i sold my 2022 ford bronco on eb
Altair Club Cars I Sold My 2022 Ford Bronco On Ebay

I Sold My 2022 Ford Bronco On Ebay

I sold my 2022 Ford Bronco on Ebay. Ill tell you how much money I made and why I sold it. Emotions run Wild! Whats next?

All right guys driving viking here today is not going to be a fun video talk about what’s going on here it’s cold out here hold on all right guys like i was saying today is not going to be a fun day um let me show you what’s going on here getting it ready now but basically i sold the bronco not cool didn’t want to i didn’t think i was going to ever be making

This video at least not this soon but uh but yeah that’s where i’m at um basically got a made ten thousand dollar profit on it and uh but what am i gonna be doing what’s going on with that money i will be explaining that in a little bit all right guys we’re heading to the notary now uh get the back of the title signed and uh get it sent out to the gentleman

Who purchased the bronco taking the willies for a ride let’s go all these ducks guys people keep leaving on my jeep it’s kind of funny kids love it i’ll tell you that well guys just finished up at the notary heading back to the house i was supposed to stop in the post office drop that title in the mail but uh missed that by about 15 minutes so i’ll get that

Out in the morning just sitting on the couch here waiting for the uh carrier to call supposed to come this morning but running behind i guess crazy traffic and all you know how that goes hopefully they get here soon as soon as the better rip the band-aid off definitely regretting this one man as soon as that thing sold online i was like somebody really

Pay that well too late now no turning back thank you guess what guys still got this bronco that’s right velocity blue that’s the color my bronco was supposed to be until they moved it to a 2022 and i changed it to eruption green but i still got the original this will keep me company oh guys it’s 6 p.m and uh little update bronco is still here no idea

When the uh the pickup company is going to make it here should be interesting see what happens my luck i’m gonna guess two in the morning what do you guys think so what time you think they’re gonna pick up the bronco probably never well guys it’s 8 30 p.m the pickup crew just called me uh they want me to meet him at a truck stop so we’re gonna get the stuff

Together we’re gonna head right over there now what do you think man you’re gonna miss the bronco too don’t worry we’ll get another one i think he said he’s gonna miss the bronco oh this is it guys you want to say goodbye to the bronco bye bronco well they’re getting ready to loader now see you later my friend see you later it’s crazy and i got a bad pit

In my stomach you know what i mean well hopefully they get it loaded up and then uh gets to the new uh buyer nice and safe it’s craziness at this truck stop right now got the wheelies here picking me up lots of content to that coming up soon there’s gonna be another vehicle coming to the channel keep the willy’s company we’ll find out soon that vehicle is

Going to be in the next probably in the next three or four videos i’ll get it out there you’ll find out whatever she goes guys there she goes all loaded up heading out all right guys so let’s talk about why did i sell the bronco to be honest i didn’t want to sell the bronco i love that vehicle i waited two years over two years for that but what it really came

Down to was the market we’re in right now and the profit i was allowed to make ten thousand dollars in my pocket is a lot of money and i plan on reinvesting it back into the channel it allows me to buy things for the channel and let’s face it i can actually buy a more expensive vehicle that’s actually worth that money and we’ll have a slower depreciation rate

Because when you think about it with the bubble right now i got ten thousand dollars over sticker when this bubble pops probably next summer what’s it gonna be worth less than msrp so guys i really felt like and listen i’m not a millionaire ten thousand dollars a lot of money to me um i know there’s people out there that’ll scoff at that like man you waited 10

Years or two years for that there’s no way i would have sold that bronco but that ten thousand dollars like i said it’s really gonna help me out um and honestly the vehicle i’m getting right now that i already have on order which i’m not going to tell you in this video it’s more capable than the bronco i hate to say it it’s actually more capable than my jeep

As well so i think it’s going to benefit the channel especially the direction i want to go with the channel um i know a lot of my recent videos in the beginning of this channel have been like car reviewing mall crawler type of reviews but the direction i want to go in totally different guys um i actually got some land here almost about 30 acres uh eventually

I would like to put a trail through here an off-road course and uh my property’s pretty steep a rough terrain a lot of boulder fields and uh it’s going to be pretty difficult it’s not going to be an easy trail i don’t know when that’s going to be maybe next year maybe the year after but that’s my plans um so you know i want to i want to tackle some more some

More areas where there’s difficult terrain and honestly around here unless you got private property it’s tough to find guys you know i mean unless you go to an off-road park that’s your only option but on most of the trails around here they’re about maybe on a scale out of 10 like rate it one to three four you know that’s about what you’re what you’re looking

At uh state parks state land stuff like that i like the trail i took you on the other week so yeah guys um like i said i didn’t want to sell the bronco but you know we’re vikings guys we had to make a biking sacrifice for the channel we had to so stick it out guys i’m telling you it’s going to benefit the channel and uh i think you’re gonna like the vehicle

That’s coming next but when vikings make a sacrifice they do it to allow better things to come in the future and that’s the way i looked at this that extra ten thousand dollars is going to take the channel to higher levels so stay with me guys and i promise you there’ll be better things to come on channel for it into my broncos subscribers this ain’t the last

Of the bronco there will be another bronco mark my words but guys we’re vikings it doesn’t matter what vehicle we drive it doesn’t matter if it’s a wrangler a bronco a taco whatever it’s all about exploring the trails going on adventures that’s what i want this channel to be about and the brotherhood so stay tuned guys stick around appreciate you watching until

Next time i’m the driving viking i love you guys appreciate you guys watching please like share and subscribe and i’ll see you next time there’s a deer right there behind me while i’m filming unreal like what didn’t hear me the whole time come on man crazy

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I Sold My 2022 Ford Bronco On Ebay By The Driving Viking

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