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Thank you guys for watching. I still can’t believe that I found my dream car.

Hey what’s up guys welcome back to my channel um i haven’t really been updating much uh actually just recently so the s2000 um i know it’s it’s i’ve had that project i don’t know for the last four years going on and um and i enjoyed it but it wasn’t my actual like my absolute dream car like as i was working on that car i just i just thought about how i could

Actually own my dream car so i was looking to try and get an nsx eventually it’s been my dream since i was a little kid and as i like grew up in the honda scene like driving civics del sols and then the s2000 and as i see the market go up on those cars man i can’t i i was like i have to start saving now there’s no way i can afford one of those and it’s crazy with

Timing and everything that happens as soon as i sold the s2000 i have to thank the guy that actually bought my stuff he’s the one who linked me to this guy and nsx had popped up for sale i couldn’t believe it it kind of seemed like a scam at first because it just seemed too good um it was for a 2000 acura nsx target top with a um newer like an na2 like an 02

And up front-end conversion which those are expensive by itself and the fact that it’s a target off and it’s in 2000. it was just it was too good to believe um so last last so today’s saturday last wednesday uh me and my my boy jeff uh thank you jeff for actually taking me out to colleen we went to go to go look at the car and check it out and we met um aaron

So he was the owner of it cool dude probably one of the coolest guys i’ve ever met i’ve done a ton of like transactions like car transactions i’ve never met a cooler dude uh he showed us around the city took us around showed something about the car um and he held actually held the car for me and he got he got so many more offers than when i offered him uh like

Way more above the prices i offered him but he he said that he actually liked the fact that i was an enthusiast and i really wanted to buy the car that he held it for me at that price and i’m like super thankful i knew that i would never have an opportunity to buy the car at that price ever again i remember graduating like high school and i remember seeing them

For like 30 35 if you got lucky but now like they’re in the freaking 70s to 100ks but yeah it’s freaking exciting so the car is actually here um i’m actually gonna go look at it and show you guys around the car so you guys can kind of experience it what it is it’s not in perfect condition it’s definitely gonna be a project but i i’m never gonna get opportunity

Like this ever again so i was like epic let’s just pull the trigger so let’s go check it out all right well guys it’s here and i i still can’t believe that i own this car man like i really didn’t think i was going to own one until i was 40. so yeah i mean it’s it’s definitely going to be a project and it needs some loving but here here check it it out here it

Is my 2000 acura nsx target top like i said it has the o2 and up front end conversion this is an original it came from a honda so it has all the oem hood oem fenders oem bumper it did get you’ll see here that this used to be a tow hook it was like a cheap toe like he said when the tow took driver when he blew up the original motor was pulling it up it snapped

And then this it rolled down the fender got hit so luckily that’s fixable it didn’t do anything crazy so i just cracked the paint this isn’t the original paint this actually was a silver car and then he painted it long beach blue pearl which is like one of my favorite nsx colors so i’ll probably just end up keeping it just getting it probably just full respray

Long beach blue pearl those are stock fenders he had the stock uh side skirts but that did get damaged on the tow truck so i do have replacement fenders uh side skirts for that as well um oem these are downforce uh rear wide body fenders um i actually like the way these look so i don’t mind running it for right now i’m probably gonna i’m gonna have different

Stages for the car because i plan on going big with a like a like a better wide body kit i guess you would say i’m not going to spoil that now because i’m probably going to do that for content uh you’ll see here has a the downforce carbon wing uh jdm honda uh the honda nsx tail lights and i don’t know if this is a stock bumper or if it’s a aftermarket one but

It does have some damage on it so i should be able to fix it up when i get the full car re-sprayed uh it does have just your xxrs like we were back in 2010 or something like that for that last time xxxr has really been a thing but they’re on it for now i’ll probably just end up i don’t know scrapping them or having them spares not going to keep them that’s for

Sure uh the fronts do have a stop tech uh big brake kit uh but the rotors are rusted and whatnot so i’ll probably get new rotors and just get that power coated again the car is sitting on bc coilovers they’re actually brand new it’s probably less than 100 miles on them so that’s that’s a good thing let’s see here am i missing anything i don’t think so i can

See the interior luckily he had all the interior intact so that’s a big thing because i don’t want to have to source all brand new interior um i did get a new dash because i’ll show you the dash a little bit so everything’s in here all the moldings what number is this this is number 186 that’s pretty sick still has the original seats they’re not in too bad

Condition they do have some tears i’ll probably just end up replacing them with their carls later it’s not that big of a deal for me um still has the original steering wheel almost all interiors there you’ll see it’s hard holding my backpack let’s see here everything’s original has the the nav pod in here which is gonna be huge because i wanted this i don’t know

Why you put the radio there should just put it in here but we’ll replace that later um yeah but everything’s intact these are just the the back splats for there so this is crazy this is this is just freaking insane but yeah the crazy part about this car is that it only has he’s got says 58 000 miles on this car which is absolutely nuts you guys should go look

Up how much a 58 000 2000 acura nsx obviously this needs to work but those cars go for crazy amounts let me show you what’s in the car currently so right now it has a j32a2 with the supercharger on it i don’t know if i want to stick with this route i know why people go j series because it’s literally plug and play like you don’t have to get an adapter for the

Transmission and you you just get i think the adapter mounts for the stock mount locations and it works you can get ac and everything i might just stick that route so that way i’ll needs a wiring harness and an ecu and i can get it running for a while and just get the body done and then i kind of want to go casey since everybody’s going k series i’ve also thought

About going to type r k20 c1 swap uh somebody let’s only like the two people have done it so far but i don’t know you guys tell me what i think i should do i think it’ll be a good choice right now just to leave it with this j series and just run it for a while so i can actually drive it maybe turbo it who knows but yeah sorry it’s this car is like super dirty

Like i said it’s been sitting for a long time and usually i don’t like buying projects but the fact that this car is one super hard to find and you’re never gonna find it for the price i got it for i don’t mind doing all the work for it so there you go so you guys kind of showed you around like i said the car’s super dirty i think maybe the next video we just

Do like a walk around doing a full detail cleaning try to get the car decently looking for right now and then we’ll kind of see where we can go from there thanks for susio for towing clinton for me and made it happen i had a lot of problems trying to get the money because i actually spent the money and tried to get it back and just all this complicated stuff so

I’m just glad it’s here now and i can kind of work on it my plan is to hopefully get the car done before my wedding uh so that way we’re able to that we were able to actually ride out on it that’d be huge to me that’s the only reason why i kind of want to stick with the jade just get a wiring harness to get it running i think that’ll be ideal for right now and

Then kind of go through its stages but i don’t care man like i’m just i’m so freaking happy that i have this car that i don’t i don’t care about anything right now but thanks guys for watching uh please subscribe like do whatever freak you want leave some comments down below we think i should do and thank

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