i hit serious mud in the all new
Altair Club Cars I Hit SERIOUS Mud In The All New Ford Bronco Everglades: Will It Make It?

I Hit SERIOUS Mud In The All New Ford Bronco Everglades: Will It Make It?

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Now we’ve got something more gnarly it’s gonna take some wheel speed look at that width oh we got a casualty guys check that out that’s pretty gnarly certainly approaching the winch you can hear oh where did the drone go did it just crash it in the water well that was pretty stupid i just crashed a drone into a literal lake now i got of course trudged

Through the lake to get back to the bronco and it got so deep i actually got it down my uh waiters hey everybody i’ve got such a cool video for you today because i am out here in beautiful northern michigan taking a look at the new ford bronco everglades this is such a cool opportunity because we are heading through some super deep mud through some pits through

Some uh incredibly aggressive terrain to see what the everglades has to offer off-road now what is the everglades well this is kind of the over landy i almost want to say like purpose-built long-distance off-road cruiser so this is a bronco with a sasquatch package so we have the 35 inch tall tires and then they add all sorts of goodies to it so it’s got a

Snorkel it’s got a winch it’s got a deeper fording depth which is great for money what we’re doing today it’s got this really cool roof roof rack up top which would be a nice for like a a rooftop tent and some unique colors stickers and that kind of thing now a couple other things you might notice first of all i’m wearing these ridiculous waders i don’t look

Cool in them um and they are very interesting actually i didn’t know waders or one leg at a time so this isn’t lake huron so if they don’t work it’s gonna get real cold are they waterproof past the boot are they all right i’ll see you in canada i’m just gonna keep going i don’t know why i told you that but one thing that does matter the fender is different on

The everglades compared to any other bronco it’s a different fender than the raptor or standard bronco and you know that because the flare is squared off on the everglades we’re on a standard broncos round and on a rafter it looks like half of one of those little plastic pools story for another day but overall this is the best looking fender of the bronco lineup

All right next up the rock crawl section we’ve got front and rear lockers engaged got the spotter on the radio and we’re about to see what happens i’m in rock crawl mode i’m gonna two foot it see how the two three likes two footing take it nice and easy let the vehicle do the climbing just like that feels really pretty good yeah gonna take a nice and easy good

Visibility out of the bronco everglades more driver tommy guy knows my name that’s pretty cool good two fitting good two footing control really is good i hate that right on the rock rail there and there it goes thanks dude did not feel super super good but you know we made it work one way or another so i initially thought we were hitting the rock rail up

That obstacle but it was actually the rear control arm mount now this is a common area for bronco’s head it’s kind of the low hanging fruit but it’s got a little bit of a skid on there so uh no damage done the bronco everglades is only available in one cab and one roof configuration the four-door model with the mold in color hardtop off-road in the ford bronco

Everglades what is it like well it’s pretty similar to any other bronco with the sasquatch package so we still have these goodyear territory mt tires and they’re 35 which is well you put 35s on anything and it’s going to do pretty well you put 35s on a vehicle with locking differentials and you do the math you’re probably gonna have something pretty special

And this is pretty special now i’ve complimented forward on their lockers and i will continue to do so because they are probably the best in the industry they are so quick and easy to engage i spent so much of my life staring at tacoma lockers flashing and flashing and flashing trying to get him to engage forward backwards you know twirling a moose above my

Head like it’s just it’s so much work on a bronco you click the button the light turns on big rock on the driver’s side i think i got that um you click you push the button light turns on and then once you get the icon in the gauge cluster then your locker is engaged but it’s like within seconds of clicking the button it is so fast and easy to use that guy

Just did a little hop turn the radio back on just in case he’s like there’s a bear you never know check out my buddy kristen enjoying the the shores of lake huron how is it buddy it’s a little cold yeah is it a little bit this is pretty cool though i mean you can drive uh this trail is taking us right up to the shoreline and then it continues back in through

The trees over there very fun all right so kristin’s driving down this nasty rock crawl section she is one bad ass off-roader so i think two pedal driving is key yep when you’re doing the rock crawling but it was really smooth real smooth you did a great job front of your lockers no stay bar disconnect though so like the badlands our first edition right you

