i sold my tacoma for a ford mave
Altair Club Cars I Sold My Tacoma For A Ford Maverick & You Should Too

I Sold My Tacoma For A Ford Maverick & You Should Too

There are a lot of trucks on the market, but none of them seemed to check all my boxes to being the perfect truck… that is until the Ford Maverick was announced. Tune in to see why I sold my TRD Off-Road Toyota Tacoma for a base model (XL) Maverick.

This is my 2022 ford maverick that i actually sold my toyota tacoma for let’s talk about it hey everyone josh here again with daily mountain bike rider and while my channel is normally about just mountain biking and other bike related topics i realize that in order to get to mountain bike trails and biking in general it’s nice to have a vehicle and cars are just

Fun now i’m going to talk about my new vehicle which is this 2022 ford maverick but what a lot of you may not know is i actually had a very nice 2017 toyota tacoma it was a trd off-road version and i absolutely loved that truck well i loved it except for a few things that really stood out to me number one it got pretty terrible gas mileage on average in the hilly

Area of the pacific northwest that i live in i was getting 18 or 19 miles a gallon and another thing was that it was way more capable than what i actually needed it had all these off-road features and lifted suspension and skid plates and really i never used most of that because i was just driving to the trailhead on paved roads or going up unpaved roads that were

Pretty flat and last but not least have you seen the prices of toyota tacomas i mean they are ridiculously expensive and i saw my truck that i bought at a very fair price continually to go up and realized i could probably make money by selling it but the issue was i needed to find a version of the toyota tacoma that would actually suit my needs and that’s where this

Comes into play you see i actually sold my toyota tacoma before i knew this truck was going to come out but i was waiting for an electric or a hybrid vehicle that would get better gas mileage that only had the features i actually need which for me as a mountain biker i love having a truck in order to throw my bikes in the back after a ride or to carry four people

Inside and bikes on the back and go on an adventure and besides that i didn’t really need much else so back in june of 2021 when i saw this truck introduced i saw that was a front-wheel drive hybrid that got up to 40 miles per gallon and get this the price started at 20 000. i have never clicked by on something quicker and if you look at my build i actually have

The xl version of the maverick and this thing besides the upgraded wheels only has a spray in bed liner a trailer hitch receiver and then the wheels that i upgraded and that came all in at twenty two thousand five hundred dollars plus taxes and licensing and all that and i actually found these wheels and tires as a take off from somebody who had a bronco sport so

To upgrade these and sell the stock ones i had only cost me an additional 500 and i must say this thing looks pretty stinking awesome now if you’re watching this video it’s probably because you’re interested in the maverick or you’re wondering if this actually is a suitable replacement for a full-size truck and there was a couple of things that were concerning to

Me but quickly i figured out first was the back here and i was wondering can a regular size mountain bike or if i have a freakishly tall friend who has a double xl 29er fit in here with the bikes being over the tailgate with a tailgate pad and the answer is yes as you can see here this is my medium 2020 transition sentinel and it still has plenty of room in the

Back for a lot more length for bikes again of people who are taller or for the future the second thing i was worried about was with such a small truck how was the actual space inside of it and this is what surprised me the most the cab of this ford maverick is larger than a toyota tacoma now that’s not saying much because the tacoma is pretty small but sitting

Here at five foot nine i have plenty of knee room and this is where i would normally drive the truck and i just feel overall the truck feels nice and roomy and everything on the inside is actually styled very well and feels pretty nice the other thing that i was a bit worried about was the power train and i’m not a guy who worries a lot about having enough power

But what i was worried about was a hybrid engine that was only front wheel drive and for some of you you would say oh my gosh if it’s not four wheel drive i can’t do it i got to be able to go up those shuttle roads or if it snows but just do a quick google search and compare snow tires on a front wheel drive vehicle to all season tires on a four-wheel drive or

An all-wheel drive vehicle and what you’ll quickly find is that front wheel drive with good tires is really the sweet spot and that was actually part of the reason i really like these wheels and tires i picked up because these are more than all season they’re designed for dirt and snow and so i know if i’m going up any shuttle road for the trails that i ride i’m

Going to have no issues getting up and down the trails and having a great time doing it even if it’s raining oh and the best part the gas mileage even on all these hilly areas that i’m getting i’m still getting in the high 30 sometimes 41 miles per gallon in a pickup truck that i can throw a bike over the back of and doesn’t look half bad the last thing i was worried

About was was this truck going to be two base model where it wouldn’t have the things that i really want and i found that everything on this truck is something i’ll practically use it has apple carplay it has automatic climate control i actually opted to get lane keep assist and blind spot monitoring and all of that comes at a price point that makes me feel like all

The money that i spent is stuff that i’ll actually use which is super nice so my hope is if you’re watching this video and maybe you’re like me and you’re a mountain biker or you’re like what i would say is like 95 of truck users who don’t actually use their truck as much as they would think they would like to and you’re wondering can a truck like this be enough for

Me and i think the answer is yes so if you actually want one of these good luck getting one because it took me like i said nine months after my pre-order to get one but one day you may stumble upon this video and see that a ford maverick is good for you now stay tuned because i will have other content about this ford maverick because i love jumping into the details

And i’ve already found like a list of things that i absolutely hate about the truck that i want to share and other things that i absolutely love all right that about wraps it up for this video you know what time it is don’t spend too much time watching a guy talk about a truck in a parking lot but get out there ride your bike hopefully you’ve got one make sure you do it every day you

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