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Altair Club Cars I Cant Believe This Ford Super Duty MPGs

I Cant Believe This Ford Super Duty MPGs

Thanks for watching! In this episode I complete a real-world unloaded MPG test in our 2022 Ford F350 Super Duty with the 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel. The results were surprising to say the least. Be sure to check back for updates on our tow vehicle, cargo trailer conversion and camping adventures.

What’s up guys uh today i’ve got to go on a road trip and i thought i’d uh take the ford and see what kind of gas mileage we’re getting uh we’re just after the first oil change 7 900 miles so i changed it around 7 400 and i’m running uh hot shot secrets uh green diamond 540 it’s uh the green diamond fleet i believe is what it’s called um so far i haven’t really

Noticed a big change in uh miles per gallon so yeah i think the factory comes with a 10 30 or a 1040 and uh i switched it up to 540 that’s what the manual recommends if you’re going to be towing and of course we use our truck for towing mostly so uh we’re going on a road trip today not quite sure of the mileage i’m gonna head to the gas station i’ll put everything

In the gps and we’ll go from there check back with you in a second this is getting out of hand folks okay it’s a chilly day over towards the end of march and 39 degrees right now almost lunch time kind of crazy i reset the fuel mileage got 79.27 and we put in 14 and a half gallons so we got a 68 mile trip one way just leaving now my plan is to drive straight

There and then tonight when i drive back i’ll drive right back to the same gas station and we’ll see what kind of fuel mileage we have so with that fill up 14 and a half gallons i added um two ounces of hot shot secrets uh everyday diesel treatment it’s something i’ve used since i bought the truck and they use it for fuel pump lubrication issues that uh they

Say folks have with these diesel trucks okay we’re headed there it’s mostly 60 mile an hour 55 mile an hour roads uh so should be probably best case scenario with gas mileage i’ll check back in later so we’re a little over halfway there as you can see we’re doing pretty good on the fuel mileage um we haven’t really we’ve been behind a lot of slow vehicles we’re

Out in the country so we got a quite a few large trucks tractors things like that so uh it’s kind of expected um i did turn the eco mode on once i got on the highway uh but mostly we’ve been cruising around 60 no crazy downshifting nothing like that obviously with the with the diesel you’re not gonna get that okay i reached my destination 66 miles 22.2 miles

Per gallon on the gauge that’s much better than i ever thought it would be uh i guess i’ll go inside and get this done and then i’ll head back home and we’ll see what the final miles per gallon is uh we’ll figure it out by hand just to see how accurate the gauge is okay so i’m headed back home back out on the primary route but it’s out in the country but uh

Back up the cruising speeds as you can see we’re down to 21 and a half all right i’m about a half a mile from the fuel station um this trip was absolutely best case scenario i mean in every way i went through about three miles of a town where i caught two stop lights and i had to sit through both of them but honestly i mean that’s not that’s not bad there’s

Nothing to complain about obviously here’s the fuel station 5 15 a gallon i’m gonna try to get the same pump all right filled it up stopped once and filled a little more 7.1 gallons 37 more dollars so 132.5 miles and i put 7.16 in it i’m recording with my phone so i’m going to have to stop and figure that up so here we go well i’m super disappointed if you

Figured that out before uh i did that’s 18.5 this thing says 21.6 now shortly after i got the truck i did this somewhat about the same and uh it was about two tenths off i don’t know i don’t know what’s happened um it’s become a bigger liar i’m not really sure not sure how that happens but uh there you have it 18 and a half which i mean hard to complain about

On a giant truck like this but uh i according to the gauge it you know made me feel like i was doing amazing all right thanks for watching guys be sure to leave some comments below subscribe to the channel catch you next time

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I Can’t Believe This! Ford Super Duty MPGs By Build Your Own Adventure

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