i crashed my infiniti q60 its al
Altair Club Cars I CRASHED MY INFINITI Q60 *its all bad*

I CRASHED MY INFINITI Q60 *its all bad*

WHATS GOING ON FRANKY GANG!!!! Yup yall read that right, somebody hit my Q man its all bad smh..

All right gang so just got pulled over we’re currently being pulled over he’s behind me so he’s already talking about my winch my tent he’s talking about my front license plate that i don’t have on the car so i’m completely legal i have insurance my registration is up to date i have everything so probably going to get some tickets which sucks i really don’t

Want to get a ticket but it comes with the territory right man make sure y’all like this video man i’m over here getting pulled over for y’all all right gang so police officer was actually kind of cool he still gave me two tickets i got a ticket for the front windshield and i got a ticket for my mirror tech so apparently these are just citations the only thing

I have to do is pay them 70 each or 75 so 150 dollars i got to pay and uh yeah nothing happens i just paid the ticket and i’m good to go so obviously going to get these paid so he’s not coming to look for me but w police officer for sure what’s going on frankie gang it’s your boy frankie i’m having a frankie day i’m doing it frankie’s way and i hope y’all doing

It the same so today like i always say bro i don’t even really know what i’m getting into but i’m always down to take you out for the ride i’m gonna show you all the scenery but as y’all can see we got all the cues together again man we’ve been taking w’s with the turnouts man midwest q is gonna be your biggest cute group on the internet no i can’t say that i mean

Shout out to california cues but anyways man before we continue y’all going and hit that like button comment if you’re feeling up to it and man road to 5k y’all know how i do man i celebrate a little bit and it’s back to work road to 5k let’s go man make sure you smash that subscribe button we turning up all the way through the winter time we turn it up man so y’all

Stay tuned for this vlog like i said i don’t know what i’m getting into gonna be all over the place but y’all seem to like that so stay tuned taylor’s car is dumb loud bro it is absolutely it’s not raspy though that’s the thing you’re not raspy i feel bad what’s the odds that he’s coming right here bro i’m not getting another ticket not part of the group chat

I don’t know this thing is nice though i’ve never seen this one i don’t either oh i like what he did with the tow hook fire bro yeah minty man yeah it’s clean bro all right gang look at this loose this is wet right you think it’s the bumper i’ve never seen a little one that’s crazy have you ever seen that before 72 i get that that’s that’s super wet bro that’s

Clean i’ve never seen that look who it is she’s that fitment though he threw the lowering springs on this week i like it bro i need to get a z man i really need a z all right gay so y’all won’t believe this right y’all know who eddie is he’s been on vlog for a minute now had the white q50 at the red q50 that was ruby which is a 3-7 both of those at the same time

Then he bought the mustang the car we put the clutch in okay well he’s got another card and i’m gonna have to show y’all and this is the new one this is the new one eddie has yet another car so he did get rid of the mustang for this one which i think is a w the mustang was giving us too many problems it was practically new so bro what’s up i get famous for being

Low right bro they keep saying i’m too famous for everything right so do with the rohanas what was that you were saying bro honestly that’s crazy bro that’s my stuff you see how people change people chains on you bro he he gets some nismos and now you don’t know how to act bro i’ve been having those oh he got money so if y’all remember whose curtis is this is

Ruben rubin q50s on instagram i’ll put it in the description so i can follow him but he has the nismo so fun fact i didn’t know him at all first time i seen him i’m like bro the nismo this is the first thing i noticed so he’s gonna let me have him once he’s done with him so this is fire though geez so everybody’s just out here on nismos huh that is crazy though

That fitment is fire though looks familiar tuck boy oh no geez stop it all right gabe this is ig a red one with the nismos but we gonna see if i’m a w friend i’ma look at his reels and see if i’ve been liking them okay that one’s like okay i’m a real friend but i liked all of them oh i got a red sport i got a red red sport oh i got a red red sport just kidding

I really like this car let me drive it that thing sounds good yo what’s up brother finally he got our table at hooters what’s this building is fire okay i see you yeah you getting too much money whoa all right gang i ain’t showed y’all this in a minute it’s been officially a year since taylor installed this i just want to show y’all still work what color

Should i go with oh yeah you gonna go with the pain minded my business on my way to meet up with my homie and somebody hits my car bro i can’t make this up can’t make this off look look bro wheel is completely done all curved up inside of my bumpers shifting my whole back bumper and my carbon seems to be okay but yeah i’m sick sick i’ve been in the house

All day minding my business chilling excited to come outside all right gang so we call the police they’re on their way we both have car insurance so not really too worried about it in that aspect as we’ll be covered but like i’m trying to figure out like i’ve never been in a car accident so dude you know he figure out the toe i do the cops figure out i told you i

Got to figure out the toll damn bro it’s crazy literally just minding my own business i’m like the whole wheel is scraped up i mean it’s that’s probably gonna have to be replaced i mean all my carbon seems to be straight carbon seems to be good so i don’t know if i’m gonna have to take that off before it gets repairs done but i’m just more so worried about

Like if my control arms like dub you know or like anything in here hopefully it’s not but we’ll see now so this is bros car but not bro but this is his car i mean the lights gone this is all from the back of my car it’s leaking fluid and uh yeah so so pretty much gang i was right here going straight and he was in the left turn lane supposed to go that way

He literally jumped over two lanes and i moved out of the way the first time and then he turned again and hit my car and i literally like spawn over here i was able to stop like we weren’t flying or nothing like that but yeah rose was completely at fault i mean i didn’t do anything wrong i was just driving but it still sucks bro i’ve literally never been in a

