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Altair Club Cars I Bought the Cheapest CPO Porsche Cayenne (2 YEARS Ago)

I Bought the Cheapest CPO Porsche Cayenne (2 YEARS Ago)

This episode reveals the daily driver I secretly purchased over two years ago – the cheapest (and OLDEST) Certified Pre-Owned Porsche Cayenne in the country! Let’s talk about this 2012 beauty, poke fun at @Doug DeMuro, and cover some of the highs and lows of my (not so new) daily driver.

This is a 2012 porsche cayenne and it is the best porsche cayenne from a decade ago not because it is the top trim but because it is the base model which means it’s the one that you and i can afford real talk i’ve got no idea how doug maintains this in public without being very self-conscious because there’s people like a quarter mile that way and i still am so

Embarrassed for myself right now ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel today we are going over my new daily driver and by that i mean the daily driver that i’ve had and that i’ve been hiding from the internet for the last two and a half years at this point and that is my 2012 porsche cayenne now today is just going to be a little bit of an overview

Of the car with some high level stuff i’ll do a little bit more in-depth details of this in a future video but with that said let’s get into it so this is my 2012 cayenne i actually bought this about two years ago at this point and i bought it as a certified pre-owned which means i got it through a local porsche dealer in the out the door price was about twenty

Thousand four hundred dollars and that was during covid prices that was about 62 000 miles on it at the time which means i got a certified pre-owned cayenne with a bumper to bumper unlimited mile two year warranty for less than i could buy a comparable mile rav4 at the same time like i legitimately checked i could not buy a warrantied rav4 for this same price as

This suv so i would like to sit here and tell you that this is the cheapest cayenne for this generation in the country i can’t say that some of the older ones are obviously less expensive and even for this generation there was a couple that had racked up a ton of miles but even the really high mileage ones were still going for about 17 to 18 thousand dollars so

For two thousand dollars more i got a full warranty from a porsche dealership and i had literally half to a third of the miles depending on which one you were looking at now that said when i bought this this was the oldest certified pre-owned cayenne in the country this is the only 2012 they have certified they couldn’t find anything older than that for a cayenne

In their certified database so is it the cheapest cayenne in the country no but it is definitely the cheapest certified pre-owned one and i can pretty much guarantee you that so the miles weren’t bad it’s in one of the most expensive colors umber metallic i really like this it’s like that subtle brown flake so why then you might be asking was this so inexpensive

Well kind of like the viper i like to buy things that are not always the prettiest and then make them my own but this actually wasn’t too bad so if you get here you can see your typical swirl marks and stuff in the paint that’s not too bad but all over this car there’s just little dents and dings and scratches so here you can see one for example goes down to there

As well if we walk around the front here you see a couple scratches there a bunch of like rock chips and stuff throughout the hood a little bit actually took off this badge here on the front end and then a whole lot more here down low as well as a little bit of clear coat that’s peeling off now this is kind of the theme it also definitely got a toe at some point

By the previous cylinder because these like toe covers front and back are all loose and then coming around here it’s going to be a little bit difficult to see but you got a couple dings on the doors scratches things like that you also got a little dent there but all relatively minor stuff coming around to the back the previous owner also opened up this hatch into

Their garage door so you got a good sizable dent there but all of this was touched up by the porsche dealership in the oem color prior to giving me the car so if you can actually just step back a few feet all right maybe that one’s not the best example but it doesn’t really look that bad and what i wanted out of this was an suv i could daily drive so that’s pretty

Much the only thing wrong with it is all these dents and things and the other thing that i personally don’t like is that these are like the most base model wheels that you could get on these years of porsches now these tires are not the tires that came on it this is a designated winter set the tires that came on it were all seasons but they were terrible in the snow

But these are just so base model wheels that i think it really ruins the look of the car i just think it just screams like soccer mob status now as for why i got this i’ll do another video that goes a little more in depth i actually still had the forester when i bought this but the problem was i shattered one of my ankles and my forester was a manual transmission

