under the hood we’ll see one badge that’ll match the interior badge as well side mirror spotlights on the truck you do have adaptive cruise control a lot of good technology that utilizes a lot of the sensors on the truck to make this thing high-tech and crazy keyless entry pad

As well another ford option that we’re going to carry over to this fully loaded lariat truck so you’re gonna have a lot of options on the lariat plus all the upgrades that you’re going to get from shelby painted a match tonneau cover it has your stripes on it real easy to use pretty lightweight as well replacement bumper here that’s got your dual out exhaust your

High gloss black tip as well it’s that borla quiet tone exhaust where you’re going to hear the exhaust sound uh cold start you can hear it in your low rpm range as soon as you start to accelerate you’re going to hear it it’s not going to drone inside the cab so you can still have a conversation listen to the radio you name it you just want to chill out after a long

Long day’s work you can do that as well so shelby lettering on the rear side here stripes following all the way down to the bottom side of your tailgate now that’s the exterior of this truck this thing looks great but we got to take a look at the inside as well now inside the cab of our 2022 f-150 lot of room in here both in your front seats and your rear seats

Actually our rear seats are bigger than any other competitor that’s out there a lot of room so we’ve upgraded the seats here so they still are heated and ventilated so they’re heated and cooled you’ve got the bang and oliston syria upgraded stereo system the unleashed it’s got speakers in your headrest and all throughout the truck but real cool leather design they

Don’t put the snake or anything on the headrest anymore because they need the perforations for the speakers you’re going to be badged again i told you center console this is serial number 110 of the super snakes for 2022 and i’ll show you under the hood in just a few minutes and let you see you’ve got a matching badge there as well leather wrapped steering wheel

Real good comfortable um easy to drive set up a lot of good road visibility here we’ve got a new digital cluster up front big 12 inch center stack screen it’s got all your productivity there the owner’s manual is actually in there a lot of people have can are confused we don’t necessarily have a lot of owner’s manuals or printed manuals anymore so all of those q

A that you need is inside your system settings of your center screen so it’s it’s wireless apple carplay for those of you that do enjoy that apple system so that way you can do all your apps use waze if you’re into ways for directions or driving or just use the general navigation the system is going to be split in two panes so you’re gonna have one major 230

Or screen is going to be the major pain and then on the right side of the screen about a third of that is a section a second option whether you want to see data about your truck or audio or whatever the case is you can still do that everything’s hands-free free on the truck so you can you know make your calls change your radio stations all those functions are

Hands-free now also what you’re going to notice is you look out you’re going to see the carbon fiber all throughout the trim it’s a lot of great carbon fiber accent ford is really dialed in the interior dash of the trucks there’s a lot of great uh great looking style cues on the 2022 f-150 chassis that she’ll be uses so it’s going to have a twin panel moon roof the

Shade is actually closed right now so you could tell it’s pretty dark in here but you can open that shade if you just want to open the shade and then if you want to open the shade and the glass you can do that as well in the back you’re also going to have the power rear sliding glass as well now the truck is also going to be badged this is the 60th anniversary shelby

Americans so right on that second glove box and you’ve got two now one your standard glove box and then right above that you’ve got a second button here right underneath one of your vents to showcase that shelby american 60 anniversary really cool uh badging there as well so the truck does have your collapsible center shifter that you can fold down it does not have

The um work surface interior work surface option but you still can put that down if you need to store some items during you know travel if you park you want to do some work you can use that functionality now we talked about the exterior we talked about the interior but you guys want to see what’s under the hood let’s take a look so under the hood this is where this

Is where all the action happens first thing we’ll do we’re going to do a verification shelby serial number right underneath this is 110 it’s going to match your center console uh badging this starts out ford’s 5 liter v8 coyote engine naturally aspirated it’s a little at you know 400 horsepower shelby’s going to take this thing they’re going to add ripples 3.0 uh

Supercharger it’s powder coated ford racing blue uh oversized carbon fiber intake throttle body upgrades fuel injectors spark plugs you’ve got your board exhaust system it’s going to tune up to 775 horsepower and not to mention still going to carry a warranty so a lot of people want to peace of mind is they buy a product like this no apologies needed this is the

Real deal and you’re still going to keep your factory warranty you’re also going to get a warranty offered through tuscany shelby to that 30 or 36 000 miles to the those of you that need that now we do offer uh some of you might need gears so it’s a six year hundred thousand mile warranty or you might need the miles if you’re going to use this as a daily driver

And enjoy it and i’ll tell you a lot of people ask you know you know what do people do with this i’d say you know probably 50 50 or daily drivers on the super snake some end up as weekend cruisers others you know somebody wants to add it to a collection but you see a lot of this truck as a daily driver everything’s been labeled underneath so that way your local

Service ford service department will be able to handle your maintenance on this including supercharger oil intervals uh oil change everything so you got everything labeled inside your engine bay stickers for your warranty as well so we’ve made it easy for you great piece of my truck and an awesome awesome riding truck as well listen if you have any questions about

This truck or any others that we offer at reddick brown ford again i’m brock patterson specialty vehicle manager here and you can text me or call me at 615-397-331 or if you want to email me you can email me brock.patterson redditbrown.com and we appreciate all this port make sure like the video leave us some comments is this black on black the most menacing super snake truck out there

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IF BATMAN HAD A TRUCK! By Reddick Brown Ford

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