Can get them with the uh the sway bars connect to the front and i would really appreciate that just for the ride quality even um i’d love if they did that on the uh on the everglades but no luck uh it does have the turn assist though so for making tight turns it’ll break that inside tire now overall off-road pretty good visibility i like these sights on the

Edge of the uh the hood thank you for grabbing that at the sights on the edge of the hood which kind of help guide you through the trees it’s really nice got a big windshield it’s got big windows it’s got big tires we’re not aired down very far they didn’t want the entire pressure light kicking on they said i probably would have gone down closer to like 20 or

25 we’re sitting right around 35 which is a little bit a little bit jiggly you know i’m a 90 year old at heart i would like a softer ride if you’ve gone down to 20 and then of course in the deep stuff it’d probably help with traction but though we’ve used the skid plates boy obviously skid plates and they work well um no front camera on the everglades something

Worth note uh and i’d be curious to see how they’d integrate one if they do have a great one going forward because i mean with that winch just stuck on the front there how do you get one around there it’s gonna be an interesting question but we can’t we can’t wait to see what they do there so i just spoke to some of the engineers and they told me some interesting

Things about this winch mount and winch design now it’s a worn xeon 10s 10 means that is a it is a 10 000 pound rated winch s means it’s synthetic but it’s actually different than a xeon tennis you can buy from worn off the shelf so they’ve actually uh changed around the powder coating on the winch to make it a little bit more durable for a long-term corrosion

To meet the ford standards and they also change some of the mounting hardware as well it’s got a different fairlead and a different hook but what i think is really interesting is because this is a winch design that is mounted from the factory they had to recertify this vehicle for crash test safety worthiness which is a crazy expensive project so the ford bronco

Everglades is underneath pretty similar to the black diamond but of course with a sasquatch package so you get stuff like the marine grade vinyl seats the uh vinyl flooring which is really cool you get all the under body protection obviously this is like a different wheel and tire package than like a black diamond but that is what it is most closely related to

Now we’ve got something more gnarly it’s gonna take some wheel speed look at that width oh got a casualty guys check that out that’s pretty gnarly this is a ford pro driver by the way in this lead bronco he’s going to go ahead and give it another go and you can see they maxed out the ground clearance on this rut over 11 inches of the ground clearance by the

Way you gonna give it another go come on everglades wow oop more trail damage though rear bumper that was nuts guys so these broncos have a steel front bumper but the rear bumper is mostly plastic and that did take the brunt of the tree but you can see the bodywork is actually remarkably intact and that’s one of the beauties of the everglades right so you rip

Off the fender not a big deal just held in with a couple of thumb screws pull that puppy off and you got a new fender flare bumper probably a little bit more of a job but once again it shouldn’t be that hard to replace the important bits the paint the doors even the quarters they look pretty good all right here goes the next guy look at that lot of wheel spin

All right let’s see does this guy make it through oh a little bit of damage there too so we’re ripping off fenders and this is kind of the issue right even though the everglades is narrower than something like a raptor it still is a wide vehicle see something like this i might think that maybe even uh hate to say it but a wrangler with the slightly narrower

Width might be better oh go christian go oh high centered high centered i think it’s time for a winch demo kristen how did that feel it felt great it’s gonna be fun to see the winch demo i think so too damn that was a good effort though you really you almost got it all right so kristin’s grabbing the winch controller nice buddy so says how much uh winch

Cable do we have here we have 100 feet of synthetic line 100 feet yeah pretty good so we’re gonna make it up to that tree up there where the i have the tree saver all right so we’re gonna take take the winch it was engaged we went to free spool so we’re gonna pull the winch out now and go all the way to the tree now seth when you guys were developing these did

You test the winch to be on what warren would test it uh we did from a corrosion standpoint it’s still rated for 10 000 pounds so it should be more than capable of pulling this out absolutely i think with not a whole lot of effort that puppy should just crawl his way out of this gnarly mud hole and there it goes very cool and this of course is why you buy the

Everglades self-recovery such a great feature right i mean if you’re out here by yourself uh i mean you could use a high lift jack you might be able to dig yourself out but without a buddy or a tow strap you’d be kind of stuck or if you had a buddy that was uh in that situation and you wanted to winch them out you’d have a lot of control that that winch offers

