i bought a manual b8 audi s4 and


I bought another Audi S4! This S4 is manual and highly modified! Unfortunately, it came with a little surprise which is not always fun! Checkout the video and let me know what you think about my latest pickup! I am excited beyond thrilled to be back in the B8 community, and this time in a manual.

Ladies and gentlemen if you follow me on instagram or if you can even read a title you know exactly where this video is going i just bought another v8s4 and this time it’s manual with a six-speed three pedals doesn’t get any better than that so let’s go check this thing out oh and did i mention that it’s heavily modified now this is your first time here to the

Channel i previously owned a b 8.5 s4 and a b8 s4 both prior to this car um both of those cars were dsg the first one was bone stock like nothing done it had a intake and an x-pipe from ecs and then the b 8.5 which you can see all over my channel was basically full bolt on e40 the whole nine yards anything that you could really do to these cars was done to that so

If you’re interested in that be sure to check out the channel and see what i have posted on those cars i am an automotive channel obviously here on youtube i shoot the post two to three times a week we do everything from mustangs to audis my dad just left in the duramax all my friends got cool cars and i just like to shoot everything i’m not one of those enthusiasts

That are into just one type of car i like everything and i like to post everything here on the channel so if that sounds like something that floats your boat be sure to stick around uh subscribe and you might enjoy yourself so i ended up buying another s4 because well for one i’ve been daily driving this pig um a turbo fox body not really the most practical thing

To be driving every day especially with the radials on it and when it rains it’s all bad so yeah this just hasn’t been fun to daily drive the past few weeks so i was like crap i need to get another daily because this just isn’t working out i sold my b 8.5 i think like two weeks ago something like that two three weeks ago got a decent amount of money for it so i was

Like what could i uh get to replace this car and i ended up back in another b8 s4 now i’m actually kind of glad i got another s4 because this one has a lot of different things that my other car did not have a couple of the main notable things obviously the six-speed manual this car has rs nav completely different like interior trim it doesn’t have the carbon fiber

It’s got the aluminum it’s got the panda seats all while still being very modified um the car is dual pulley ultra charged i’ll get more into that later in the video but i kind of just wanted to change it up a little bit and get into something manual i don’t know why i really wanted to but i just i’ve heard so many good things about these cars with a six-speed

And i was like might as well try it because why not now i got a pretty kicking deal on this car um it’s probably one of the cheaper manual cars here in the country it does have higher mileage but i am not really one to be too scared of higher mile cars my duramax has 360k on it um my old s4 my black b8 had 145 000 miles and it was a dsg card i’ve really never

Ran into any issues other than oil consumption this car is a v8 as well it’s actually older than my black car was this is a 2010 and it has about the same mileage at 145 000 but to be honest guys seeing all the maintenance records this car has and how well it drives and everything i’m just not worried one bit and on top of that it is manual so i don’t have to worry

About the dsg issues or any of that jazz and i can just focus on the stuff that matters and actually just drive the car so with that being said the manual cars typically are a little bit more reliable in the fact that you don’t have to worry about the dsg absolutely crap in the bed and you being out five grand to fix that so that’s obviously a benefit and something

I was looking for in a long-term car to get me by until i get like a b9 or something along those lines i do apologize for the car being dirty right now it’s been raining like non-stop here in ohio but this car is a sports diff car panda interior like i said before the car is equipped with the beautiful panda interior has the rs nav so it has wireless carplay and

All that stuff and the best part about it all it came with full maintenance records over its entire life many of which have been done at audi tampa down in florida this car spent most of its life actually down in florida now i ended up purchasing the vehicle down in connecticut i flew down drove it home and really had no issues on the way home but unfortunately

I did run into some issues which i’m going to get into here in a second but overall it is a good thing that the car has spent most of its life down in florida so you don’t have to really worry about rust or anything it’s extremely clean underneath before me a detailer owned it um there’s like no scratches at all in the paint like now those little fine scratches

