i bought a 2021 vw golf r mk8
Altair Club Cars I BOUGHT A 2021 VW GOLF R MK8


So yes the new project car for the channel is a MK8 Golf R. Nice to get back into a VW again, and also a model Ive yet to own ironically.

Foreign it’s a good day folks the golf is finally back on the channel i feel like i’m back at home even though quite literally am there it is more kr enjoy this little montage and then we’ll get cracking thank you i tell you what folks it is good to be sitting in a golf again i have missed it quite a bit even though this thing is nothing like any other

Golf before it or the ones i’ve had if you watching for a few years you’ll know i’ve done a very few mark v projects and more recently we did a mark 7 gti build we just sold about seven eight months ago now i wasn’t really planning to jump into a market straight after that anyway because one the main thing was you couldn’t really do anything with them the ecu’s

Have been locked up until now so i thought it was a good time to jump in and i’m hoping this is actually going to be the very first documenting market or build series on youtube especially the uk anyway i know there’s been a bunch of channels i’ve had these cars but for the most part it’s just been various add-ons and bolt-ons but nothing has actually been done ecu

Related now i will give you folks a walk around a second of how it looks like and all the various bits it has and it doesn’t have but we’ll begin with the basics first it is a 2021 car at 21 registered from the uk and it also now has 21 000 miles so pretty high you could say for a market that’s only about 18 months old for me it doesn’t matter but what it did mean

Was i got the car a better deal deal a lot of these on the market are crazily priced at the minute and i didn’t want to overpay for something in terms of what it has in here it has a standard cloth seat which aren’t actually too bad they’re going to make sure materials they’ve got this sort of our version of the tartan you could say i don’t know what they call this

But it has like suede here on the inner bit and it has leather on the outside the new seats are way better than the old ones i’ll be honest actually got a sort of buckety wing backs or look to them and they are very supportive here’s of course a dsg that’s all we get in the uk along with well all markets are five dollars anyway it’s got a reverse cam which is very

Nice and clear he also has a lovely panoramic roof option which i believe changes the car’s look and feel especially when i’m filming this nice and light in here it’s operated by this slide panel which is still very cool i’m pretty sure i’ve discussed the infotainment system and all the other stuff at lent in the review videos but the main gist of it this car has

Got dcc as well so if you go into individual press start yeah adaptive dampers and a number of different settings usbc ports fancy steering wheel with these proper paddles which again the yard and no other version of the mark 8 right so some included folks have probably already noticed this is not a performance pack it is a regular golfer if you can even call it

Regular is finishing the lovely lapis blue which is a sort of paint i’ve always wanted i never thought i’d actually end up getting one because i’ve been such a gti fanboy now the performance pack mainly gives you the larger wheels so this has got the standard jerez 18 inch wheels and you get the fancier rare spoiler which i think is needed this one is quite subtle

Maybe if you’re going for the sleeper look but i feel like on the market it does really need that spoiler to sort of balance it out because the boot lid’s more angled compared to the older golfs i don’t know if it’s just me but yeah those two things i can address and i will be addressing if i just turn this off a second whilst i’ll continue talking you also get the

Higher top speed as part of the performance pack but again that’s pretty irrelevant now with the ecu being cracked but the one thing i’m pretty bummed about is the lack of nurburgring and drift mods in this thankfully hardware wise is the same it has the magna rear diff the torque vectoring fancy thing so i’m hoping we can code that in the body line is quite low

So it can look quite weird in some pictures but i think a lot of that can be addressed with a slight drop on the suspension and some better wheels or even just having the correct offset wheels these are very pinched inwards he’s running these bridgestone tires all around which i believe are the oe spec tire they have already been replaced which is good i suppose

If you’re going to continue running these but i’m not going to you also has got bigger brakes compared to mark 7 so these are 357 millimeter disc as opposed to 340 on the old one and it also has a club sport s style disc as well so it’s a bit lighter in the uk we get these iq lights standard these are like matrix lights essentially they’ve got the dynamic indicator

At the back they’ve got this interesting 3d vibe which is pretty cool also got fallen mirrors standard on this it’s got front and rear parking sensors it’s got acc like mark simmons had it’s also got a lane assist yeah there’s a fair few bits standard move around the back this has got the regular exhaust so it hasn’t got the fancier crapovic but you’ll be pleasantly

Surprised when we take it for a drive because it isn’t actually that much quieter one thing that’s not excusable though is these exhaust tips they look pretty weird it’s like a solid kind of ridge going on here i don’t know what the design process was also another little design feature that a friend pointed out that side skirt what does it remind you of it’s a mark

5 style one isn’t it completely different to the seven which had like this kind of splitter style thing going along the bottom but nice to see a proper color coded side skirt again i didn’t actually pick up on a lot of the details on the other review car because it was black but this with the lapis blue now i’m not going to focus on this too much and continue

Whinging because there are now retrofit kits available the mountain point the chassis is still there for a strut so i’m gonna get one of them but yeah this is a familiar yeah aaa engine if you can call this version familiar it’s the evo 4 version aka gen4 a few little changes visually that you can see it’s got the oil cap in a different place the high pressure

Fuel pump is also different and the biggest change is that turbo it’s not an is-38 it’s the continental unit it’s actually the sole reason i wanted to get this card just to see what it can do now vw do claim these things make 320ps from the factory but i’m sure by the influx of market or dino videos last year you know it makes more so i thought rather than me

