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Altair Club Cars I Didnt Expect This -Toyota GR86 vs Mazda Miata vs THE Underdog Drag Race Quarter Mile Drag Race

I Didnt Expect This -Toyota GR86 vs Mazda Miata vs THE Underdog Drag Race Quarter Mile Drag Race

What’s Quicker in a quarter mile drag race? Is it the new 2022 Mazda Miata MX-5 or the brand new 2022 Toyota GR86 or the Underdog?

Nathan this is the drag race i have been looking forward to not only do we have a quarter mile airstrip but we’ve got two vehicles that compete directly and of course i am in the winning one uh the toyota gr86 you only wish you were in the winning one i’m in the mazda mx-5 miata one of the most enjoyable cars to drive by the way like across the board everybody

Agrees now we did a video that we published taking him around the track and i gotta tell you uh well we’ll tell you which one do you think was faster wait don’t say let’s just close the drag race all right here we go dude be prepared you will be eating those words now the previous generation of this vehicle had no torque it needed a supercharger desperately

Or at least a turbocharger but this one this one’s a whole different animal uh i think we forgot something what well we’re calling this series uh the underdog and we’re missing the underdog oh crap yeah where’s the third car i think we need to line up and do it again roman explain why you stopped the drag race well because this series nathan is called

The underdog right and we know that the two cars the toyota and the mazda compete directly right but i thought it’d be fun to throw in a wild card you know another car that competes on costs but not necessarily on paper and speaking of which here comes tommy with the underdog gotta be very very quiet check it out i’ve brought the future uh-huh okay well

You know what i’m gonna do i’m taking my jacket off for this one it might help me shed a little bit of weight so i can beat both of you now you guys know this but under the hood of the 86 is check it out a subaru sourced boxer 228 horsepower 184 pound-feet of torque at 32 000 this brand new second generation toyota gr86 is a sports car bargain i mean first

Of all let’s look at the styling squinty headlights a big open mop it looks like a pissed off mako shark and best of all it’s got all the ingredients you want for the perfect sports car you’re talking about rear wheel drive you’re talking about a six-speed manual and best of all get this it’s got tiny rear seats so when your friends want to come along well

They’ll know that they will not be happy in the back of that vehicle now we took this vehicle on the race track and compared it to the miata and we gave it to our race car driver he used to be the former stig on top gear usa and guess what not only is it handsome not only is it sexy but it’s quicker than the miata sideways now we’ll try a lap in the gr86

And see how it does versus the really really well balanced uh mx-5rf which was just amazing around the track a little bit more power a little bit more size just over a second quicker in the gr86 this mini i’ve brought along this has 181 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque now of course everybody in their trendy shirts and flat-belt hats are going

To say oh this doesn’t make any sense the mini doesn’t compete with the other two at all it’s small it’s front wheel drive i get it but this car is so much more than it’s on paper specs it’s super cheap to keep running with that 32 and a bit kilowatt hour battery it only goes about 114 miles on a single charge but look at it it’s got a three-tone roof ghost

Stripes it’s got this wool interior price-wise starts at like 29 000 this one it’s got a few options like 7 000 worth of options but keep in mind this also applies for the full 7 500 tax credit so it’ll save you money on your taxes too which will make your spouse happy sick and tired of people putting down the miata 181 horsepower coming out of this 2-liter

Engine 151 pound-feet of torque not the best aside from the fact of it being a little tight for me by the way butt first is usually a good idea unless the roof is open but really important thing about this car ah just awesome and by the way soul metallic red that’s the color okay i can’t get out of this car very easily but i’m gonna try to make it look

Cool only one kidney left that’s fine so the most important part for a lot of you guys is this is one of the more expensive vehicles here it’s around 37 however at 27 you can get a base model i don’t think i’m gonna beat the mini but i think i might take roman all right our first episode of the underdog let’s see if the underdog in fact can pull out a win

Come on minnie my roof is up and i’m shutting off my traction control you suckers are in trouble nathan took off like a scolded cat but he has to shift and i don’t have to shift come on oh there he goes there goes tommy nathan one more shift and they’re not catching up although the miata’s making a good effort come on all right well we know the uh uh how

Bad did you lose my dude about half a car length to you uh tommy just stormed past me pretty impressive tommy the underdog yeah i’m telling you this mini hull’s ass all right so i think what we’ll do is we’ll do one more race guys so we know the numbers i’ll give myself to tommy uh you guys race uh to get the final number all right admittedly the eevee mini

Doesn’t sound all that fantastic but when you put it in reverse it does sound like a pissed off jetson’s car all right lining up against the mini i can’t believe how quick this mini is although i did use about three percent of my range um on that one run so uh we’re going to get some times on this one and see how we do 55 miles an hour 60 pull strong all

The way up to about 75 miles an hour there he goes there we go so that was 15.67 uh seconds at 91 miles an hour and the top speed on this guy right around 94. so uh really pretty close to this thing’s top speed 16. 16.4 you know boys one number sticks out in my mind and that is 92 miles an hour i had the fastest trap speed no that’s a useless number

I was i arrived at the finish line first it’s about who gets there first and i had the slowest speed yet i took off the fastest wait wait so you’re saying it’s about who takes off the fastest you’re saying it’s about who crosses the line the fastest and i’m saying it’s about who finishes it faster have you ever seen like a race are you aware of how a race

Works two crosses yeah i’m pretty sure mario andretti is like hey i want a 200 miles per hour even though somebody else beat me i still went the fastest well if you were qualifying oh my god it doesn’t matter even then all right all right you know our first underdog and the underdog won who would have thunk i had no clue going in i did there is one thing

Though that’s really important roman what’s that the color no no no you and i will be able to drive back to the office you will not i will have to take a quick charging break but yes i will see you there in a mere 35 to 40 minutes after you guys get there preciso mundo all right guys well thank you for watching remember check out our other video we took both

Of the miata and the 86 on the track and gave it to paul that was also interesting and finally check out tfl.studios.com where we have all of our tick tocks our videos our news what else we have up there tommy yeah all of it we’ll see you next time tommy i get the three-toned roof it’s cool and i get the wool interior but what the hell is a ghost stripe it’s

Like it’s like stripes for people with commitment issues so it’s like a semi opaque stripe which gives you the hint of a stripe but not the full stripe i don’t know it’s a ghost you you see it sometimes other times you don’t i think it’s a decal that’s the same color as the car it’s not a decal it’s a decal no it isn’t well technically it is a decal but it’s

It’s um yeah it’s very cool what color is the car right it’s a blue blue it’s a different blue it’s a light blue you

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I Didn't Expect This -Toyota GR86 vs Mazda Miata vs THE Underdog Drag Race Quarter Mile Drag Race! By The Fast Lane Car

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