So i could no longer drive any of my vehicles i needed something that i could get around with on a daily basis so i had to buy an automatic and and i said if i want an automatic what would i want that to be and to me that was a luxury vehicle that has towing capability there’s not a whole lot of things with this level of capability so what has gone wrong that i’ve

Gotten replaced on this car in the last two years so the windshield wipers those were not covered under warranty i did those myself that was like 80 or something other than that the transfer case was replaced under warranty i’ve had two tire pressure monitors go out the only other problem it had was a coolant leak at about 75 000 miles that was also covered under

Warranty and right now we’re at 78 500 miles almost exactly now that said i did clean the outside of this car so it does look clean on the outside the inside is untouched and i do use this for suv purposes so let’s go into some of the other things i like and dislike about this car let’s start with some of the suv purposes things i’m gonna just go here to the back

Despite how it might look on camera this trunk is a lot smaller than you think it is so standing up straight i can stick in my arm and reach the back seats to give you an idea of how narrow this this is my girlfriend is a toyota highlander i think that trunk is one and a half times the depth but even compared to my subaru forester i think the forester has a deeper

Cargo space it also has a higher roof line and it’s just more boxy so it’s more usable to actually get stuff in there that’s not to say this is bad i’ve still done a number of things where i’ve packed eight wheels into the back of this car well okay one was in the passenger seats but you can make things fit if you know how to play tetris extremely well next is that

This is an official porsche trunk liner not that you can tell because the adhesive for the label failed within the first two weeks and i’ll go into more detail about this in a future video but just know that i’m really torn about whether or not i like this thing obviously it protects the interior but there are a ton of cons and this thing is super annoying next i

Installed this tow hitch on my own i did splice into the wiring for the tail lights on the trailer i’ll probably describe that in a future video but what that brings me to is my next issue with this car that a lot of people don’t really work on this themselves so let’s be real the type of people who buy this new don’t don’t necessarily need to do things themselves

So there’s not as much support in the online community with people who know how to fix these yet however now that the warranty is about to expire i’m going to be in that category so that’s a little bit of a bummer is i wish there was just a little bit more information available especially on a car like this which we all know german cars have their quirks and features

When it comes to working on them so here’s the thing this is probably the lowest mile car i have purchased that is not a designated sports car and unless i get more than a couple thousand subscribers this is probably the newest car i will ever own however i’m okay with that because this is really all i need now the only people i’ve met who don’t like this are one

The people who are stereotyping you and then two of my friends that are like the big truck guys and they’re like oh this is a girly looking car and this is the car for like the gold diggers but the thing is i bought this because it has an incredible driving experience but even though it’s got this great driving experience it can still tow more than their f-150s

It is just an amazingly capable vehicle it’s incredible what this thing can do so coming down here to the front you actually have a pretty good angle of attack which is something most people do not tell you about the cayenne which means i have taken approaches in this that no one should ever take in a cayenne and it has actually done well it has never bottomed out

And i’ve actually gone into a situation where i was one wheel pointed at the sky in this car with the trailer on the back and it pulled out no issues with the trailer up a steep hill on grass no problem extremely capable especially considering i literally had no off-road expectations given what this thing is but overall i mean i cannot complain about the ownership

Of this car look at that thing oh timeless oh don’t get me wrong i like the look of the newer ones i think they are definitely updated i think changing the wheels alone would update the look of this car a lot but overall to me this is a pretty good and pretty timeless design so yeah you’re gonna get stereotyped as an owner of my one of these regardless of the fact

That it costs as much as a rav4 but as a result you get a much better driving experience you get a much better luxury experience it’s a much more quiet stable ride and i’m not going to say that this is a fast car by any standard it’s like a seven second zero to sixty time something like that but this is still way more fun than any suv should ever be so yeah the

Back seats aren’t huge this crossbar goes in the trunk if you’re really worried about back seat space there’s definitely bigger options like i said the trunk isn’t as big as you would necessarily expect either this is more of a sporty thing that doubles as an suv rather than an suv that does sporty things so let’s hop inside now even though this car is 10 years

Old it’s got the nav screen and everything it also has under this pile of masks an aux cable and a usb plug-in however it doesn’t have any sort of support for playing music over your audio system beyond the aux cable so for example there’s no android auto there’s no apple carplay but beyond that i just haven’t even been able to get my music to sync to it and you

