i finally got a toyota rav4 prim
Altair Club Cars I Finally Got a Toyota Rav4 Prime and Heres What I Really Think of It

I Finally Got a Toyota Rav4 Prime and Heres What I Really Think of It

Toyota Rav4 Prime review. I Finally Got a Toyota Rav4 Prime and Here’s What I Really Think of It, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. The best SUV to buy. What’s the best SUV? Is the Toyota Rav4 Prime a good vehicle to buy? Are Toyota Rav4 reliable? Toyota Rav4 reliability issues. Buying a Toyota Rav4. Should I buy a Toyota Rav4 Prime? Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 53 years.

Rev up your engines all right these aren’t easy to get a hold of but i finally got a hold of a rav4 prime 2021. if you’re thinking about buying an electric car or a hybrid car and you crunch the numbers listen to this all right the cheapest rav4 you’re talking about 27 000 this is a rav4 prime 38 thousand dollars this particular one’s in massachusetts and when you

Total up the feds and when massachusetts give you as a rebate nine thousand dollars so it’s not that more costly now the owner admitted to me he said if they wouldn’t give me that rebate i would not have bought this car but they have because it’s a parsley electric vehicle now how electric is it you can see under the hood it’s got a gasoline motor it’s also got

An electric motor with its 18.1 kilowatt hour battery and regenerative braking on the highway he said he could go maybe 41 miles or so but he’s even gone 50 miles in the city sometimes over because it regenerates electricity and of course if you know anything about electric motors they’re actually more efficient at lower speed that’s the kicker of those electric

Motorcycles people buy they’re insane they can go 145 some of them miles in town going 65 miles an hour some of them will go about 40 miles and run out of power entirely because they’re not made for going full bore full speed thinking about getting an electric car why not get one like this where you can toy around with 40 to 50 miles stop and go driving see how

It fits your lifestyle do a lot in town driving maybe you really like it i know people who actually own small electric cars they own a small electric car for the city and they own a gasoline car when they go on trips right well this is a gasoline car too if you include the electricity this thing’s got a range of over 600 miles it could go a long way when you put

Gasoline in it too and with battery boost this is actually the second fastest car that toyota now makes with a gasoline motor and electric motor it’s like 301 horsepower in a smaller vehicle that’s a lot of horsepower and it’s not just pure horsepower electric motors get power instantly so you get so much boost if you compare this to a straight gasoline engine in

Terms of acceleration it’s more like a 400 430 horsepower gas engine because the electric ones they give you plenty of oomph now the owner’s only got one complaint and that’s these tires that it came with do not have enough traction for the power that the engine has and they’ll be skidding and sliding if you take off too fast now i’m used to that customers cars

If you remember the toyota supra that i filmed a few months ago that he had 1250 horsepower in that thing wouldn’t stay on the road and he had some pretty expensive tires but this isn’t nearly that kind of horsepower plus all-wheel drive so all four wheels are going you could buy better tires with better grip you can always add on to that a lot of guys if you’re

Not driving fast you don’t care if you’re gonna drive faster ah you get some softer racing type tires they won’t last as long but you get more traction you can always play with that stuff yourself now if you want a little interesting side story the owner previously owned a subaru wrx and he said he could never break traction on it and he didn’t like it because

It wasn’t fast enough and he loves this ram4 prime because he says it’s got a ton more acceleration and subaru wrx they’re not slow vehicles so don’t think this is a slow vehicle like i said this is the second fastest vehicle that toyota presently makes being an all-wheel drive vehicle it has a lot of advantages this one of course a little bit higher you’re not

Going to get stuck in the snow the electric motors have really good traction it’s not a bad idea to get one of these vehicles an all-wheel drive it’s already a hybrid vehicle so parts of it are electrified parts of it have batteries in it so what’s the difference that you’re getting all-wheel drive some of the wheels are driven electronically some of them are

Driven by gasoline and i gotta say toya i pulled all the stops off here this is all stock he hasn’t done anything to it for your tech guys the rear is all electric it’s not physically connected to the front so the electric drive can be controlled exactly as you want it so it’s like a front-wheel drive vehicle that has electronic rear wheel drive that can be

Controlled by computer any way the computer wants to control it and sure it’s complicated but hey it’s a toyota how often do these things break not very often it’s got the fancy engine to get the most power it can the electric motor the high voltage and everything on it but even though technically honda came out with the first hybrid car toyota came soon after

