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Altair Club Cars I BOUGHT MY DREAM CAR // Mercedes Benz 2021 GLA 250 Reveal and Tour

I BOUGHT MY DREAM CAR // Mercedes Benz 2021 GLA 250 Reveal and Tour

Hello My Amazing YouTube Family! 🤍

Welcome back to my channel my beautiful youtube fam i am so excited to be sharing today’s video with you all because i am doing my car reveal i bought my dream car i have been meaning to make this video for a while i bought my car about a month ago and i just haven’t been able to film but i am actually at my parents house today yesterday was thanksgiving and today

I’m just taking it easy so i just got my car wash and i decided mine is well filmed today so yeah without any further ado we’ll go ahead and jump right into the tour the car reveal and if you haven’t already don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel i do post new videos every single week okay and here she is looking shiny and brand

New she is only one month old this is actually the 2021 mercedes gla 250 is one of mercedes-benz smallest suvs to this day i walk up to my car and i can’t believe i drive my dream car i have had this car on my vision board since i was in college and never in a million years did i think i would have it by the age 25 let me do a little walk around that way you guys

Can see a full vision of the exterior so pretty and then sorry can’t show my license plate gla 250. here is the key and let me show you guys the interior of the car so you can actually open up the car with the key or if the key is right next to it then you can just grab onto the handle this is what the interior looks like i have always dreamed of having tan or

Sahara colored interior okay so we’ll step right in here for you guys this is just crazy to me like what is this even i get to drive this bad boy it’s really unique about the 2021 model is it actually has this really long screen which kind of reminds me of just a very big ipad i already have 1 129 miles on it you can create your own profile you can have a guest

Profile before i dive into all that cool stuff i just kind of wanted to show you like the general interior of it so right here you can actually adjust your seating and you can click and save it so if someone comes in and drives your car you can always save it and it will adjust the seat back to how you prefer is really neat touch pad that lets you control this and

Then this is just a palm rest and here we have a little glove box i really have been doing such a good job at keeping this car so clean so in here i just have dash wipes baby wipes leather seat wipes my sunglasses and then the mercedes-benz key box it came in um super neat this can actually extend out for knee support there’s important paperwork in there so i

Won’t show you too much of what’s in there here this cool little button is an sos button so essentially you just click that button and it notifies the police of your location this is the mercedes me connect and essentially if you download the app you can connect your car to it and you can start the car from your app roll the windows down from your app it lets you

Know your consumption all the statistics about your car which is really neat you have reading lights um the general lights in the car um what else there’s a little microphone right here so essentially you can tell the car like mercedes turned the air conditioner on and then it’ll just do it for the driver’s seat and then likewise with the passenger seat you can

Speak into the microphone there and it’ll do as you say okay so i will go ahead and turn her on i won’t get into all the details because if i’m being honest i’m still figuring this car out so when you turn on the display it’s super awesome that i think is really cool is you can actually change the display and everything on here so for example you can just kind of

Swipe right here with your thumb and kind of change what you see yeah and you can even change the displays right here as well i really don’t get too fancy with this i just want to see miles per hour i’m going the rpm i really don’t care to see any of that fancy stuff it confuses me and not here this is just a palm rest for the mouse pad what i really like about

The car is that it actually has this engine assist what happens is every time that you’re at a stoplight or if you’re in traffic if the vehicle isn’t in drive or if it’s not driving then the engine shuts off and it saves a lot of gas sometimes i don’t like it just because you can feel the torque a little bit when you push the gas pedal but overall this car has a

Really good mileage i do love that this car has apple play which is something that i really enjoy one of the most fun features about this car is you can really customize it how you want so you can change the lighting the ambient lighting is so fun i feel like i’m in a limousine when i drive this car at night you can pick your colors there’s 64 different colors to

Choose from and i have it set to where the colors just kind of change and it gradually goes from pink to purple to blue and green so really fun and then you can also change the type of drive you want your car and you can put it into sports mode eco mode comfort mode and what’s really awesome is if you are on a long drive you can actually have the seat set to where

It kind of moves and adjusts and massages your back a little bit it just keeps the seat moving that way you don’t get cramped on long drives which is super bougie i’m like you know what whatever i’m for it airplane styled air vents and if you want to close them you just turn it right open them just turn it left and then down here you have all the controls so if you

Want to see i would have to switch on the ignition but you just control the ac and everything up here and then you can go back home so there are three ways you can control this you just control it here off this little little button you just slide it left and right or you can touch it or you can use the mouse pad down here okay and then let me share with you the back

Seats super spacious back here i have these little hooks so if you have car seats i actually have sophie’s car seat back here because there is a zero percent chance this girl is going to wander loose in this car and make a mess i said not today we’re not letting that happen in this car i actually haven’t released that back here so let’s see passenger experience

We have an outlet here some usb ports a little area you can stick your phone i guess and then some cute little mini air vents back here as well and then you also have the ambient lighting kind of right here down in the cup holders and down on the seats there which is so fun i just love that it’s so cool okay so this is the trunk super spacious and then you have

This protective visor to keep your things hidden very spacious trunk i really don’t have anything back here last car got so banged up from all the real estate signs that i used to have a scratches so it’s just such a blessing having a car that’s so brand new and not all dinged and scratched up so the type of real estate i do right now doesn’t really require me

To have a ton of signs in my car so this is really nice and i also really like that even if i do have signs in here it’s the felt material and not this kind so it won’t scratch as bad i really don’t have anything in here basics i already went to the beach so i have lots of towels and blankets in here because i go to the beach a lot an extra pair of shoes and this

Neck pillow which i don’t know why i have that and then toilet paper because you never know you never know and then this is sophie’s little um bowl for water it kind of it’s a collapsible bowl so if she ever gets thirsty and then i just have some of her tracks in there so super neat when you’re holding the keys you can actually just swipe your foot underneath the

Sensor and then the trunk will close down or you can just push the button right there and it locks after it closes okay my friends that is is it for my car tour my car reveal i didn’t really want to dive too much into like the specs of the car and everything it can do i just really wanted to share with you kind of just a generic tour and it’s just very exciting i

Am so grateful and so lucky to be driving my dream car especially at this age and i really don’t want this to be like a sap story or anything long but but it just goes to show that if you work really hard if you set goals and if you push yourself towards those goals then you can really achieve anything and honestly if i can do it you guys can do it too and this

Might sound so cliche and cheesy but it’s so rewarding when you as a woman can do things yourself and be successful yourself you don’t need a boyfriend or a man to purchase and spoil you with things like if you can do it yourself there’s just something so rewarding about that so i’m all about that girl boss mentality it’s my little speech i am going to end the

Video here please don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and until next time i will see you all again soon bye thank you foreign

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I BOUGHT MY DREAM CAR // Mercedes Benz 2021 GLA 250 Reveal and Tour By Annamae Joy

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