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I AM HYPED. I just finished @TateSpeech project car after 2 months of work. It was definitely worth it. I want to thank everybody who supported me during this time. Specially you guys for being a part of it.

Right now we are heading to andrew he’s having actually no idea what is going to happen he’s a mean looking m5 he’s gonna be more hurt from me than the crash i’m gonna him up 2023 is my next car and if things keep going well i might sell a bunch and get a shirt on hey hey what’s up guys welcome to another episode of andrew tate’s project m5 the car is done right

Now we are heading to andrew he’s having actually no idea what is going to happen with the car because he believes he’s going to get it on the 24th and this is like one more week to go but we’re gonna surprise him now together with his brother actually everybody knows just he doesn’t um it’s so exciting i mean i’ve been waiting for this moment like for almost four

No it was like eight weeks i’ve been waiting for this moment for eight weeks to give him the car to see his reaction to see whether he’s like it or not because i have no idea i just did it like the way i love it but i have no idea if he does or not like it we’re gonna take the car no amy’s gonna join me we’re gonna call tristan like five minutes before he should

Take him inside for whatever reason and we just drive inside the yard in front of his house and rev the car and see what uh what happens next i have no idea so let’s go two minutes so this is the delivery of the bmw m5 it’s just been fully chewed andrew doesn’t know it’s showing up here but as promised you’ve heard it you heard it all right come in come in we

Were trying to be quiet yeah out there pretty mean with the m5 bro it was not it was not supposed to be like that man you should be inside the house what are you doing here this is a mean looking empire it looks crazy i told him to come out when he hears revving you couldn’t resist revving the engine down here no no it was no it wasn’t on purpose i it up i

It up you didn’t up the car hell this is a mean looking car man you like it man it looks awesome it looks awesome really honestly it looks amazing i know i shouldn’t swear for youtube sorry youtube you put the splitter on there yeah i got it oh i made it it was such a pain in the ass you have no i no idea foreign it’s the only car in the world wrapped

In this color this is a brand new wrap nobody did it before this is exclusive your card i’m sure people will try and copy copy first bro it looks better i could even imagine that it looks awesome sounds amazing i’m sorry everything about it is with nice gentlemen diffuser and it comes with a free romanian passport yeah there we go i’m now a citizen you see man

It looks awesome it looks completely awesome yeah i don’t know what to say it was awesome i need to take it for a drive and come back to you with some feedback i know i’m gonna love it yeah i know i’m gonna love it it looks awesome so we did basically we dropped the car yeah kwd4 we put it on perfect z performance wheels zp forged monoblock that means we chose

A very special lightweight wheel for your performance that means the car is again a little bit faster because you you save weight yeah yeah yeah on the wheels cool we have michele tires brand new catalyst downpipes full exhaust system carbon fiber tips body kit is a 3d design in japan it took forever to get the sports manhattan you worked hard on i know you did

Yeah i don’t know what to say but that’s the most expensive stuff that you can get on a market i didn’t want to go like half away for your car and give it to you like earlier yeah i wanted to go like the real deal yeah make it look fantastic sounds fantastic deep fast it has 800 horses and a beautiful wrap on it man awesome it looks amazing and one tiny surprise

I have for you let’s come to the front fanny surprise but you got a front plate and if you want to take pictures you have oh i have a magnet madness amazing please stop me i can be like yeah you can do whatever you stick about you go for a shoot you want to have a clean front no front blade perfect thank you very much bro that’s awesome i’ll leave it off until

The police give me trouble but uh they will yeah i know yeah sure i’m sure they will make time but uh yeah man it’s even better i could imagine it looks really mean i wanna i want to drive it i want it it is yours i wanna put it up against the uh 720 so we’ll see yeah we we should explain that yeah it looks good i’m very very happy man i put everything into it

And i i wanted actually i did a little bit of a drama when i told you like i’m sick of it yeah yeah we’re gonna surprise you but the lift didn’t come yeah and lip didn’t didn’t want to come but we got it in the end i got it in the end yeah amazing man it looks really really good i don’t know what to say man it looks amazing thank you very much i’m very happy to

Drive it i will do it i’m very happy enjoy it it’s it’s a piece a hundred percent unless let’s take it out next couple days i’m busy but certainly let’s take out next week and let’s bring the 720 and we’ll drive them both and we’ll see we’ll see what it’s called from sunday on i’m free so we can do whatever you want let’s do it man let’s do it i want anybody to