And they just blew honda away and they’ve been making priuses for 20 something years now they have those things down pat they know what they’re doing it’s not like you’re going out and buying some electric car from a manufacturer who’s been making them a couple of years or maybe just started making them and they have no idea what kind of problems they’re gonna

Have this is toyota and it’s a very conservative company they don’t put the stuff out and sell in the united states until they’ve tried it out they do the testing in other countries most of the time they know which side of the bread is buttered now if you’re worried about warranty the hybrid system is 96 months or 100 000 miles and the battery is 120 months or 150

000 miles they’re standing behind their stuff hey tesla only gives 100 000 mile warranty on their battery and they cost a small fortune the price of this thing it’s about half of what that model y i checked out the other day was and of course that’s a fully electric car you run out of power your s-o-l this thing the motor just kicks in and you can go 600 miles

Total so let’s take it for a spin he comes from a family of pilots so he’s added even more information with this little device here he’s serious about his car hey he spent a lot of time before he bought this thing so now we’re going in electric mode away we go certainly it’s quiet and i’ll tell you one thing off the bat this thing rides a heck a lot smoother

Than that model y did it doesn’t have the big heavy battery of course it’s got a battery but it’s not outrageous and again it’s a toyota rav4 so you’re pretty high off the ground you got good clearance you can see i’d be kind of leery driving around in a low slung tesla if it was a big flood water and this thing no i wouldn’t think twice it’s up high enough

You’re not gonna have a problem okay this is the second fastest toyota to the top now so let’s see how fast it is let’s go yes it indeed has a lot of speed but the driver slowed down because it’s very high tech and machine knows how fast he’s going it also knows what the speed limit is and if you go too fast it won’t warn you that you’re going too fast i have

To say the price difference between this and a regular f4 is an awful lot but with the 9 dollar credit that they get from the government in the state of massachusetts it’s just a few thousand dollars more for some interesting technology you can try out an electric car so what’s this scotty saying something good about electric cars well it’s a partially electric

Car an electric car with training wheels you can decide in town if it goes 50 miles you might be totally happy then you got to take a trip you don’t need two cars you can take it on a trip and put gasoline in it it’s a good way to try it out for your lifestyle and the advantage of this is of course it has a smaller battery than a pure electric car if you plug it

Into say a dryer socket four and a half hours will be a full charge if you plug it into your house it takes 12 hours take consideration if you had a tesla and you plugged it into your house at 120 it would take days to charge that car up because it’s got a humongous battery now these things are so popular now you’re not going to get a deal buying one he paid list

Price he was adamant he wasn’t gonna pay outrageous overage or anything but he got it and paid list price and with the nine thousand dollars off for the tax credit stuff hey that’s a fair deal a few thousand more than a regular one you really want an electric car maybe you’ll say yes you do and then in the future buy a fully electric car or maybe you’ll say what

A pain in the rear end and you’ll continue to drive this thing and put gasoline in it i would rather have a choice in a car i was driving myself because i driving cross country to visit grandkids if you got an electric car it’s going to be a real hassle if they ever do get a bunch of charging stations if it’s popular because there’s going to be waiting lines and

Even when there aren’t waiting lines an hour or more so something like this to me it’s like the best of both worlds and since it’s a toyota it’s not like you’re buying technology that’s going to fall apart in front of you and then you’re going to say i wish i never bought that thing you don’t see too many toyota owners saying i wish i would have never bought that

Toyota and these red fours they sell like hotcakes anyways everybody wants the suvs hey not a bad way to start looking at electric car technology and here’s some bonus questions and answers scooby dooby doo says key assault it’s got 197 thousand miles manual training should i run away and they want three grand for it well i wouldn’t run away the weakest things

On those other automatic transmissions in 2010 that’s got a standard so it could be decent cars i’m not a fan of the quality of kias especially in 2010 take it to a mechanic let him do wet and dry compression test of that engine and if he says the engine’s in excellent shape offer the guy two grand see what he’ll take maybe he’ll take two maybe he’ll take 2500

Whatever it could still be a decent run around car it’s not gonna go three four five hundred thousand miles like a toyota or a honda but for that price with a standard transmission if the engine’s in good shape it could be a good knock around car and today for 2 500 3 grand you’re not going to get much in a car the prices have gone astronomical so it could be a

Decent knock around car if a mechanic says the engine is still good so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that bell you

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