i hated my tesla plaid so i sold
Altair Club Cars I HATED my Tesla Plaid… so I sold it a month after buying it

I HATED my Tesla Plaid… so I sold it a month after buying it

I’m no longer a full blown libtard, sold the Tesla for a couple reason. This rant goes over the most annoying of them!

It is about to be a very very very very very long day also i’m aware i have pink eye which is it this this one of them i’m aware i have pink eye one of the eyes is red just get past it you don’t have to comment down below i know it’s there maybe it’s not pink eye i don’t know i’m pretty sure cena like farted my face or something we’re just gonna we’re gonna just

Move past it i feel like i should specify sun is my dog if you’re new to the channel it’s not a girl so i’m not just like getting blasted it doesn’t matter we are driving the model s plaid four hours north to arlington texas really dallas texas to trade it in i know you’re like joe you just bought it i’ve technically owned it for about a month and a half now

I have driven it hold 2475 miles at 300 for today this journey today is a perfect time for me to tell you guys all the things i hate about this car so much so that i am selling it uh quick disclaimer before we get into it if you’re gonna comment about how amazing the tesla plat is or how shitty it is own one it’s always great reading comments like joe you’re a

Idiot you don’t know what you’re talking about blah blah and then i look at their profile and they drive a toyota camry all day i’m like why are you commenting about i own it it’s my car i’ve driven it i get to talk about it i mean gladly comment down below i will you up no problem i’m just saying maybe don’t be so quick to like hate or love it based on what you

Read on the internet i’ve been driving it and i don’t like it so we’re gonna jump into a little driving montage and then we’re gonna pick this video up let’s do it the build quality of this thing is nowhere near the price tag even if i didn’t buy the plaid and i would have bought the was about 100 000 just base model s i would still be equally upset right now

Like everything in here is just it looks really really good from 10 feet away but when you’re in here the leather is just this really cheap quality everything is plastic everything creaks and rattles yes tesla was able to fix almost all the issues that i have with the car but it’s been two weeks and now i have like three more little rattles i’m hearing and my back

Driver side seat came off the tracks the other day i had to like pop it back in there’s just gaps everywhere now the window trim is correct now the leather lines up correctly and everything rattles and shakes the build quality in this thing like you can hear it just moving around it’s just not good it’s not good at all i would be upset with the build quality of the

Interior of this car at fifty thousand dollars so now understand it’s a hundred and fifty thousand dollars this is a whole different ball game right you’re comparing this to a good friend of mine charlie just bought an s-class that is a hundred and thirty thousand dollars you sit in the s-class you feel like you’re in a private jet you feel like borat in the hotel

Room king in the castle king in the castle i said in this and i’m like what what what’s going on there’s no automatic shades in the back there’s no manual shape there’s no shades in the back in general there’s no heads-up display there’s no ambient lighting there’s no massage seats the seats themselves are pretty especially at my height i would appreciate some

Kind of like movable leg thing like a lot of other luxury cars have so i can kind of support under my legs because on a four hour drive my legs are just like numb from like propping myself up it just it’s not there like the amount of money you spend is here and what you’re getting is down here and that’s not even including the outside the outside of the car is

Even worse than the inside there’s bigger gaps and scratches and scuffs even from the factory like all the paint swirled up it’s just everything’s not quite right not quite there it’s just a little a little bit off and then you remember how much money you paid and it’s like wait true charging actually charging right so i did install the like nicer charger at my

House where i get 40 miles of range an hour and i can charge it every night and for a day-to-day driving no big deal but in reality you do actually have to come frequent these superchargers if you want to take the car anywhere further than like 100 miles because the range estimate is the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my life while it’s like elon’s goal is to have

These everywhere and there are superchargers pretty much everywhere what they don’t tell you is that they fill up pretty quick and my drive to austin last week yes there was a supercharger between with eight stalls but there were 10 cars there and i was the 11th car and you sound like filling up a car where this is a five minute thing this is like a potentially

Hour-long situation so if you get to a charger and there’s no slots and you’re waiting in line you’re potentially sitting there for hours on end and we’ve seen this in california and not to mention they’re not always in the best spots some of them great like next to the mall you have something to do for a while but a lot of them at least the ones i’ve gone to i

Have a trap house hotel uh and a forest and the nearest thing i can do is walk across the freeway to that walmart over there you’re looking for for a prostitute great location if you’re looking for a hamburger or something i have driven this car in the last two weeks i went to san antonio austin san marcos and today dallas and all of these places i have had to use

A supercharger and every single time something has gone wrong in my three hour drive to austin was a five and a half hour drive to austin and today this should be a four hour drive to dallas i’m betting it’s more like a six hour drive if you think you’re ever gonna go on road trips i don’t recommend going ev yet just so people don’t yell at me for being so negative