Can’t play it over bluetooth either which is a little bit weird especially considering 2012 wasn’t that long ago bluetooth was still an option and some competitors at that time one of the other things that i do not like is i clearly use this to carry my dogs i have to worry about the interior of this a lot more than i have to in my forester because let’s be real

It’s a more expensive car and you can see this is soft leather if your dog’s clawed it is going to stay clawed then another problem with the dogs is all these controls are very accessible and i’ve had this issue with other cars as well where when your dog is in the front seat and they’re just trying to like get comfortable or see out the front window especially

When the front windshield goes that far down they can really get up there and you’ll see there’s like saliva splashes all over my dashboard my dog loves to stand on this center console and it’s this big divide between the driver and the passenger so it gives them ample room to do so which means the climate controls get pressed it gets put into off-road mode they

Put it into sport mode they take off the traction control they put on the heated seats they just hit all of these buttons and while this does look like a lot it does get very intuitive where it’s just temperature fan where do you want the air blowing and do you want your butt to be warm that’s really all these buttons do so i mean if you have a pet that could be

An issue especially if they ride in the front like mine kind of do now that said because i plan on keeping this car long term i’m literally just going to abuse the crap out of it and take the depreciation hit that was my goal with this is i wanted to spend a little bit more money to have something that i was more comfortable with long term and i think that is what

I got with this car and because it’s sort of got the dents and dings i can really use it on a daily basis and not have to worry about that stuff devaluing it too much more one of the other problems i have is this badge so the reason why is it has a little bit of what i like to call viper syndrome and that is that people stereotype you as the owner of one of these

Regardless of how hard you might have worked to get one like i said this was a twenty thousand dollar car with a full warranty i cannot beat that for any brand really i just could not find a better deal than that and it just happened to come up at the right time when i literally had one foot to drive with and i had no other choice even so people see this and they

Assume that you are way better off than you are they try to rip you off and they just think you’re kind of a douchebag to be quite honest now for some of the pros of this car you can tell that i am a relatively tall driver even so very good car ergonomically i’ve got ample headroom and i can even go further down in this seat the ergonomics of this car the grips are

Like perfectly placed even this one here in the center console this thing is like just comfortable to sit here and hold when you’re driving but the steering feel is also perfect the weight is perfect and this thing i can only describe as the suv for people who wanted a sports car this thing does show its weight you can feel it when you’re braking and when you’re

Turning in and stuff basically the handling in this thing does things that no 5500 pound car should do and it’s kind of actually really fun especially if you are stuck needing something that is this practical as a daily driver which is something i was not expecting and considering that i could not dry have anything else at the time that was very welcome for me

Because i didn’t want to lose that driving experience while i was forced to drive something that only had two pedals beyond that the ergonomics of the seat are like perfect like it’s bolstered in all the right places i got great lumbar support and as someone who travels a lot for work this thing is like amazing this thing has helped tremendously with my neck pain

And my migraines and stuff that’s a big reason why i wanted a luxury or more comfortable suv if i had to go to an automatic so driving positions great visibility is pretty good i think it could be a little bit better out of those rear quarters if you look out like the three-quarter panel but there is a good window there and you do have the little window in front of

Your side view mirror as well a lot of people don’t put that there and they just have the overly thick column that does help a lot with visibility as miners that seems that is a huge plus for me one of the only things i don’t like from a driving perspective though is that these are your shifters when you’re using that to manually shift your gears and the problem is

Intuitively you think one is up and one is down but they’re both wire the exact same way so you both have them go push to go up and pull to go down which is like a little counter-intuitive so i almost had to train myself to like always push one side and always pull the other and i haven’t used it in a while i might have those directions wrong but you get the point

It’s just not exactly what i would expect it to be out the gate now obviously the newer ones they have the actual paddles i think it’s a lot better but all the porsches from this era have this problem in my mind other issues especially given current fuel prices is that this thing is a little bit of a gas hog compared to other comparable suvs so my girlfriend has a

