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After all these years, I finally got myself in a 2020 Mustang GT with a 10r80 transmission! I’m very happy with this decision and I absolutely LOVE this Mustang GT and all it has to offer! Get ready, content is about to take off!

You want to see the oh don’t don’t get the dishes bro and we cooked dinner last night check it it’s my it’s actually a baby formula you put baby formula in a jar with a glass of milk and two glasses of water and um it’s actually it works as a uh as a stem cell so if your your muscles grow and your luna grows a lot bigger hasn’t worked for me yet but that’s a really

Good yo i mean we’re going to look at possibly the core d car it’s pretty badass um we’ll talk more in just a minute so today we’re actually going to look at a car that i am 99 uh willing to throw an offer on it’s a it’s a pretty badass car i’m not gonna lie you might be able to see it in the title and thumbnail in this video so don’t skip the video just watch

It the whole way through um as far as yesterday’s video i just want to go and address this real quick it was a total joke guys like i a lot of you understood that it was just a fun video the whole e-bike thing it was just for fun it was supposed to be funny it’s not actually the replacement for the cobra some people believe that though i know it’s kind of what

What it’s the internet bro wake the up we’re driving an hour out there’s this dealership that has the exact car exact car to a freaking t that i am looking for when it comes to color spec everything and then some this is the exact car i want and i think you guys are going to be absolutely satisfied with it um and as soon as it you know if i end up getting this

It’s going to be this weekend i’ll go pick it up and it’s game on we’re making some content we’re going to make some some different kind of content and it’s going to be a it’s going to be some some fun stuff so uh let’s head to ford and uh let’s go check out this car guys we are out here this is definitely the boonies we’re half a mile away look around real quick

Nothing but trees and some road but who knows maybe uh maybe this boonie pickup will uh will be the deal i’m looking for so fingers crossed and i’m really excited to see what you guys think about this car you know it’s obviously nothing super super unique of course but it’s still uh still a car i’ve been very excited to get in all right let’s go do this i gotta

Take a mean ass piss oh look he found it you heard that right here it is all right we got um all right you ready moment of truth i think those people were trying to look at this car who was you think so yeah she’s clean i mean nice car thank you that sounds pretty good though damn thing sounds good i’ll tell you what it’s kind of crazy here take this film

From the outside sounds good just never know okay i like it though yeah what do you think i think i should make a move on that let’s get the price down so so yeah yeah short pump so oh shit’s good what do you think man i like it definitely loud but it’s nice though that active is awesome it’s so sick active exhaust definitely is a big game changer um

But it is clean overall nothing really standing out that tension it’s honestly the exact specs it has 6 000 miles so i mean it’s um it’s what i want for real and the fact is that it’s here you know yeah so i mean we’re going to go in something we got to figure out a price on i’m willing to buy it i’m willing to buy it today but like jordan said we got to talk about

Price discuss the warranty and everything and the return policy that they offer and if everything checks out i mean i might be driving it home today i don’t know but dude it that’s what i want right there that car is exactly what i want let’s go inside 10 grand or whatever it is it doesn’t hurt us one bit okay you ready to drive at home no they’re driving it

I’m not i’m gonna wreck it i’m too stressed to drive that right now i should’ve bought a hellcat well we did it boys we made some moves we made them quick terminator cobra’s gone i finally bought my dream 10 speed and you gotta tell the three o’clock not to come huh huh they got tiller yeah they gotta tell their three o’clock appointment that they’re bullshitting

About not to come because i know they’re anyway you know i’m very satisfied with it six thousand miles we’re gonna get more into it um you know once we get home and stuff jordan’s actually gonna be the first one to drive at home believe it or not um i’m just a little too stressed to enjoy it so the first time i drive it drive it i want to just be excited i’m

Just a little stressed right now i don’t know i’m weird i’m ocd i told y’all this i know a lot of people aren’t gonna you know agree with this whole decision of getting rid of the terminator but i now have a fully loaded fully optional car s550 and i can travel around the country with it’s badass and um you know it just it’s gonna be really really versatile for

What i’m trying to do so i’m stoked i’m really stoked but i think it’s getting out of detail and as soon as it does you guys are gonna see it firsthand it looks good let’s go dude yeah i am gassed right they got the stuff off the mirror look like this this thing’s nice bro dude these seats i almost wanted a recaro for the spot yeah these are probably real