You have owned this car for what two years two years off and you love it i love it now i’m pissed okay so what do you love about it the instant torque yeah i like that they’re really special you don’t have this in the s right but i like the windshield that goes like all the way here just like feels when you’re driving it just feels very open so i can spend a bunch

Of time in here and i don’t feel like cramped up at all and i i mean i personally like like the simple dashboard i know you don’t love it yeah i just want to put some good in here so people aren’t like really upset with me it’s great i love it that’s a lover this is probably the most controversial issue with this car it’s probably the most commented on issue that

I have and that is it is a hundred and fifty thousand dollar car the value of this thing in my opinion is terrible and yes i bought it i know i look like an idiot right now but if you look at it strictly as a zero to 100 or even 130 100 whatever if you look at it as a straight line rocket ship performance wise and you compare it to other 150 000 cars it’s a bargain

You have to spend close to a million dollars we’re talking sf90 765 lt three million dollar hyper cars to get on this level of performance in a straight line but if i compare it as far as handling goes this is not a car you want to go fast in around corners you don’t want to handle this a miata would be a better handling car than this and it gets even worse if you

Look at it from like a build quality perspective uh or like a luxury feature perspective it is well outmatched for its price point i mean you’re comparing it to something like an s-class mercedes a 7 series bmw an a8 audi even something like the jeep wagoneer and for me when i look at it as a whole like as a whole car an experience it is not worth anywhere near i

Would say i wouldn’t be upset if it was 75 grand maybe 80 tops and that is where the model s starts so i guess the moral of the story here is don’t buy the plaid just buy the model s the regular model s and it’s actually not too bad of a deal and even then though i would be like you’re getting a much better car if you get like a range rover sport you’re gonna be

Way happier with the overall vehicle than you would be in this a little controversial there but that’s that’s another issue i have with this thing is the price tag is astronomical let’s talk about the elephant in the room or the yolk yoke i hate this thing i probably hate it less than most other people do it actually is not that bad but there’s one situation

That i’ve run into countless times that i’m like what why and that is at very low speeds it’s really clunky and you can’t drive with your knees so i am someone that constantly drives with my knees in normal cars let me paint a picture for you right you guys are the coffee i just got the coffee from the drive-through i need to roll up the window and i’m driving

Four miles an hour to get out of the line and i can’t drive with my knees and i almost crash into a wall or something that’s actually happened a couple times every accident that i’ve almost gotten into because of the yolk has been like five miles an hour or less like it’s very very low speed stuff at high speeds it’s totally fine maneuvering and parking lots and

Stuff it’s just odd it’s just very very weird i think if you’re someone that only has this car and this car alone you’d get used to it and you’d probably love it but i drive the gt3 and the gt500 and those cars have non-yokes they have regular human steering wheels so i’d never really get used to it and i’m always just a little bit also the argument that like f1

Cars have yokes and airplanes have yokes well an airplane is moving in three dimensions right up down left right so the yoke makes sense you’re also never flying a 747 and cutting the wheel full you know that’s not happening and the steering ratio in this doesn’t make sense so for an f1 car turning the wheel you know a half turn is like a completely locked left

Or right but in this car i have to turn this thing all the way around two times to go full lock left or right so just it just doesn’t it doesn’t make sense hate the yolk yolks i don’t even like eggs so all yolks i’m in mexico by the way so don’t even comment about that i am definitely in mexico nowhere in the united states if i ever go that fast however that

Brings a good point the bricks and you’ve probably heard this on all the other reviews and people have issues with these things the brakes are so underpowered that it’s actually kind of terrifying this is the first car i’ve owned that i can get to 175 easy i don’t have to think about it normally you’re like i need a very long road and the plaid you don’t you need

Like i don’t know eight seconds of full acceleration however coming back down you’re gonna poop your pants a little bit you’re gonna it’s terrifying it is insane to me that the braking system on this is worse than the braking system on something like a range rover no one’s going 185 in a range rover you can actually go 185 in this thing it’s like i’m living in a

Paradox of like i have all this power but i can’t use it because i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to stop in time it’s not a good feeling to have it’s really not it’s probably like one of the least favorite car experiences i’ve ever had is wondering if my brakes are going to stop me in time so i just don’t use the power i just drive it like a normal car because

I don’t want to die i mean it’s dallas and i’m dropping you off for the last time dude but eight hours you’ve never been on my channel i’ve never been on the channel before no how to be especially nice to meet you guys yeah virtual handshake yeah maybe check out my channel yeah can i plug my channel yeah maybe check out my channel because i had a beast yeah you’re