He’s ceramic coated it and did all that stuff and this thing cleans up so nice like if i go to the car wash and spray this off it will just stay shiny and all the water just beads off which is really cool so before i get into the issues with this car i might as well touch on what all is done to it modification wise if you’re familiar with this platform you

Obviously see the bigger throttle body right off the rip and typically cars that have a bigger throttle body are also dual pulley so meaning you’ve replaced the supercharger pulley and the crank pulley which in turn creates more boost so you can push more timing and obviously make more power so this car is apr stage 2 plus dual pulley has the ultra charger the

Apr supercharger pulley and the 187 millimeter crank pulley the car is currently setting on its winter wheels which still look not too bad they are 18 inch uh s4 rotors but the car did come with some 19-inch avant guard i believe they are the m580 very aggressive offset and they sit very concave all drop a picture here soon it’s the same wheels that you would see

In the thumbnail car obviously has a rs grille to go along with being dual pull you i don’t know if you can really see it but down and how you’re not gonna be able to see it has a forged heat exchanger and a divorce coolant system to help keep the car cool this car is sitting on very very pricey owens coilovers these things ride great like this car is pretty dang

Low and man does it ride nice the car has an awe touring exhaust with high flow catalytic converters now my b 8.5 was catless so it had red star test pipes if you can see down in there she still has cats but they are high flow cats and honestly this car sounds amazing with the high flow cats it’s very quiet but when you want to be a little obnoxious you can be

Continuing on with the suspension stuff the car has the full ecs drivetrain insert kit although it does not have upgraded sway bars which i will probably get to here soon the s4 is equipped with a short throw shifter i believe it is eurocode one feels amazing i mean amazing it’s so it’s butter smooth has an upgraded clutch from clutch masters i believe it is the

30 or 350 or something like that that i do plan to upgrade because i looked more into it and i really don’t think that clutch is rated for dual pulley torque and power along with that clutch the vehicle does have a lightweight flywheel and upgraded slave cylinder completely forgot to mention this with the suspension things but the car does have adjustable upper

And lower control arms which is really cool um you can make them however you want to adjust camber and all that crazy stuff i mean i’m not really big into the whole camber gang and all that stuff but you can adjust it if you do want to go that route or if you want to take a more track specific route with the vehicle you’re more than welcome to do so and last but

Not least i actually was in the maintenance records and it looks like the car has a ported blower which is pretty sick it is also port matched up here to the throttle body to get maximum flow and just make sure everything flows as it should overall it is a beautiful ride i’m very happy with all the modifications that were done to it it’s all good parts nothing was

Really cheaped out on i can’t wait to make a video on the rs nav that’s something i’m very looking forward to and overall a car review on this thing because i apologize i got microfibers in there for when i was cleaning it but this thing is pretty sweet compared to the dsg cars and i do understand the hype so what is wrong with this thing like what am i i keep

Talking about yeah it’s got some sort of problems like what’s wrong with it now if you paid attention earlier in the video you looked closely you saw the coolant is a tad low and by a tad low it’s below the min line so it seems as though the vehicle has coin loss of some sort which honestly since the coolant system is divorced it narrows down what this could be a

Whole bunch the divorce coolant system this runs through the heat exchanger and the blower so that’s completely separate so that minimizes possible things that could be wrong with the car so it helps you narrow down what is actually wrong based off of my previous ownership of two s4s i already know what the issue is with the coolant loss you pop the oil cap off

It’s got a little bit of moisture on there um telltale signs that the pcv is on its way out now in the pcv there are these little coolant channels that are made of plastic and they seem to crack and go bad and that results in some coolant loss and or oil and coolant mixing so if you’re ever in the market to buy an s4 it’s good to make sure that that has already

Been done unfortunately this car has already had the pcv done and the water pump and the thermostat or at least according to the maintenance records but they were done about five years ago so it is very well possible that these parts could be wearing and going bad again now when i went outside to start the car the one day before i started it i you know it’s a new