Just standing there and pointing at yet another marquette golf or engine bay and repeating the same thing about the turbo let’s head out to mrc tuning who has a set of already big on tune in these things we’ll get it up on a ramp see what it’s like underneath and also get on the dyno and see what it makes is one heavy bonnet try not break my hand we’ll get some

Revs in as well it is still pretty warm okay so we’ve made it as usual these audi rs’s and volkswagens everywhere my usual sort of saying mrc tuning in banbury i’ve done about 300 miles in this thing now pretty much on the motorway very nice cruiser the ride quality is amazing killed a fair few flies on the way down here even go as far as the mirror caps but

Pretty decent overall it’s interesting seeing lapis blue in the different sort of or even say sunlight the cloudiness we will get on the dino towards the end we’ll put on the ramp first i’m not actually seen underneath a marquette yet but it is fundamentally an mqb so i should be very familiar right so it’s been a while since we’ve been in here you remember we

Did a bunch of stuff on the gti on this ramp got doug’s b7 here supercharged you’re just doing a few bits on that bringing a market in now iq headlights and the crazy light bar at the front and when i reviewed that black one about a year ago he did choose to wrap the light bulb i’m going to leave it as it is because i think i’m blue this gives this kind of tron

Vibe going on which i do like what’s your initial impressions doug that 10 second review i like the little gear stick thing it’s a little easier to use than i was expecting okay so we’re underneath the market now we’ll start over here and we’ll work our way backwards i guess the main things about it i’ve read is it’s got an aluminum subframe now same as s3 is an

Artist’s reason isn’t it yeah that’s it yeah even a standard a3 tdi we swapped one of those over onto the mach 7 previously look at this little shield now for the arms i don’t know if that’s meant to just prevent it from rusting or aero i can’t imagine it does much fair bit of dirt under this twin pot calipers there you can see behind all that muck now in terms

Of the exhaust dug what are we thinking initially compared to two gps so it won’t be too bad for performance just for them in doesn’t have a middle box that’s why it sounds so good yeah it is strange though it has like a lot of character for a 2022 car because you are going 7.5 just made no noise at all yeah this is the party piece here and what makes it totally

Different to before magna rear diff it is pretty beefy isn’t it so what i’ve read is it can send 50 of the power to the back as before so you can’t send 100 of the power to the back you can’t disengage the front no in drift mode on a performance packet can send a hundred percent of that 50 to either wheel yeah so it never feels truly rare driven per se so these

Arms have finally got this little cover on them because they always started rusting out on the old cars okay it looks like it’s got a tiny bit there no maybe they are it’s pretty much straight all the way to the gps isn’t it performance down paint now yeah it’s going to be loud little box on your stock so um that’s actually different as well looks like it’s

Got um oh it’s metal now isn’t it that dream plug looks the same as the rs3 one rather than that kind of plastic locking nut that you had before all right so that’s a brief look at the underneath what we’ll do next is we’ll get on the dyno it did have 95 running it when i collected it but i tried my best to empty that tank and it has got 99 so see i don’t need

To go outside just open this door there we go first time i’ve seen a blue car in this spot normally i’ve done obvious either black or white iq lighting someone’s seen this property up close it’s got some weird interesting 3d vibe going on now i’m lucky for you us guys you don’t get that standard so but you do get the spoiler win some lose some i guess mrc has

Actually already been working on a file for quite a while now um they’ve released some figures for an s38y that they’ve tuned i think i made 408 ps on just stage one plus so that gives you a good idea what these are capable of with the continental turbo that stage one plus car basically consists of an intake an intercooler totally stock exhaust so hopefully on

Stage two we can get closer to say the 430 440 mark oh yeah quick reminder make sure you are subscribed to the channel so far if you haven’t already at least we will have to worry about any clutch slip this time those who’ve given up on manuals for now foreign s there from different angles right then doug how did we do 337 344 all super consistent though for 47

Up to 454 new meters yeah five five runs all exactly the same yeah that’s 1.2 power up to 1.6 bar back down to 1.2 bar so it is having to force force boost to make that power through the gpf still so that’s why there should be good gains for me yeah looking forward to that i mean it’s good that it’s making what okay quote 320 pso is making approx 20 more yeah but

Every time you see on the cars they’re definitely doing more power than stock actually yeah choose it running 1.6 bar on the two liter you’re definitely making more than 300 or 320 so um that’s why they’re so good is there any particular you know the differences in the curve compared to say the is 38 is it very similar or i think it’s pretty similar just a little

Bit more peak a little bit more torque about 50 newton meters more than a mark 7 they usually do up to 400 new meters stock okay we’ve got more torque generally right across the revs it’s going to be interesting to see what he does on a flash only because that’s probably going to be our next stages at this point okay we’ll see you next week and look i’ve already

Got a folder the first rocket or folder there so happy to see it that was a big bank right so we’re now back at home i think this is a good place to end today’s video naturally i started raining typical british winter time wipers are good i’ve already ordered a bunch of parts so there shouldn’t be any delays on that so expect regular content as i said

We’re going to be working with mrc tuning on this so everything that fits the car we’ll test it on the door i know and all that good stuff make sure you are subscribe though if you are new to the channel it definitely does help a lot and also follow my instagram if you want to keep up with any behind scenes stuff but yeah i’ll stop talking now drop a like if you

Enjoyed it and i’ll see in a few days time for the first drive video

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I BOUGHT A 2021 VW GOLF R MK8! By TR Hamza

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