Car accident i don’t really know how i’m supposed to handle this with my car being low i don’t even know how they’re gonna tow it oh man bro shit’s all bad all right gang so i’m calling geico right now i’ve been on hold it’s only been like three minutes we’ve been waiting on the cops for 15 minutes or so people are updated but like i literally don’t know how hard

It’s gonna be to get this car towed because it’s a low car um yeah i’m gonna take y’all through the process with me so i literally just waited on the phone with the lady from geico just for her to tell me that she was having technical difficulties and couldn’t transfer me over to the claims department so she gave me the claims number called the claims number right

It’s an automated voice message and this literally just says follow this link to file a claim so i’m gonna follow the claim and um bro oh my god bro oh my god all right gang cops just pulled up so let’s let’s go see what the let’s go see what they’re talking about that is correct so i don’t know if i should drive anymore if it is drivable at all you guys got

Driver’s insurance i do yeah insurance is on my phone all right gang i’m still on hold i’m gonna try to move the car because i’m like low-key in a way i’m gonna try and move it over there so we’ll see what happens okay you say that superior towing about an hour out uh within an hour it could be ten minutes oh somebody work in an hour okay let me know

For sure yeah if you could write it down uh yes or do you guys call us if they have a low profile um just make sure yeah yeah if you could do that who hit you yes i already have a police report and the number and all that everything everything’s already yep okay all right one second all right gang so just got off the phone with the insurance guy and the tow

Truck company we asked him if they could tow a low profile car he didn’t really answer the question he said the tow truck guy is about 10 to 20 minutes out that’s actually the fastest i’ve ever heard of a tow truck so hopefully he gets here and he can tell me so hopefully he could hold me so i’m literally just sitting in this 7-eleven parking lot just waiting

I’m pretty sure sloth you guys have a sloth he’s worked on the car i’m pretty sure he’s about to pull up on me and just chill into the tow truck guy gets here um i was actually on my way to see sloth i haven’t seen him in a while i was gonna put him on a vlog so he’s still gonna be on the vlog just not in that way i wanted it but oh my god y’all like i don’t even

Like i’m a very calm guy like i don’t get worked up you know very easily so i was very calm throughout the whole situation the dude he seemed very young either young or you know he might have had some mental issues right but he’s flustered and it wouldn’t have made it any better if i would have just got all pissed off at him and got irate it wouldn’t make the

Situation better bro’s father pulled up and uh his father was hella cool too police was cool some w police officers again it just sucks bro cause like this is my baby y’all have been with me since i’ve had the car i just made a year last month and like man bro like even if you’re alert and you’re paying attention other people still just i don’t know man it sucks

It sucks thank god i’m okay though right man but i don’t know this video is all over the place i literally got pulled over two two three days ago got two tickets did not get in the car accident like bro what man if y’all hit that like button already man y’all ain’t subscribed already i don’t know what y’all waiting on man i live even got tickets and car accidents

Filming content for y’all so sorry could you say that again i wasn’t talking to you siri shut up all right gang so my dog sloth pulled up on me you guys remember sloth he used to work on the car i was actually on my way to see him like i was telling y’all earlier minding my own business and i kid you not somebody hit me but look at look how good the car looks bro

Oh my god how long do y’all think i’m gonna be without my car man i don’t even know how this process works tow truck just pulled up what y’all think gang i think i’m gonna fit on a tow truck we’re gonna see if he can throw it or not i mean my car is low so we’re gonna find out yeah it’s low all right gang so y’all know i keep these in the trunk so he’s got some

Two by fours too so i’m gonna pull the car around he said he can make the bed a lot lower than the average truck so we’re gonna see i mean it looked pretty low so i think i’m gonna be ai i’m gonna have sloth record footage frank you’re always getting into some man always never goes this way man i still don’t got a bumper what a franky day for frankie’s way your

Car loves the tow truck huh oh bro at least it looks good on a tow truck every time it looks pretty good to me i’ll be honest with you i don’t think so like i don’t know what his plan is trying to do with the boards underneath like that how’s it going mr franklin man i as right now i just want to get this thing home put it in the garage yes worry about it on

Monday right everybody still asks about me everybody they’re like why is he not in midwest cube yeah i’m not in the chance to be in this yeah nobody’s ever put me in the chat you want to be i don’t know everybody’s gonna yeah i think you are what else i don’t know how this man made it up there but he made it up here yes sir appreciate you sloth sloth on the

Camera i don’t know how we got it up there either but we did all right gang we on there man she looks so good up there that’s crazy sheesh tow truck queen for real but damn she look good man but she on the tow truck shout out to bro w tow truck driver bro got me up there so we about to take it back to my crib it’s saturday now so i’m gonna just deal with it on

Monday man damn bro right gang cars in the garage like i said it’s saturday night so i just had them tow at home monday morning i’m going to call some body shops i’m going to ask midwesq i’m asked to chat right in the page they know any good body shops so they can get it looked at the assessment or whatever it’s called going i just hope it’s not down for too

Long i mean they could do like some body work or maybe replace the panel i don’t really know how i work but i know for a fact that the wheel needs to be replaced so i don’t know how that works the aftermarket wheels so i don’t know we’ll see but of course i’m gonna keep you all updated but if y’all made it this far man road to 5k yes sir y’all see this content man

I literally got pulled over i got in a car accident man with this car so we’ve been through it all with this car man issues and everything so content still gonna keep coming man this video may or may not be over but if it is over i appreciate y’all for watching and i’ll see you on the next one

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I CRASHED MY INFINITI Q60 💥 ‼️*it’s all bad* By Franky’s Wayy

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