i gave up my dream car for a car
Altair Club Cars i gave up my DREAM CAR for a car i said id NEVER own (Jeep Compass 2022 Tour)

i gave up my DREAM CAR for a car i said id NEVER own (Jeep Compass 2022 Tour)

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Some of you may or may not know that I previously had a 2020 white Dodge Charger that I loved. Unfortunately, that car did not fit me or my lifestyle so I traded it in for something that did and obsessed doesn’t begin to cover it. I love that I am able to share these exciting moments with all of you, enjoy the car tour & mini vlog

Hey guys welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new for today’s video i am so excited because i recently just traded in my dodge charger which i will tell you why i chose to do that for a jeep compass today i’m going to be showing you guys everything about my jeep and what’s really funny about it is when i was looking at cars like i literally told myself

I just don’t see myself as a person who would own a jeep and i wasn’t there to look at jeeps actually she was like let’s look at one of these jeeps and i was like okay like let’s just take a look and i was obsessed with it my twin sister actually had a jeep compass before it was a 2018 so i didn’t really like it it low-key felt like a golf cart not gonna lie you’re

Like bouncing around i don’t know i just didn’t feel like a smooth drive so i just never thought that i would get one so the one that i have is not like that it’s very smooth so for those of you that don’t know i never posted this on youtube but i actually had a dodge charger for about a year it was a 2020 um white dodge charger i don’t know if you guys know this

Either because i don’t even think i posted this on youtube since i haven’t been on youtube in so long i actually have a husky and he’s looking at me like he’s so mad at me right now because i just told him we were gonna go for a ride and and i didn’t i have a husky maybe we’re going to go in a minute in a minute just give me one oh he wants to say hi oh i

Love you what are you doing what are you doing i love it i love you can i finish can i just finish it you like to whine a lot i love you i love you yes good boy percy lynn one minute stop dude just give me one minute i love you okay anyways so that is what i deal with a lot no he’s mad at me right now baby i’m filming give me a minute he’s a pain

In the butt but it’s fine i love him husky shed a lot so imagine me someone who travels a lot i move to a city far away from my hometown far away from my family and i visit them very often so i’m always driving i get my hair done like two hours away from me i get my lips done two hours away from me so i’m always driving i’m always doing something that involves

Driving i always take my dog with me everywhere i go i would clean my dodge spotless and within like two days or within a week it would look disgusting i mean it would be covered in hair my car needed cleaned every single week like detailed clean it was a lot to keep up with and it just did not fit my lifestyle like a dodge charger is not a car that is made for

Someone who travels all the time with a husky just it just it’s not okay so i needed something that fit more of my lifestyle and this jeep is just so perfect and also like my entire family has jeeps everyone because my mom works at jeep now i definitely added to the jeep collection um and i’m not mad about it i love it and now i feel bad because i always roasted

Jeeps i’m just like those like i don’t understand but now i understand so i take it back so what i need to do right now is go to starbucks and get the green drink if you know you know and then i’m gonna just go to the car wash and vacuum my floor let’s go do that and then i will give you guys a car tour hey girlie hey i love you why are you always jealous why

Go for all right that’s a little extreme can i do a venti strawberry lemonade refresher with no berries and three scoops of matcha and these people probably like what is doing she cannot drive um yes i know and what about it mind your business so good this gives me so much serotonin matcha is caffeine and it’s also a laxative so it really gets you going

It gets those veins pumping they really do i just vacuumed my car i just took my car through the car wash even though i took it through the car wash yesterday but i actually wanted to vacuum my car yesterday but it was too cold so i came back for round two and i finally cleaned everything so i cleaned it as best as i could right now i am getting a carpet

Cleaner for christmas and i’m so excited because then i can actually carpet clean my carpets whenever i want to i am literally obsessed with this interior i love the great color i love this i just think it looks so clean and sporty and you guys know i love sporty clearly i owned a dodge charger this is the screen i love the screen when i first got it i literally

Like you don’t even understand that looks like an ipad and then like navigation it has a built-in gps so you don’t have to use carplay but i choose to use carplay apps there’s so many apps it has alexa um has some other stuff i really haven’t went through every single weather what the frick it has heated seats heated steering wheel heated passenger seat and

Don’t worry if you’re if you’re sitting in the back you still get all the fun because the back seat is also heated here is the dash i love this because the safety in this car is phenomenal when i use the navigation that’s built into the car it tells me the direction it has like arrows and stuff when i’m supposed to turn if you’re swerving it will show you that

You’re swerving as you can see i already put a bunch of miles on my car don’t worry about it and then i need to get gas whatever so here is the passenger seat not many people have sat here yet but then i got my green drink and then in here this is like the little compartment that they have i have my sunglasses in here i have my air pods and then i have this

Eucalyptus spray hand sanitizer and then i have my mario badescu lip balm and then this is the center console let’s go to the back seat guys just look how stunning look how stunning this is like come on are you joking right now see i did clean my carpet they’re pretty clean so what the f there’s just a can of pumpkin in my back seat because my dog likes

To get diarrhea so often these are my trader joe’s reusable bags that i am obsessed with um i love trader joe’s and i love these bags and then my little shark vacuum that literally is the worst vacuum i’ve ever used in my entire life i want to refund so this controls the back seat this is the left heated seat control and then the right heated seat control there

Is a usbc charging port and then there’s a regular usb charging port and then down here is more charging ports that is for a regular and this is for an actual plug that means i can do my hair in here if i actually wanted to or i can charge my laptop so this is a little bin that i have in the back seat i use it as a trash can so i just like put trash in here but

Also all of my cleaning supplies are in this bin so that it’s always back here so if i make a mess it doesn’t sit there i can clean it right away this is the door looking sexy the moon roof and it cures my depression it’s just amazing percy stay stay no you look like you’re gonna jump out stay so this is the back of my car and this is what i was looking for

Something where my dog has a lot of room to lay around and he has his own space back here because as you can see i just vacuumed all of this baby just give me a minute just give me a minute i got lipstick on him you can see like i just vacuumed all of this and there’s more hair i needed somewhere where he could just have his own little space and then i can vacuum

This one area instead of my entire car this is the outside of the car it’s beautiful absolutely beautiful this is the front and this is the other side now i’m a jeep driver i don’t think i’ll ever go back so we’ll see and i would 100 recommend it to families and people with animals there’s so much space back there for my dog he can actually like lay down he

Literally just does that while i drive like sometimes he’ll be sleeping like that i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe button down below if you want to see more videos from me i love you guys and i will see you in my next one

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i gave up my DREAM CAR for a car i said i'd NEVER own (Jeep Compass 2022 Tour) By Taylor Lynn

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