i had no idea we were getting th
Altair Club Cars I had no idea we were getting this new Mitsubishi in 2022

I had no idea we were getting this new Mitsubishi in 2022

We’re always excited to get new Mitsubishi here in Parkersburg, WV, but today some of us were completely surprised to see this new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Black Edition come off the truck.

Everyone john corey here marketing director for mcclinton mitsubishi this is a fixing prompt 2 video because we just got something off of the truck that i wasn’t expecting and it’s something that i didn’t know mitsubishi was even going to make this year so stick around let’s get started on this video in just a second and find out what this surprise mitsubishi is

All right here it is you might be thinking well that’s just a 2022 outlander sport and yes you would be correct this is indeed a 2022 outlander sport what’s special about it well if you start taking a little look you might notice oh the grill accent down there on the lower fascia is different and those rims are a little different and it has a stripe so this is

The 2022 black edition on the outlander sport and we were told earlier this year that the black edition was coming but honestly it’s almost end of the year we hadn’t seen any so i didn’t think these were actually going into production but they are so you also get green this is a labrador black color so you’re not going to be able to tell too much from this but

Let’s look at this one here on the right okay so you look over here on this white outlander sport and the grill is gray and silver so if you take a look at the black edition it’s all blacked out so you get completely blacked out grill the lower accents there over here you’ve got these 18 inch rims that are black with those little silver accents in years past every

Black edition had red accents which i like personally but i think this gray looks amazing on these new outlander sports you have the gray stripe down here at the bottom which to me is a nice little accent on this vehicle come around to the back and you’ll notice those kind of grayish white accents continue on to the back you also get the black edition badge

Over here so special badging this one has four wheel drive side so inside most of it is the same in years past you got an upgraded stereo system that stays this that that doesn’t uh continue for 2022 but you do get the larger infotainment screen uh automatic climate control does have heated seats it does not have the pass key system though so that to me is a

Bit of a downer it does not have the pass key system you do get your ford collision mitigation your lane departure warning though which is great safety features take a look here in the back most of this will stay the same also the black edition is really more of an appearance package there we go down there you have your usb chargers and let’s take a quick look

Here in the cargo area i do apologize there’s a quick impromptu video so this stays the same so really at the end of the day it’s an appearance package on the black edition i like it quite a bit love those black rims this is an upgrade over over the le which is normal the normal way to get black rimsical outlander sport uh you’re getting black rims the stripes

The black grille and the accents there on the front patient in the lower fascia so once again just wanted to show this to you really quick this one’s priced right around twenty eight thousand all-wheel drive heated seats 10-year million mile powertrain warranty give us a call 304-422-6501 check us out online mcclinton mitsubishi.com if you have questions comment

Below we’re always happy to help all right everyone we hope you have a great day thanks for watching

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I had no idea we were getting this new Mitsubishi in 2022! By McClinton Chevrolet \u0026 Mitsubishi

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