ice drifting in a 30000 porsche
Altair Club Cars ICE DRIFTING in a 30,000 Porsche Taycan 2022 | Watch Anish Drift Fails

ICE DRIFTING in a 30,000 Porsche Taycan 2022 | Watch Anish Drift Fails

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Not say big white fights that was a wipeout yeah okay so we’ve made it to uh that is it in the north of finland well land plan yeah as a kid you always want to come here because it’s where you get all your christmas presents now it’s where you’ll go as an adult to see around 40 porsches uh drifting the snow and hopefully my one doesn’t get wrapped around a

Christmas tree i’ve not drifted in the snow before i’ve driven a light in the snow but i’ve not gone drifting um in the snow before so it’s the first experience for me and then later we have uh some exclusive looks at the new pieces that tag gonna release at the end of this month so we’re here in finland as part of a porsche experience but also to see the first

Reveal of the new tag hoya carrera the carrera zero two chronograph it’s been reimagined in a porsche yellow library same color tone that they use uh in a lot of their cards especially what we’ve been driving in these um gt4s what you have is a mixture of gloss and satin brush finishes on the case a lot of these angles with with different finishing elements to

Separate them in the dial you’ve got the sub-dials which have this like concrete asphalt type of texture similar to the roads to make it more synonymous with porsche’s driving brand and on the back what you have is you have a portion tag or detailing on the the rotor but especially the rotor is shaped like the steering wheel of the car as well so limited two and

A half thousand pieces very cool i know they sold tons of the original series that they brought out um in 2020 so i think this is going to go super fast so just explain to us everything that we need to do i’ve forgotten every part of it showed us how to drift around the track in an all-wheel drive which is what target is and he made it look super easy which of

Course we are gonna do like destruction derby oh that’s a big wipeout that was the wipeout yeah rescue vehicle the thing is you do it once then you try and figure out how you did it then you try and do it again that’s okay just put the car neutral yeah no braking okay just uh so yeah i got stuck on a hill hit the side of the circuit and now getting towed

Out like this perfect how much those rooms exquisite exquisite oh that’s a big drift big nose round on this one catch the inside on pirate well it was nice notice oh that was the best we are vertical what is the best mount can i get out naughty chance me we’re looking at the sky i was trying to power around the corner but i misappropriated the break and

Then overcompensated with the power and basically slipped and i didn’t have enough acceleration when i turned so then instead of carrying on drifting it turned and just went uphill george what do you think of anna she’s driving then he’s still got his shades on i’m like he was in sports mode glasses and in the car he needs backup yeah look at everyone i

Heard someone got that so this is not valenciaga paris fashion week 2022 this is lapland safari 2022. they’ve given us a ton of ovals to these massive shoes because we’re going out on these snow bikes for the next two hours i don’t really know but i think it’s going to be cool whatever it is foreign

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ICE DRIFTING in a $130,000 Porsche Taycan 2022 | Watch Anish Drift Fails By WatchAnish

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