Car i just want to make sure everything’s good i pop the hood and notice the reservoir was completely bone dry i didn’t see any leaks at all i didn’t see anything that looked out of the ordinary and i was like well what the heck i was like there is no way this pcv took a crap on me but it sure looks like it did so while we have the supercharger off to do the pcv

It’s good to just do the water pump and thermostat as well because they are also common failure points and there’s no point to just replace one thing and then a month later another part go wrong then you got to take the blower off and do it all again i was talking with my buddy matt over at dap repair shout out to them if you’re familiar with dap on youtube they

Actually opened up a shop here in ohio in kent which is kind of local to me it’s not too far away they’re really good guys over there um well it’s only matt but he’s a really cool guy um i got a hold of him was letting him know what was going on so i’m going to trailer the car up tomorrow to hopefully fully diag everything and make sure that’s the route we need to

Take with the vehicle but after owning two previous s4s i am almost certain that is the issue and i’m kind of ticked about it but what are you gonna do and it’s good that i’m doing this for my own self-assurance because if i own the car long term i would like to know that it was done recently in that i’m not gonna have to worry about it i guess we can go over some

Other issues with the car the brake indicator did come on like right before i got there to test drive the car the guy was honest with me on that he did include some brand new brakes which these don’t look too bad but when you’re driving they definitely need some rotors and pads up front at least so i need to replace that to turn off the brake light and the brake

Pad indicator and the mmi obviously we need to fix the pcv issues so i stopped having coolant loss i’m really not going to be driving the car in the meantime just because i don’t want to hurt it because that’s not a good thing to do heading into the interior the car needs a brand new shift boot for the shifter that’s no big deal not really worried about that the

Cable for the hood latch snapped off so that’s right there you got to open up with pliers once again that’s a common audi issue not really worried about that you just route it through there and put the new uh hood latch on and last but not least i’m not sure if it will really pick up on camera but the interior could definitely use a deep clean the white is kind of

Faded um definitely needs a full detail pretty deep in-depth detail at that because i don’t think that florida sun played too lightly on these seats so we’ll bring them back to life shouldn’t be too rough of a job but overall i’m exceptionally happy with the car it is a clean title car got a really good deal on it i think even though it might need that pcv done

I still think i got a really good deal on it um it is a 2010 b8 as i said before sports diff car panda interior six-speed manual it is currently sitting at like 145 which would be 100 honest with you guys i’m not all too worried about the car at that mileage i’ve already owned a b8 at this mileage and i bought that car with no maintenance records so i definitely

Took a risk on that and that car treated me very well i think after i do the pcv water pump and thermostat this car will do the same i don’t really plan to beat on it all too bad just because i want to like keep the longevity of the clutch up until i get like a stage three ringer or something along those lines but overall i think the car’s been a good buy i think

It’s going to treat me well i do plan to keep it for some time there’s definitely a ton of content i want to make with this car that i was unable to make with my old s4 mainly like the differences between the dsg and the manual to see if mainly the main the manual hype is worth it um this car has the rs nav which i always wanted to get in my white car can’t wait

To make a bunch of videos on that and ultimately just the glow up of this car coming from where i first purchased it to where it ends up i got big plans for it um if there’s anything that you guys definitely want to see for sure comment it down below i’m open to any idea if there’s something you guys want to see that i haven’t already posted about in regards to

This platform let me know um with that being said guys that just about sums it up thank you for watching the video i hope you like my new s4 i am very glad to be back in the b8s4 community you guys are the best um that’s kind of how my channel even got started was off my s4 so i’m glad to be back and this time in a manual this car is pretty spicy as it is and i

Might i might take it to the next level we’ll see so um if you don’t already follow me on instagram be sure to do that same as my youtube if you haven’t already subscribed like comment down below what you want to see because i need more ideas now on that note guys i am out thank you so much for watching i’ll see you in the next one

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