Take pictures because i didn’t do it i want i was so mad to see your reaction yeah yeah i could have told him like come on let’s do it tomorrow yeah yeah but i wanted to show you guys like when you have a gift for someone and you just you want to give it to them yeah no i’m i’m super happy man it looks amazing we need a full interior detailing so everything is

Now really fresh and juicy perfect what else man it looks it looks since it’s tinted the the taillights and the front lights with the uh this color goes perfect at the carbon yeah yeah we put all those yeah longer yeah yeah perfect bigger figures better man thank you very very much thank you thank you appreciate it cheers bro thank you you have to quickly talk

Me through the uh so the suspension button i don’t need anymore right no there’s nothing there’s nothing to adjust so this does nothing and then um i forgot i only drove you’ve probably driven this car more than me i’ve forgotten what does what the steering wheel button still stiffens up the well actually you don’t need any of those you just need the two buttons

Here because i have already um configurated them like as you will need them okay usually you drive like now when it’s like normal you start it you are inefficient and comfort comfort like everywhere you can press this one for sport sport sport and you have the pops and bangs on sport plus here okay and it will only pop some bang when you are uh in sport plus

Because it’s good you know sometimes you want to drive like without yeah silence yeah yeah not uh so this is so yeah so it’s normal this is fast mode this is fast mode with banks yeah exactly exactly and nothing else everything is like it was before i drove about like 100 miles you can you can look it up no man i trust you 100 you deserve to drive it honestly

Super happy bro super happy cool super happy thank you yeah thank you thank you five eight it’s coming i bought it for luke for his first supercar yeah what i thought he can’t i thought i already have a huracan he can’t uh mclaren is a bad idea for her first supercar so i thought 458 so i bought it lucky buster do you want i know don’t crash that’s the key don’t

Crash so you have now europe how many supercars you have including including the four five eight now we’re in nearly nine or ten i don’t know nine we have enough these four plus the mclaren don’t say that plus the m5 plus the 458 is coming what’s missing maybe sometimes i can’t remember and then at the 812 i’m still uh do i take an 8-12 i need to behave and calm

Down you need to behave if you buy ferrari just go for one there are so many nice cars out there you can buy you know no the 458 and then i’ve kind of got my car plan worked out i’m going to keep this for a very long time because this is always going to be reliable it’s always going to be fast it’s got uh four doors so i’m super happy you did this and then i’m

Not gonna change the mclaren for a while the 765 is out but the 720 is so fast i don’t feel like i use the power most of the time what’s the point in getting more um i’ll probably keep the porsche while i looked at an evo but i don’t want evo huracan because they look the same waste of money so i’m probably going to keep these cars for a few years in 2023 i’m

Gonna get the new vanquish um and besides that i don’t really want anything 2023 is my next car and if things keep going well i might sell a bunch and get a shirt on yeah that’s what i might do that sounds like a plan dude yeah we’ll see how it goes we’ll see how it goes see how it goes sounds good and i just want to see all of them here yeah man we’ll do it we’ll

Do it and we’re gonna have a fun summer once once all this lockdown craziness is over we’re gonna have a lot yeah as i told you we are we have to we have to do this movie we talked we were talking about in the in the beginning yeah yeah yeah i hope you are in i’m in bro i’m in you know me just send me a text awesome i’m in i’m in i’m always in amazing wow i’m so

Happy that i did this now it was relief to lose this responsibility from my shoulders to keep this car because it’s a beast and it’s expensive and it’s his and if something happens i don’t want to know what this guy is doing with me when you know now i’m actually kidding he’s really nice guy and he deserves this car all the way from from from my heart dude you

Deserve this car it fits you you love it how it drives it’s really crazy it’s so fast i can’t wait thank you very much and next time when we meet i want to see um a review yeah 100 i’ll give you one door about that i’ll give you one wow it looks so mean it matches the house that’s what it matches yeah that’s parked here with the house in the back it looks actually

Really good look look at this entrance here i mean come on yeah that’ll be kidding me yeah looks good wow we have to film here something yeah we have to awesome it’s just a few more days the grass this ugly wood this like a little bit more work we have so much time yeah it’ll be done in one week when this is all black and the grass is all done and the furniture

Is in there and we’ll be almost everything done and then we’ll be good to go awesome i’m gonna finish some work and i’m gonna take it out i’ll finish a little bit of work first and i’ll go for a drive you deserve it man you work so hard all the time you’re like on the phone bro i live on the phone on the computer it’s all i do phone and computer just living people