Toyota highlander like i’ve said power ratings are about the same displacement is about the same this is nicer inside this can go faster a lot easier but the highlander gets consistently 24 25 miles per gallon combined this has been getting closer to like 19 and a half the best i’ve gotten was about 24.3 and that was on a constant highway road trip from here down

To new york and back but here’s the thing right is that you kind of know that this is a supposed to be that luxury suv and you kind of know that there’s going to be premiums as far as cost of operating that go along with it so if you’re that worried about gas prices and you’re that worried about maintenance costs in general probably not the vehicle for you but that

Said in return you get incredible build quality and that’s another reason why i bought this is i looked at a number of competitors and i’ll do a separate video on what i looked at but basically even things that were the same generation even if they weren’t the same year they were a couple years newer as new as like a 2015 2016 other brands suvs that were supposed

To be competitors to this have literally fallen apart like i went on a test drive with a couple competitors that i’ll describe in another video and the heads up display surround literally popped out when i went over a speed bump the door panels from the door cards they had panels falling off whereas this the leather is like immaculate condition nothing is crushed

In other than the very side bolster here from the driver getting in and out a little bit it’s not even crushed down you can just see it’s a little worn out on the edge from sliding in and out out so from a materials perspective this thing is like way past my expectations and granted it’s my first car that’s like this nice of a luxury car right this thing is way

Out of my budget if i were to buy anything remotely close to it new but even most of them on the used market are more than i could justify but in return i mean the quality of the materials is just so much better than anything else i’ve personally experienced and i think for me knowing that it lowers my physical pain because of that luxury seclusion that is worth

The operating cost in my situation other than having what appears to be way too many buttons at first glance everything does seem pretty well thought out i think a prime example of this is the sun visors and this seems stupid but i’m tall so when i have the sun visors out to the side there’s always a gap here from how far back i am that the sun gets through this

Covers almost the entire window okay but it’s not all you also have a second one that goes down to the front so that you have the option of blocking out both sides at once and the passenger get that’s the same thing so again it’s little things like this that are just very well thought through even though they’re probably over engineered like all hell now one of

The other things i figured out that was way over engineered is when i was pulling apart the rear to put in the wiring for the tailgate that was way way way way over secured like you know those little pop fasteners that hold in door cards and stuff there were about two to three times as many in the panels back there as i’ve seen on any other car that i’ve taken apart

And i’ve taken apart pretty much every car i’ve owned at some point i’ve taken a panel off of but in return nothing on this rattles this is 10 years old nothing on it rattles with one exception if i have the base really high there’s one place somewhere down here by the door that rattles like a little bit at certain base frequencies and that is like the only thing

I’ve been able to find however and this is legitimately my only design complaint with the whole car is there is a known whistle that has caused supposedly by that that mirror where if you’re on the highway and especially if there is a cross breeze something about how it picks up air at the front of it and it goes through the vents creates this ungodly whistling

Noise and i’ve taken it to the dealer two or three times and they just say oh your climate control is in the wrong setting oh it’s just that you have it up there and that’s blowing out and that’s what makes the noise and i’m like no that noise like climate air fan is very different than the ungodly whistling that that makes and in cold temperatures specifically

Winter riding like if i’m going to a ski mountain it gets way worse it is so bad i have not figured out a fix for that the forums have not figured out a fix for that supposedly there’s one guy who claims you can put a piece of tape over like the nose edge that leading edge of the mirror and that fixes it i am not willing to drive around with a piece of electrical

Tape on the outside of my car that looks janky as all hell but supposedly that is the price to pay to get rid of your wind noise so maybe i’ll try that but it’s not going to be today so there you have it that is my poor man’s review of a porsche cayenne the cheapest certified pre-owned one in the country all things consider this thing has been really good to me

And i’ve absolutely loved it and i think i chose very well which is not something i always say so even with the warranty expiring i think i am probably going to hold on to this for a while i actually do like this thing that much but that is enough for this episode so i’m signing off for now thank you guys for watching and i will see you next time what’s up yep

Oh it’s a little uh kid brigade just uh stopped me in the filming that was fun to tell me that i’m not parked properly

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