i got a land rover defender 130


I sadly sold my Discovery 1 V8, but in Joburg a Defender was waiting for me! Got Benji on the phone, who insisted he must see this beast in person and accompany me on the 1500km road trip back down to Cape Town.

They are today today i say goodbye to my discovery site block she was good to me owner for a long time i watched on time starting out who andrew from sfo before we need our own acquisitive first for a for know why he’s going to kill me for saying it so yeah these buying with is good for me and then i’m going to buy a new camping terrific project fails here soon what

That is so he’s coming to pick that up soon what are you looking for you the proud new owner on t6 sandra va prequel our discovery one and i’m a very very happy man don’t know why i sold this city chewed off on like me get to the tables mistake i’m going to be buried in this structure the good trade for my open quarters so i got nothing there does it work in two

Hours from andrew left the first thing he sends me after that this voice message regarding he made the terrible hopeful mistake carolus plan actually have luck over 50 what are those are all not being pulled on any this is a second day and they spend so much money on shipping yeah this fareed started from levonne’s placing jarek ed run driving down to kimberly

For the first day where a party car drove and then heading down the next step of that gets on the totals about 14 and a half hours with a normal car but we didn’t have a normal crop so i’ve got a few things thorough gloves headlamp coverage chuckles strap over cable ties club adhesive tape later man told me to insulation tape moles loves screwdrivers shifting

Spanner a hose clamp i repeat keep in a cage and if all else fails i’ve got a lighter to burn vehicle our unit record what happened in people of youtube or wherever what happened was i trusted india mccune davis us that guys what actually happened was we tried to take a booking or a ticket online mangoes in the receiver famous ticket if didn’t cook one headline

Something like 200 or extra little bit of a bummer you okay guys henry just tastes like a half an hour speech about this and the whole time it looks stupid would you like trippy all of what you just did benji found a landrover country and in the thing i think that our i saw you why not for one city the huge open truck all apart okay let’s go to get up a

Jirga volley hopes the song would dance kept on anyone spending i went up six at the landowner obviously reports anything and brilliant got an exit we use it for through the give up again upgraded light of god beautiful work this will april no matter which is big ear on the long road so we know looking around carbonates on the facts together a bit older i’m

Gonna lie i just need to cover this much miscibility morgan what he say is in this with a v12 diesel powering using the train yeah great ethel come on all right little lost very very quickly on and on we try to push and brick through the window it appears some way they must difficulty even if it’s dirty like smaller petals for a second dimension we’re going

To make it to the farm – welcome to mugga ring local honoring our announcer yeah buddy policies you know decades inking lindsay will be right again why are we getting upset because we trying to slow their for her are equally mess and on the road and leaving to molina like 1 1 benjamin of loving enough no murders that once meaning forces with oh

For fielding and i’m a megan you they’ll design and i come up with the name for the new landed which is home do not i mean if you can impart the process those of running in i know so short inward blackface to big eyes the years and then growling noise that it makes the corn breathe that’s exactly the head room and they engages the lon michael oh it didn’t

Lead to bad we got six point two days elisa with a fully loaded vehicle that’s one big saucer dynamics with a brick and then the perler comes in at 18 k delete the some pretty personal foul so i think we’ve given up what we’re gonna do stopping us shakespeare laughs let’s go to the shop ah so i go through the engine for additive oil and now we’re back from the

Road again so we can go on the mantel entry the service i notice on oil sweet uneven vehicle at garage field station of pulled over the faraway he gonna give off hard to get into typically with no yeah and the guys were powerful thank you very much and i’ll now for the big one reserved and we just took the devil’s on the gearbox and it’s not the case everything

We give off at lowe’s i fit in of our becomes moles i think that was the sellers of phosphorus it looks like the oil cap through the drill all because the vehicles running a butterworth engine and it’s about isis piloting so why was it fun avoiding over temperatures every quite man quickly without desire and bought some new the foil put that in everything is

Good to go put up you it was oil sunny day we wish you live in the land we can fidel pop nobody had a brown venison on the date that we used to ever played anyone eat am i right how we like that all right

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I GOT A LAND ROVER DEFENDER 130 V8! By Hendri Mouton – Zombie Offroad

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