Just hate because you live your life that you deserve you know yeah and i’m unapologetic but i think that uh you never regret what you do you regret what you don’t do so do whatever you want say whatever you want buy more cars that’s how to live buy more cars buy cars buy cars that’s why i bought the new car you actually didn’t you don’t even know i just it was

A leak yeah i just bought a new car and it just found out so maybe you can guess in the comment section what it is well i will give 200 euros if anyone guesses correctly as long as zed doesn’t i have it on camera tristan yeah no one’s gonna get always gonna guess i’ll give 200 euros if any of you guessed correctly the car that said just bought well guys so you

Heard it in case one of you guys will guess what car i just bought tristan is gonna hand over like 200 euros respect dude go follow me on instagram to claim your prize though yeah please check here in the corner his instagram account give him a follow free money keep guessing i’m gonna post a comment from a fake account to make easy money that doesn’t count you

Have to collect the money in person actually just to make sure it’s not these guys tristan do you like the car i love the car absolutely beautiful uh when we bought stock i was already impressed at the m5 i thought it was fantastic it was already beating the porsche in a race so uh yeah i really look forward to testing it out now it looks incredible it’s gonna turn

A lot of heads did a great job there have fun thank you thank you very much yeah look at this ass it’s a fine machine they did a good job on this m5 now in terms of in terms of value for money m5 is one of the best cards you can buy bro value for money for the speed yeah reliability it ticks every box i mean this will beat the lambo lambos how much you know it’s

Crazy it’s crazy the value for money and bmw is really amazing you cannot fault them you cannot fault them for this you know and uh i say this all the time people say what’s your best car and i say well the mclaren’s the fastest they go is it the best i go it’s not necessarily the best it’s just the fastest for that extra speed you give up reliability comfort

The sound space the the infotainment system you give it all up to have well 10 more on the straights the best car is the best car that is best for you there is no best car you can’t say the lambo is the best car exactly best car for what exactly exactly so which one is the fastest though out of them all is the mclaren mclaren for sure yeah mclaren’s the fastest

But i’m really curious how this one is against it how this one will perform it’s going to be good yeah but um so yeah the mclaren’s the fastest but it doesn’t necessarily make it the best it’s just the fastest and when you drive it you will see yeah because it does it’s scary it’s the only car that will scare you i drive all these cars just like that really really

You put your foot down that you’re like you’re just like you take your foot off it’s like i don’t know why the car would feel scared you’ll see we’ll see the 720 can do it i’m telling you it’s the only machine real that this rear-wheel drive makes it you know the lambo is fast and stuff but it’s still nothing yeah nothing compared to uh to the mclaren but did you

Drive it i don’t know i didn’t drive the 720s but i will oh you used rubber only the essence right yeah yeah and i drove some uh on mclaren’s but not uh not the 17. no no you have to drive you’re gonna enjoy it and it’s gonna be going fast and sideways at the same time and still faster than everything else and you’re gonna be like look is this car it’s crazy it’s

Crazy yeah i’m curious yeah good you’ll like it we saw it today and it’s like in pieces yeah in the car i know i can’t i can’t look too much it will hurt my heart i’ll wait till it’s done yeah do you want to do a you want to start a car or no i’ll film for you yeah maybe maybe andrew can uh can rev it a little bit here grab it so i press m1 yes for the uh yeah

Yeah it has to be like in sport plus i think one time is enough oh wow jesus christ my neighbors already hate me they’re gonna hate me more amazing thanks again brother thank you yeah me happy man if you’re happy i’m happy i’m super happy that’s important super happy well that’s it guys uh andrew is uh happy i’m happy he likes the project he likes the car i

Could see it in his face he was more than happy and satisfied with the outcome and i mean look at this thing look at this thing right here is like a beast it’s loud it’s fast it’s dark it’s it has big wheels performance wheels like basically everything he desires from a car and this was important for me project is finished i hope you guys liked it and i thank you

Very much for watching and supporting me throughout this project i have a question for you yes will you tune more cars in the future if someone asks you to tune their car what do you say why not basically why not but um actually it was a one-off project so i don’t know if there’s going to be a second one or not i don’t know what offers are going to come in the

Future for now this is the only project i will do um if andrew is going to propose something else to me maybe a new car that he’s going to buy we never know but yeah anything else no okay bye bye bye bye

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