Comfortable they’re they’re they’re comfy plus they’re heated in there you see yeah heated in a seed i’ll put the registration in here if you get pulled i’ll put the registration in here if you get pulled hey right off rip y’all start deciding a name for this bad boy she’s mean god i’m so stoked on this but we gotta run i’m gonna get this home and um we gotta

We gotta make some pit stops you ready ready start her up keys are in the keys i’ll follow you home all right i’ll drop the vet let’s go i am so pumped right now so freaking pumped dude no way jordan’s getting pulled right now no freaking way dude damn no shot no way that just happened that’s crazy dude what the bro jordan got freaking pulled in the coyote

This is nuts dude like come on no front plate maybe because the the cop was in front of him and he passed the cop he’s probably gonna get my ass next for real all right guys so we made it back home and i just want to apologize for pretty much being all over the place with this video having it jump from this section to that section to driving home blah blah blah

But yeah my ultimate goal today was just to go look at this car and um as soon as i saw it felt it out test drove it and what have you uh instantly fell in love and i wanted to leave that day with that car to have it fully secured and play no games so one last look before we wrap up today’s video drop a comment down below let me know what you think lucifer’s

Little brother boom 2020 mustang gt 401a performance pack and there she is boys and ladies i really got to stop saying just boys but there it is and good god man this is this is right up my alley this car is just me like that that screams me 100 along with lucifer still of course but pretty much fulfilling the full spectrum now you know we got the s197 s550

I don’t really think it gets better than that and just looking at this is kind of it’s just insane to me um you know i’m 26 years old and like dude what what is life man i remember when we started with a seven thousand dollar two valve and now you know it’s like 70 something no it’s like 80 000 worth of cars right here and just these two life is freaking

Crazy man look at those two together oh it’s so sick oh my god the blue and the black she we had to go black on black man i had to at the s550 is by far one of my favorite colors and i lucked out with this car tremendously you might be able to tell already i’m not going to talk about it in this video we may have mentioned it when we went to first go look at it

But i’m going to save that for another video we’ll go into depth i’ll give you guys a whole walk around the whole scoop on it but um i just wanted to you know i wanted to get home and show you guys it’s not the next day i’ve been driving it around drove to my parents my dad drove it he freaking loves it um just everything this car has to offer man everything it

Has to offer is just it’s just perfect it fits me fits my personality so well the black on black you know all i wear is black um black interior fully loaded like i get all the bells and whistles but yet i still have a whole new platform i have yet to experience i know at the end of the day it’s a coyote mustang it is my first automatic mustang why’d i say auto

Automatic mustang it’s a 10 speed at that it has all these bells and whistles that i’ve never really experienced in a new car before it um you know it’s a gen 3 motor it’s it’s an s550 body it definitely drives different it’s a freaking mercedes-benz on the inside i’m just happy man i’m just so happy with this and you know i feel i’m not even gonna say it because

You know things just happen in life and i my minds change and goals change and whatnot but i’m really satisfied with this purchase i’m not gonna say i’m never gonna sell it or it’s not going anywhere because who knows maybe one day i might switch it out gt350 or you know zl1 who knows who honestly knows but as of right now as of today i can honestly say getting rid

Of my 23 000 mile terminator cobra that was canned my ultimate dream car this right here fits my wants it fits my needs and it’s just it’s so versatile and it just makes me so excited because i’m actually going out of town with it this weekend i’m going to charlotte with it the next weekend and it’s just it’s perfect man it is absolutely perfect and i think it’s

Finally fulfilled i’m finally fulfilled with that missing gap of what two cars do i want to have because i love lucifer to death love that manual mt-82 boosted car i want to enjoy the n a life we’re gonna talk more about it i’ll give you the whole scoop on that this week so there you have it um the new s550 and it needs a name it needs a name so drop a comment

Down below and let me know what you think and guys i appreciate your support like truly i really do and you know we should be back tomorrow 8 pm eastern time for another video just want to say thank y’all love y’all all right i’m out see you later you

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I FINALLY BOUGHT MY DREAM 2020 MUSTANG GT!! *10 SPEED* By DerekBaranProductions

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