Nicely done kristen that was beautiful so we got my man eric here from car and driver how you doing buddy good doing well so what do you think of the everglades are you happy with it uh super impressed so far i mean honestly like few obstacles that have stopped us other than this one all day so i mean got the winch you really can’t get stuck so it’s about all

You need so here in northern michigan you really start to understand maybe why you wouldn’t want the bronco raptor on some of these trails because it gets pretty narrow in spots oh man i gotta run the car’s running away from me and it can be a kind of a challenge to squeeze the bronco through all right let me in the big news on the everglades is certainly the

Winch and the snorkel so this goes down the line with every other bronco and then it kind of breaks off into its own little area where they install a factory worn xeon 10s winch and the snorkel which is bi-directional actually it’s got these little plates in it so you can have it suck air from the front or pull air from the back depending on the kind of terrain

You’re going through um and i think it looks quite good it’s a really well integrated snorkel kind of crawls up the eight pillar very elegantly um you know some snorkels are kind of stuck on and they don’t look right but this one obviously is made and engineered for the bronco by the 14 so the snorkel looks really good and they’ve actually also extended the

Breather tube so it’s got an additional 87 millimeters of breather tube lift in the front and then over 15 millimeters of breather tube lift in the rear and that gives us a total forwarding depth of 36.4 which is roughly three inches more than like a standard sasquatch equipped bronco i was up through the doors actually that was pretty cool um but we have 36.4

Inches total and with those extended breather tubes you’re less worried worried about important stuff getting filled up with water which is really really great gotta clean out these breaks a little bit though they’re feeling a little less grabby than they should here goes the next crossing up to and past the rear bumper even oh look at that freaking awesome i

Also like that ford is calling this a snorkel and not a desert air intake like toyota now of course toyota’s reasoning was oh it’s just supposed to draw on clean air when you’re cruising through the desert which i kind of understand it’s cool that you know four calls a snorkel and now we’re going through stuff where having that intake up high would be nice and

Keep in mind the idea of a snorkel is not that you can go up to the windshield of water it’s just like when you’re going through that stuff you get splashed back over the hood you get debris and water um coming up you know pretty high and you don’t want to be sucking up that water that’s being splashed above the intake when it’s underneath the hood if the water

Is coming up through the hood so it’s not to go all the way your head it’s just to kind of get a fresh supply of clean air the ford bronco everglades is only available in the 2.3 liter four cylinder with the 10-speed automatic the horsepower rating 300 and the torque 325 foot-pounds it’s not available in the 2.7 twin turbo it’s not available in the raptor three

Liter twin turbo a couple of reasons for this one fuel economy and the second reason they told me that winch adds about a hundred pounds to the front end of the vehicle which coincidentally is about the same weight penalty you get by going from the 2.3 to the 2.7 and we are going through a venerable lake wouldn’t you say buddy i would say it’s like a river this

Is like a river of broncos unbelievably cool let’s see how deep we get certainly approaching the winch you can hear oh where did the drone go did it well that was pretty stupid i just crashed a drone into a literal lake now i got of course trudged through the lake to get back to the bronco and it got so deep i actually got it down my uh waders well a

Huge thank you to ford for letting us come out here to beautiful michigan and test out the everglades not quite florida but we did get some pretty severe mud and it was awesome that they were willing to you know let us put their vehicles at such big risk which is really cool they really want to prove how capable these vehicles are now is it better off road than

A sasquatch bronco i mean it’s about the same right you do have the lockers you don’t have the stabi bar disconnect and you do have like the 35 inch tall tires that a sasquatch would have so it’s pretty pretty on the money it’s not really all that different off-road but you do get that amazingly cool snorkel and the factory installed winch with all the safety

Improvements that that comes with because of course they can’t just slap a windshield from the factory and sell it to to us without you know making sure it passes all the crash safetyness so they went through all that money they did all that research so you know you’re getting a factory equipped safe vehicle it’s going to last a long time actually don’t mind the

Fact that it has a smaller engine if it means that that weight is offset by the winch i’ll take it i’d rather have that than a heavier front end of the vehicle i love the wheels and i love some of the color options now let me know what you guys think in the comments below a huge thank you to everybody watching we’ll see you on the next episode hey everybody

Welcome to beautiful northern michigan and welcome to lake huron now behind you are a set of ford broncos but naturally i’m more interesting because i’m standing in a lake no one wants to hear this as an intro

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