Going to spain so it’s gonna be gone anyway so well if you guys want to see some spanish content i got a new kind of you guys like cars i got a new car coming soon joe approved of it it’s not a tesla you won’t be missed i appreciate you i’ll come see you soon dude thank you yeah okay peace autopilot i don’t even know what number on anymore um autopilot is a 12

000 one-time fee or two hundred dollars a month depending on how you wanna hash it out it has gotten no better in my opinion now than a tesla i drove three years ago and while you can activate the beta uh and that gives you full self driving like we were promised to have 10 years ago from elon musk you get kicked out of the beta if you have a bad safety score now

The issue with that is i bought a plaid a 1400 horsepower daily that’s supposed to be able to slaughter hyper cars but if i actually use the power and drive it like a sports car my safety score goes down too low i can no longer use the full self-driving beta so i’m kind of forced to not use the beta and outside of beta at this point i would say the autopilot system

In the tesla is no better than mercedes audi bmw pretty much every auto manufacturer out there right now has their own version ten years ago this was awesome but now my f-150 raptor that i just sold had basically the same level of autopilot as far as holding a lane and taking little corners and stuff the amount of money you spend for it’s just not i don’t think

In my mind worth it at this point foreign i’m not going to say that everything is bad in the model s like i feel like i can admit to some stuff being pretty good there are some things that i do like about the car but even those things kind of have a little bit of a autopilot i know i said autopilot kind of sucks but there are times autopilot is very useful like

Right now where i can focus on this and i have to worry about you know hitting the car in front of me storage space i’m sure you guys noticed there were four 22-inch rims with tires in the back of this car that’s something that you would not be able to fit into an e63s or an m5 or anything else this size however the higher floor also means that this is a pretty

Big car like it’s comparable to an m5 or an e63s or an rs6 and i feel like i don’t really fit like it’s a little cramped like i’m constantly looking at this pillar right here my eye line is right here and then i have to kind of like look down a little bit i feel like i’m never low enough in this car and that’s just part of you know being a tesla there’s also the

Lift so this car does raise and lower and it can do it with gps so every time you get to your driveway it’ll automatically lift that’s what my porsche does as well but a lot of other cars don’t but the garage door opener is another one that i really like so when you get to your garage it just opens automatically based on gps love that really my favorite part about

This car is a one pedal driving very rarely do i ever need to use the brake pedal because regenerative braking takes over so you can accelerate and decelerate with one pedal that’s something that i wish other auto manufacturers would bring into their cars i know it wouldn’t make as much sense for the gas powered car but as far as a user experience is actually

Really nice and i will say i love the infotainment screen i love it has like netflix and disney and all that however you can’t use it while you’re driving obviously so then you get to like the real reason it’s in the car is because you’re forced to charge and it’s the only thing you can do when you charge is like watch some entertainment on the screen so at that

Point i’m like well you know ipad can do the same thing and it can work while you’re driving not that you should so even that it’s like everything i do like about this car immediately just gets backhanded i will say though by far the best part about this car is the power and yes it’s a little bit of a party trick after like the fourth or fifth time you launch it

You’re kind of over it you’ll make yourself sick you’ll make the passenger sick um and no one really enjoys it like every single person that’s been in the car while i launched it has either thrown up screamed no or immediately asked me to stop so it’s not even like a fun like haha let’s try this out it’s more so like terrifying for everyone but being the fastest

Car quickest car on the road by a long shot is pretty nice so i will say that’s probably the best part about this car so i think this is pretty much where i’m going to say goodbye to the car we’re about two minutes out from the dealership and then this is someone else’s thing now that autopilot just stopped in the middle of the road what are you doing anyways i’m

Sure somebody really would enjoy this car like i’m sure there’s somebody out there that this is the best car in the world for it’s just not me and unfortunately for me that’s a very expensive lesson learned so just part of life i guess i’m taking the l on this one so i can move move into something a little bit more me two hours later all right almost five hours

Later well really almost six hours because of the stopping and going and charging and dropped david off at the airport and went and saw ken for it’s been a long day this is goodbye this is normally when i sell cars i’m really upset like i actually am like visibly like when i saw my 3rs i was like almost crying goodbye i don’t know if i don’t care also you guys

Could probably figure out what i’m getting based off of the background but i’m not going to show you until next video so smash subscribe button hit the comments down below let me know what you thought of the teslas by far the fastest in and out i’ve ever had on the channel this is not the norm i’m not doing this going forward i’m done buying cars i bought a lot of

Cars in the last two months i think my last four videos are bot bot bot no more until the 3rs comes in no no more this thing’s sick this is i’m this is like a rolex that’s like an apple watch rolex apple watch grill microwave catch you guys in the next one

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I HATED my Tesla Plaid… so I sold it a month after buying it By Joe Knows Best

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