i sold my honda clarity for 3 re
Altair Club Cars I Sold My Honda Clarity For 3 Reasons

I Sold My Honda Clarity For 3 Reasons

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How do you get a honda clarity on the cheap the short answer i’m just gonna spoil it right away is you can’t there won’t be any more new clarities if there is a new clarity right now go get it don’t worry about the cost the demand is super high because of the chip shortage and the clarity is no longer being manufactured that being said you don’t have to buy a

New clarity in fact those are going to dry up really quickly you guys can let me know if you found one or if you’ve just bought one please share your story uh that’s kind of what this channel is all about is you know kind of discovering the honda clarity and that’s gonna change soon okay so a lot has changed since the last time we spoke today was the day we

Sold the second car on carvana yes two months two cars out the window on carvana and why well number one chip shortage number two huge payouts compared to any other time in my life as far as used cars and third because we got the best opportunity in the history of electric cars in the modern era which is a very special drop i guess that’s what they call them

These days from tesla of some lfp american model 3 standard range plus which is the cheapest and the lowest range tesla but delivered in two weeks that’s right i reserved a tesla model 3 standard range plus in august of 2021 and i’m going to get it the first week of september 2021 here’s how it works they added lfp model threes to existing inventory you had to

Go in there and grab them within 200 miles of me there were three a black one a blue one and a white one we scooped up the white one because it was the most affordable and we both had agreed that white was the answer obviously to save a thousand bucks it had the black interior that we wanted because well white and fear but most of all it was the cheapest model 3

And we don’t have to wait what is an lfp model 3 i’m glad you asked 253 miles of range instead of 263 but likes to be charged to 100 and no nickel no cobalt that’s better for the world now i’ve got a 14 panel solar array outside and that’s also new i was going to break all this news individually but it’s all kind of coming together in one big culmination so why

Not drop it like that so here’s the rundown the clarity is gone my wife’s honda civic is gone both got us more than twenty thousand dollars on carvana which is insane for the amount we had in them model three has been reserved model y has been reserved the model y we reserved in july same day i sold the clarity and then as you know last week of august i reserved

The model 3 and it’s coming like it’s coming in fact here it is welcome to the nissan altima it’s delivery day we have a rental car because we’ve already sold our civic and uh the nissan altima is a rental and it smells like cheetos and cigarettes and we don’t smoke so a hundred percent on that but i’ve got my tesla shirt on um i had the cyber truck hat but

You know what that was overkill but we’re ready for delivery of the lfp model 3 let’s take a journey we have the floor mats we have the screen protector we bought a neo charge and we’re ready to roll can’t wait one of two teslas on order will see at the dealership correction we’ll see at the service center you may be here because of my honda clarity videos

When i made my first clarity video there was almost nothing on the internet about it and it’s made a real positive impact on my life i shared the fact that i sold my honda clarity on the clarity facebook forum some people more or less told me to leave most folks were nice but after dozens of comments a bunch of videos some great road trips and more than 10 people

Letting me know that i convinced them to buy a honda clarity i left the car the forum and its wonderful drivers behind i would still recommend the honda clarity forum on facebook to anyone who wants to nerd out or learn more about their clarity because we all know honda and its dealerships aren’t going to help you now here’s my story when i saw the clarity on my

Local honda lot one sunday i knew immediately that i was getting it i was gonna do everything in my power to get it and three days later i drove it home i loved the experience of an ev and i hated it when i had to use gas then i started looking at all the other ev options out there and in 2018 there just wasn’t much especially not as nice as the clarity fun side

Note i have reservations for a cyber truck two apteras two ford lightnings and a fiskar ocean i did more research then i saw that the tax credit for solar was going away not immediately but over time and eventually forever i ordered solar panels by this point when i went to hv mode in the clarity i really got an itch i could be getting this power from the sun i

Would say out loud then the chip shortage started to kick in i followed it on youtube and all the media sites and videos i started aggressively paying down my car we even sold an antique pontiac firebird to pay the loan then i saw it a comment on the honda clarity forum about a fellow owner selling to carvana for a huge number couldn’t be true right not in my

Area i checked the value of the clarity regularly mostly to selfishly reassure myself i’d made a good purchase and the last time i checked before the chip shortage my car was worth about fifteen to sixteen thousand dollars not bad for a 2018 with 25k i would say to myself but i thought what if carvana paid a little more what was my magic number turns out twenty

Thousand eight hundred ninety nine dollars yep twenty one thousand dollars for my three-year-old car i paid 34 and got 7 500 from uncle sam that means i had 26 500 in it and i could get almost 80 percent of it back if i sold it and finally the straw that broke the camel’s back was when honda decided to cancel it i knew that meant 10 years from now the only parts

I would be getting were from wrecked ones and the dealerships would have no idea how to fix them when something broke i would be the guinea pig i pulled the trigger if you want to know how easy it is to sell your car on carvana i released that video simultaneously with this one so check it out but the tldr is it’s easy within 10 minutes of the final sale i had

Ordered the clarity’s replacement a 2021 tesla model y long range carvana was so easy we just sold my wife’s car to them also in exchange for a model 3. that video is linked in the description for those looking for a cheap honda clarity and trust me there’s a healthy few it’s not happening they are done being made and they are in just as high demand as everything

Else with four wheels i still say it’s the best plug-in hybrid more back seat room than a cr-v more efficient than everything else with an engine and all the honda stuff you’re used to yeah the honda clarity is still a great buy just not right now but nothing is a good buy right now to sum it all up why did i sell it well in no particular order the chip shortage

Which got me a great deal on my sale i have a solar array in my backyard and full ev makes sense for me and honda does not support it enough to keep making it that says something about honda’s legacy with the clarity i did not sell it because of quality reliability or a bad personal experience also and this may be selfish but there just isn’t enough interest in

The clarity as a car to justify me spending 20 to 50 hours on a video about it for those of you who have subscribed i can’t thank you enough for the tens of thousands who have watched and didn’t maybe a tesla will be more interesting and this is a joke but also true there’s no referral code for a clarity what incentive do i have to convince you to look around and

Buy a car that isn’t even made anymore motor trend didn’t even review it until 2020 and even that was a 2019 model maybe it’s the best kept secret in internal combustion engine availability or maybe honda’s not ready to ditch that profit for r d and go full electric and i’m afraid it’s the latter for me the time was right i acted that’s why i did it so that’s my

Clarity story got one to share leave it in the comments below want to know how my tesla experience works out or my solar experience works out subscribe i’ve got two teslas on the way now in fact technically three and i’m not talking about the cybertruck you’ll just have to subscribe and find out thank you so much for watching liking this video gives me a chance

To do this again and do it better and do it for you my fellow consumer

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